Making Keys To A SWAT Vehicle | Mr. Locksmith Automotive

Making Keys To A SWAT Vehicle | Mr. Locksmith Automotive

Hi, this is Terry, today Randy’s making keys to a movie
prop truck its a SWAT truck they lost
the keys, Ready has to go to strip down the ignition make keys to it. We actually
have another five police movie prop cars
and trucks to make keys to its an
interesting start to the day.
Its an older truck, the ignition obviously be been replaced before, if it is a factory ignition, there is usually a code stamped on here, easy job, look at the code, cut the key
However, this is a replacement says made in Mexico as well and there’s no code on at all so we just
grab one out of the truck, we have a whole pile of these. We will just pop another one in
means a little bit more additional cost to the customer, if we code it would be easy but we
just replace it
The key only fits the ignition only doesn’t
fit the doors so it doesn’t really matter
and they’ll brand new keys
Not a typical day for an Automotive Locksmith, got to do a bunch of SWAT vehicles and Police vehicles for a movie set, its a lot of fun, it had to been done quickly because they have to get these things on the movie set as quick as possible.
So an intereting day today making keys to movie prop vehicles.
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  1. Hahah I bet he had Randy pocket the real cylinder during one of the cuts and bring out the other one to show to the owner. "Ah nuts, hecho en mexico, theres nothin we can do, it'll cost another 800 dollars to install a replacement, and good luck with the other locks"

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