M Sand Manufacturing Process

M Sand Manufacturing Process

M Sand Manufacturing Process Rock boulders are blasted & broken into smaller rocks at the quarry These rocks are then transported to the dump Dust, mud & other unwanted particles are cleaned off using water The Jaw crusher then crushes the cleaned rocks to a size of 40 mm It is passed to a cone crusher, where the 40mm stones are further broken down into 20mm Later, the 20mm stones are screened on a vibrating screen, where any particles above 20mm will be removed The stones are made to pass through a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), where it will be crushed to 4.75mm The crushed flaky stones, obtain a cubical shape after passing through VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) A second round of screening is done. After second round of screening, it is passed into water classifier, where it will be water washed. Any particles below 150 microns will be removed as slurry. The sand that is produced, is ready to use now. Three types of M Sand with different granule thickness are produced 1.M Sand for Concreting Purpose (0 – 4.75mm Granule thickness) 2.M Sand for Plastering purpose (0 – 2.36mm Granule thickness) 3.M Sand for Brick / Block work (0 – 3.5mm Granule thickness) “M Sand, an eco-friendly & economical alternative for River sand”

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  1. Do you mind if I use some clips, for a psychology experiment? I would use credit. I've noticed that I can smell crushed rocks after watching the video..

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