Lost Keys Honda CBR600 Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video

Lost Keys Honda CBR600 Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video

Hi I am Terry from Mr. Locksmith Automotive. Today we are making keys
to a 2000 Honda CBR 600 they have lost keys
to the motorcycle so we are going to make a key for it, sometimes
there is a code on the ignition today the code on the ignition, today the code
is not coming up as anything, the ignition is an 8 cut,
the ignition has cuts 1 to 8. The number
one cut is
always a number 1 depth, the gas cap
4 to 8 so you just have to pull it apart, very easy to pick open
make a key to this and just progress 2 to 3 using
Instacode, you can figure it out. The rear seat lock has
2-6, however, is it really difficult
it has a little roller pin in the back so it is a pain in the butt to pull it apart and
make a key for it, So the best bet is if you have pull apart
the gas cap make a key for it, you can read it if you have good eyes
with a scope the number 2 depth
always a silver and 1 and 3 is bronze but sometimes it a little bit difficult to tell the differnence
on the depth, you can tell if you have a good scope, my eyes aren’t so good
So again, if you have lost your keys to your motorcycle give us a call at
Mr. Locksmith Automotive
on of

4 Replies to “Lost Keys Honda CBR600 Motorcycle | Mr. Locksmith Video”

  1. Hi Mr. Locksmith
    I'm from Victoria
    and I recently call for a service
    to do a transponder key for my yamaha r6 2005. but no one in your department is capable to do the job or at list everyone that I call said. no if is has a chip in can't help you
    I currently own a mechanical key so I'm able to turn on the ignition.
    but the won't start do to the chip
    the dealer wants $ 2600 to do the job
    honestly that's half price of my bike I call Toronto and no.
    they all said we don't have the technology to do that
    or one said I don't think there is anybody in Canada that can help you.
    can you believe it
    Anyway if you can help it would be good for business and you will make history in the Canadian locksmith industry.

  2. I'm currently trying to replace the gas tank lock on my Ninja ZX6R.
    Unfortunately, it is stuck in the lock position. Is there any way I can remove it without having to drill through it? Thanks!

  3. Like your vids.

    Small production tip… tell the persons gabbing in the background to maybe "lock their mouths and throw away the key" while you are shooting until the director yells "Cut. It's a wrap".

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