Locksmith Jobs to Run From 002 | Mr. Locksmith Video

Locksmith Jobs to Run From 002 | Mr. Locksmith Video

( mechanical noise) (silly music) – Just in: “The hood release won’t open, can you open it?” – [Narrator] Run. (heavy metal music) – Customer on the phone,
two a.m. in the morning: “I’m locked out of my business, can you open it?” Problem is, they have
no I.D., we don’t know if it’s their business and
they’re calling at two a.m. And I say “Can you wait
’til in the morning and we’ll work this out?” And they say “No, we
gotta get in right now.” – [Narrator] Run. (heavy metal music) – It’s always at the
beginning of the month, like the first, the second, the third, I have renters they haven’t paid my rent, I want you to change the locks now. – [Narrator] Run. (heavy metal music) – This one’s always around Christmas, it’s like Christmas day, day before, “We haven’t seen Uncle Fred for two weeks, can you come by his apartment
and open it up for us?” – [Narrator] Run. (heavy metal music) – Also, “This is the police,
we’d like you to come by and open up this apartment. Do you have a gas mask?” – [Narrator] Run. (heavy metal music) – “This is the police, can you come by, we have a guy barricaded in the room, we don’t think he’s
dangerous, but can you open up the door?” – [Narrator] Run. (Heavy metal music) – I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also, visit my website and
you can see what online locksmith training I have
for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, as well as
my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

18 Replies to “Locksmith Jobs to Run From 002 | Mr. Locksmith Video”

  1. I had a call for ONE lock change I asked the customer if this was a dispute she lied and said no (I don't do disputes)
    When I got there her husband open door and had a large Bowie knife I had to run!!!!!!

    Cops never showed up they called back for a update 45 min later

  2. I have opened an apartment for an elderly couple that hadn’t been seen in a few weeks for the cops. Yeah they were in there. The smell was horrible.

    I’ve also went to a call with someone barricaded in the unit. She had an Assa lock on the door so I couldn’t get in anyway. The cops forced the door with a battering ram and she was running around the unit naked in a manic state.

  3. Ive done unlocks not only for police but for rental places (rent a center, arrons, etc.) They are almost all nightmare jobs. . .i once had a guy holding the lock while i troed to pick and once it was drilled his dog was going off trying to attack at the door…the police handled it but they are almost always nightmares. 100% correct there

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