Linus vs Donut – Try Not to Drop the Laptop Challenge

Linus vs Donut – Try Not to Drop the Laptop Challenge

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
– I think we’re done, dude.
– I’m starting to sense a
divide between the teams.
– Nice lap!
– I’ve never been so
nervous in all my life.
– It’s gonna be down to the wire.
– Also, you’re dead to me now.
I know we just met.
– Whoa
– What?
– That’s a lie!
– One lap with all of your
most valuable possessions
on top of your car.
Fastest time wins.
– These are the valuable possessions?
– Yeah!
(laptop clicking)
What do you know, you don’t
know anything about ‘puters.
This is–
– [All] Car Wars!
– That was really good.
(collective agreeing)
– [Choir] Ooh.
– [Narrator] Oh my God.
(regal music)
– He’s Canadian,
he’s got earrings,
and he’s literally 1000
times smarter than Nolan.
And Nolan is not that dumb.
Ladies and gentleman, the
host of Linus Tech Tips,
Mr. Linus Sebastian.
– What do I do?
– Okay, so today’s challenge is based
on the classic goof of leaving a bunch
of stuff on top of your car.
Nolan, what are the exact rules?
– [Nolan] All right,
so were gonna have two
teams of two drivers.
Each driver will take one lap
with five valuables on top of their car.
If their valuable falls off of your car,
you can have your team
mate get out and get it.
Which ever team has the
lowest combined time wins.
And loser gets a punishment
– A punishment.
– You guys didn’t say anything about that.
– Oh no.
– No!
– Oh no!
– The punishment for today …
– The hottest chip in the world.
– I’ve experienced this first hand.
(suspenseful music)
– For today’s challenge we
have accumulated some items
that you would potentially
leave on top of your car.
Coffee cup.
– Laptop.
– That looks like a dummy phone.
[Zach 2] No it’s not.
Holy crap, that’s a brand new phone.
– Whoa!
– This is nicer than my phone.
Is this a good phone?
– Uh–
– Backpack.
– We’ve got a bag lunch.
– “I never wanted you.”
Ahh, Mom!
This car has a panoramic
sun roof which is glass.
– All glass.
– Makes it very slippery.
– Both teams gets eight rubber bands,
see if that grips up the bottom.
Significantly better.
– Basically don’t worry
about them falling forward
because we can just grab them.
– We don’t have to worry
about them falling–
– The other thing we can
do is strategically place
the items on the roof.
– Hold on a second, hold on, hold on,
who’s to say that it couldn’t go in there?
– You guys can’t have an open sunroof.
– What?
– What?
– What, you’re making
up new rules over here.
– Yeah, we’re racing the
rule book, man, not you.
– Jesse and Zach are
the official officials,
I’ve made it official!
– All right.
– Then you turn back to your car.
– It’s official!
Jesse and Zach are officially
the officials.
– Are you the tech inspector?
– No!
– All right, then prepare
your race car.
– I just said …
– All right, so what we’re gonna do is
make a little tent out of our laptop
to keep other things under it.
– And they’re all touching the roof.
– I like it!
– It’s ground breaking.
– It’s my act of coffee cup era.
– So this is what we’re
expecting to happen mid race.
(backpack falling)
– Oo!
– Okay.
– That’ll happen.
– Am I good?
This is a good spot for me?
So we’ve opted to utilize our-
– James for Josh?
Yeah, I just wanna, can
you ask KIA if they’re cool
with us driving this car
around with the trunk open?
– [Josh] Uh, unfortunately
that’s a big negative.
– Is he gonna play that card?
– Ahhh.
– Dang, dude, it was
such a good idea, too.
– Oh, you know what?
(trunk closing)
No, that stinks, I’m sorry guys.
[Zach 2] How do you feel about it, Nolan?
– I’m feeling all right.
I think James is a (beep).
– Okay, so the course is
ahh … it’s confusing.
So we start out, there’s
a left, and then a left.
– [James] It gets very
difficult, very quickly.
– [Linus] That 360 degree
– Yeah!
Right hand turns, slalom after
that is surprisingly tight,
and then a left and a right.
– [Nolan] Then it was
into yet another Slalom,
luckily shorter that time.
– [Zach] Then there’s a
hard right, to a straight.
To a hard left across the line.
– Honestly, I think Nolan
was severely underestimated
when he got picked last.
I mean second, yeah, but also last.
– As a team I think the word I would use
to describe Linus and Nolan is mean.
– And I’m feeling really
good, I’m feeling really good
about our team synergy here.
– Yeah, I like what
we’ve got going on here.
– Yeah.
– Linus is one clever mother (beep) dude.
– And I cannot stress this enough,
I do not want to eat that pepper!
Test run went well (door
slamming), pretty happy
with our initial placement.
– Of all the things
we’ve ever done at Donut,
this is the one I wanna win the most.
– It’s just one chip, it’s just one chip.
(dramatic music beating)
– All right, enough theatrics, guys.
– Whadya mean?
(suspenseful music)
– Part of me thinks that
just coming out here
and having fun woulda been enough, but …
I guess we gotta have a punishment.
[Josh] Three, two, one.
[Zach 2] All right (beep) James Bond.
– Nice smooth acceleration
outta the gate there.
[Zach 2] Nice smooth acceleration.
(slow music)
– It was smart to brace the items
– Yeah, I guess
– on the sides.
– Against the rails there.
– Don’t get too greedy.
Man, I don’t know about
that laptop choice.
– All right, all right, watch the cones.
Keep it a little wide,
keep it a little wide.
Not that hard.
– Going into the slalom.
– This is where they
could run into trouble.
– Yes.
Very cautious, which makes me wonder
what Zach Job is going to do in his run?
– Okay, okay, okay.
– You’re pushing,
– You’re good.
– You’re on the razors edge, you know!
– Yeah, yeah!
– I wonder if they have
the same plan as us?
One cautious run, one let her rip run.
– I think so.
– Look at us go!
– Ah, the laptop’s starting
to slide a little bit,
looks like.
– Okay, watch the left,
slow, watch the left.
Watch that cone?
But then watch that left at the end.
Nothing moved an inch,
nothing moved at all!
And there goes the laptop!
– It doesn’t count!
– Very good job.
– It was a clean run.
– Nice lap!
– Now you gotta do it with
all that sweat in your pants!
(rock music)
– I’m a little nervous, dude.
[Zach 2] Nervous, legal.
– We agreed on rules, so it is legal.
– Oo, never been so nervous in my life.
– [Josh] Three, two, one, go!
(suspenseful music)
– How are we doing?
– You’re good.
(digital beeping)
– Oh my god, what is that?
– He’s cooking.
– He’s flying.
He’s doing at least nine!
– Turn, tightening it up?
– Yeah, tighten it up.
– How are we looking?
– [Nolan] You’re good.
30 seconds.
– Okay .
Watch me on the slalom here.
– Yep.
– The thing is, with their stack,
they could be going even faster right now.
– We’re at a minute.
– We’re at a minute, okay.
– Yeah, you’re good, you’re fine.
You’re fine.
– Yep.
Just take it easy.
– Take it easy.
Don’t over cook it
– You’re fine.
– I don’t have to crush the time,
I just have to beat it.
– No, you’re good.
– Just match it, or beat it.
– You’re good.
You’re fine, Linus.
– [James] Oh!
– Oh!
– What?
Stop, stop.
– Yes!
– Yeah!
– Backpack (beep)
(sneakers running)
– Make sure you get it around the cup.
Kay, you’re good, you’re
good, you’re good.
– The backpack, Nolan!
– [Nolan] That cup’s leaning, though?
– Yeah, it is, it is.
– [Nolan] Okay, can you see it?
– Yeah, yeah, they haven’t reacted yet,
so probably …
(digital beeping)
(backpack crashing)
– [James] See, Nolan’s freaking out,
he’s just throwing stuff back up there.
Making it worse for himself.
– He can taste the chip!
– Don’t bother taping it up, yeah.
Okay, we’re good, we’re good.
– Okay, good, good.
– Oh my god.
Oh no!
(backpack crashing)
– [Linus] Oh my god!
– Is that it again?
Ah shit.
– Throw it in the middle.
– Well that blistering
lap just turned into
a big bag of (beep).
(sad music)
– Kill us.
– Yeah.
– Okay, we’re, I think we’re done, dude.
(sad music)
(sad music)
– [Josh] Two minutes, 35 seconds.
– All right.
– Phew.
(car door slams)
– I’m gonna go to the gym.
– You were cooking.
– You guys were so hot
around the first half.
– Until that fell off,
you were just destroying-
– Yeah, felt like a good run.
(rock music)
– Oo.
So actually now I’m more
nervous about this part
because I don’t wanna run.
– We shouldn’t have
kept putting it back on
in the same spot.
I think we can still do it.
It all depends on how
this run for them goes.
– You’re gonna have to
screw up for them to win.
– I know.
– [Josh] Three, two, one, go!
– Oh, they’re going a little
less cautious this time.
– A little less cautious.
– I don’t even need to beat your time.
– Because I don’t think
Nolan can make up 15 seconds.
– [Zach] I don’t think so either.
– Okay, are they going to drop something?
Because if they don’t drop something,
I think we’re done.
– If they don’t we’re (beep).
– Yeah.
– Nice gentle left, and then
we’re gonna just absolutely
mash it through this back bit.
– Drop something.
I think we’re eating that chip, dude.
– Yep, we are.
– We’re gonna do our best though.
– Yeah.
– Ah, dude, this feels fast.
This feels good.
Feels like a good one.
– What’s the time?
– That felt good.
– What’s the time?
– That felt good.
They’re walking away like
they don’t like what they saw.
– No, no, we like what we saw.
You guys did great.
– Very nice, how quick can we
get outta here in this car?
– Can I get a time?
– [Josh] 2:08.
– 2:08!
(rock music)
– There’s still a chance that,
there’s still a good chance
we’re not gonna be able
to beat them, but we’re
gonna give ourselves
our best shot.
(doors slamming)
(heart beating)
– So the officials just told
us they need to do a 1:51
if they wanna beat us.
(door slamming)
– 1:51
(suspenseful music)
– I’m so nervous.
– Me too.
– [Josh] In three, two, one, go!
(suspenseful music)
– Yep, you’re good,
you’re good, you’re good.
– Nolan came to play, baby!
– You’re good, bud.
You’re good, keep it up.
You’re good, keep going.
A little more.
– I’m okay, I’m gonna go.
– Yep, you’re good.
– Ah, (beep).
– I didn’t go wide enough.
(suspenseful music)
– Oh, he didn’t make it.
– No!
– Frigg it, frig git
– Well that might have been
the nail in their chip coffin.
– Now he’s a little shook.
– Accelerate hard, you’re good.
Acceleration doesn’t hurt us.
– It’s gonna be down
to the wire, right now.
(suspenseful music)
– You’re it, perfect, you’re good.
You’re good, keep it up.
– Oh, oh, oh, oh.
– You’re good
– Okay.
– You’re good, keep it up.
– Okay.
(suspenseful music)
– Little harder.
– Okay.
(suspenseful music)
– Keep it up.
– Kay.
– Good pace, good pace.
(suspenseful music)
Go ahead, rip it around this corner.
(suspenseful music)
You’re good.
– I can’t believe they’ve
still got everything up.
– Keep it up, keep it up.
Rip it!
– It’s so close!
No way!
– Rip it, take it hard.
Take it hard.
You’re good, you’re good.
You’re good!
Hit it, hit it, hit it!
– Oh!
(collective shouting)
– We don’t even know how to celebrate.
– I don’t know what happened.
– That’s okay.
Get out of here.
(door opening)
– [Josh] 1:39.
– No!
– No, (sobbing), no!
– What’s up now, boys?
– That’s the guy that’s
eaten the chip before.
– [James] No!
– Congratulations man, that was something.
– [Zach] Ahh!
– I thought we had you guys done.
Then I thought we were done.
– It could not have been more exciting.
– You cannot write drama like that.
– Oh my god.
– My knees are weak.
– You guys fought so
hard, I almost feel bad
watching you do this.
– I feel really bad.
– Until I considered
that if it wasn’t you,
it would be me.
– Zach, we can’t do
this two days in a row.
– [Zach 2] All right,
we’ll figure something out.
(eerie music)
– Oh my god, dude, I don’t wanna do this!
Just wanna give a big thanks
to KIA for making Car Wars
possible and giving us these
awesome chariots to battle in.
Today’s KIA is the 2020 Sportage SX Turbo.
It’s perfect for the driver
who doesn’t want a huge SUV
but still wants a ton of
features and practicality.
This puppy is powered by a
two liter, four cylinder turbo
making 240 horsepower and
260 pound feet of torque.
Power goes through the front wheels,
or with optional all wheel drive
for more challenging conditions.
Inside the Sportage
has all of the goodies.
You want a wireless phone charger?
Apple Car Play and Android Auto?
How ’bout ventilated front seats
and a heated steering wheel?
Double done.
Sportage is absolutely packed
with safety features, too.
It has forward collision avoidance assist
with pedestrian protection.
KIA lane assist helps you
stay between the lines
and drive attention warning
helps keep you focused
behind the wheel.
That’s a smart car!
Thanks again to KIA and the 2020 Sportage
for making this episode possible.
– Oh!
(drum roll)
– [Zach 2] I want you to
know I take no joy in this.
(collective ooing)
– [Linus] Look at his tongue!
– I’ll try a little bit.
– Boys.
– She’s a slow creeper.
– Can I have water?
– Thanks for watching Car Wars,
make sure you subscribe and like
comment be (coughing) below.
– Subscribe to LinusTechTips, too.
You guys are gonna cut
that (beep) out, aren’t ya?
– Thank you Linus, for coming
out and playing with us.
– Yeah man.
– That was a lot of fun, you guys.
– Pleasure to meet you.
– This was an absolute blast.
– Oo!
(vomiting sound)

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