Linha de Alarmes Automotivos Taramps – Alarme para Carros (English/CC)

Linha de Alarmes Automotivos Taramps – Alarme para Carros (English/CC)

Hello! How are you guys doing?
For your comfort and security, Taramps is bringing to you a complete Alarm Line.
Our TW20 Alarm Line has some varieties
and I’ll talk about each one of them.
This one here is our TW 20 ONE, which is the basic version that comes with one control only.
As it’s a basic version, it ends up being more affordable.
If you need just one control, that’s the recommended version.
Here’s the TR2 control that comes with the TW 20 G3 ONE.
But, if you’re looking for a version that comes with a backup control,
we recommend the TW 20 G3 with dual controls.
It has the same control from version ONE, but it comes with 2.
Now we have the TW20 G3 P,
which is our alarm with the presence function.
And, besides the included TR2 control, it comes with the TR2 P
(which is the presence control).
As you can notice, it has a different color (grey) and LED (red).
Now, if you’re looking for a control to customize your vehicle, the TW 20 CH is an option for you.
Other than the fact that it has the presence control included,
it also comes with our TR3C “switchblade” car key.
Sophistication at its finest.
The key has a universal blade,
however, depending on your vehicle model, the manufacturing of a new blade will be required.
All these models come with the ultrasound sensor,
which has a technology that automatically recognizes the interior of your vehicle.
So, the ultrasound sensitivity adjustment is automatic.
It’ll automatically fit in your vehicle’s interior.
Also, all the versions come with a dedicated siren,
a universal wire whip for the installation,
and last but not least, the manual,
which is an essential item for proper installation.
A very important detail of our Alarm Line,
is that we have an identical config. central for every product.
Therefore, if I want to enable the presence function of my TW20 ONE,
the simpler version,
I’ll just have to get the TR2 control that is also sold separately.
It can be found at the best car accessories stores.
Also, the TR3C “switchblade” car key is compatible with all of these models,
including the models that are not displayed here: the TW 20 Car Truck and the Key Pass G2.
Guys, if you want further information about details and adjustments,
stay tuned. Soon we’ll be releasing more informative videos about our Alarm Line.
That’s it for today. A big hug and see you next time.

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  1. Alarme para seu carro e sua moto é aqui, na SóTaramps loja oficial, acesse e adquira já o seu

  2. Ola qual o botao do controle que e usado para baixa os vidros e o sinal do fio que e usado pra baixa os vidros e negativo ou positivo

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