Lifeboats For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Lifeboats For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello everyone! I’m here at the Hoylake Lifeboat Station
where I’m going to go sailing on this huge Lifeboat behind me! Lifeboats are very important boats because
they are lifesaving boats! They rescue people who are in trouble out
at sea. And look! This massive tractor is used to take the boat
down the beach and launch it into the sea. Just look at those caterpillar tracks! But the lifeboat wouldn’t be any use without
the amazing crew that sail her and look after her. Here come the crew now to get ready for launch. These crew members are real life superheroes
who give up their free time to save people who are in trouble at sea. Today they’re doing a training exercise. Look at the lifeboat coming out of the station
now! The Tractor is pushing it out of the station
and down the ramp to the beach. The caterpillar tracks are perfect for travelling
along the sandy and muddy beach. The crew are also launching a hovercraft today
which can travel on land AND sea by floating around on a cushion of air. These huge fans on the back are what pushes
the hovercraft along, and it’s VERY VERY noisy!! Here comes the lifeboat and the tractor. The tractor can go deep into the water to
launch the lifeboat smoothly into the sea. The trailer tilts, and the boat just slides
off. Here we go, we’re out at sea! This Shannon class lifeboat can go really
fast – so that they can get to people in trouble as quickly as possible. This is Andy, he’s the Coxswain which means
he’s in charge of the lifeboat today, and this is Matt, the deputy Coxswain and driver
of the boat. What are you doing now Andy? Now we’re going to do a man overboard exercise. What’ll happen is one of our guys will go
in the water now and then we’ll pick them up. This brave member of the crew has volunteered
to get in the cold water so that the crew can practice how to pull somebody out of the
water. They use a special harness and ropes to pull
him out as quickly and safely as possible. Just look at how the crew all work together
as a team to rescue him. Do you want to have a look inside the lifeboat? Come on, Andy’s going to give us a quick
tour. So the first seat we come to is a crew seat
or a doctor’s seat, so if we have to take a doctor out the doctor would sit there. Then we’ve got Alistair sitting here. He’s the navigator so he’s making sure we’re
safe and in deep water. As we come further back we’ve got the Coxswain’s
seat so the Coxswain sits in there and he’s able to look at everything that’s going on
around the boat. Alongside the Coxswain we have the mechanic’s
seat he’s looking after the engines and he has all the controls that he needs for operating
anything we need for the journey out to rescue someone. We have the radar seat. The radar is a great piece of equipment. The radar can see in the dark and see through
fog when we can’t see anything. And then we have the helmsman’s seat. This is where the lifeboat is driven from. At the minute there’s no-one sitting here
because the lifeboat’s getting driven from on deck. Thanks for the tour Andy. The tractor is waiting for us on the beach,
ready to tow the boat back up to the station. Woah – Matt, we’re about to hit the beach
– you’d better slow down! Eerr, Matt?? Ahhhh! Oh! We’re ok – ah I see that was supposed
to happen. The lifeboat is very strong and is designed
to hit the beach at speed. Now the tractor can come along and tow the
boat up and onto the trailer. As well as the crew on the boat, there is also a ground crew who make sure that the
launch and recovery go smoothly. Wow, that’s like magic. The trailer can spin the boat around in a
circle so that she is facing the right way out to sea for the next rescue mission. A long day at sea, now it’s time to head back But the lifeboat’s all dirty, and the tractor,
and tracks So the crew at the station all wash, scrub
and clean, They really look after their rescue machine! It’s very important to look after the boat so that she works for a long time. The crew take great pride in looking after
the lifeboat because they know she’s special. The crew are members of the RNLI, which is a charity where kind people donate money to
buy equipment like this beautiful boat. And it’s these brave volunteers who go out and rescue people. I’ve had an fantastic time with the crew
of the RNLI Hoylake on board this amazing boat. Thanks for everyone for watching. To watch more videos from me, just tap here! Byeeeee!!!

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