Lexus NX | Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Lexus NX | Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

The Lexus NX… … the bold crossover for people who stand out in the city… …with radical lines and imaginative design ideas. There’s technology to make it easy to live your life… …and a welcoming interior that anticipates every need and lets you drive in absolute comfort. The creation of the NX has been overseen by master craftspeople – “Takumi”. Their care evident in every detail.… …with a level of artistry that has never before been seen in this kind of crossover. In the NX you navigate with ease… …intuitively. Convenient. Thoughtful. Comfortable. The NX comes with Lexus Safety System Plus, a package of measures which includes Pre—Collision System with pedestrian detection Four cameras give you a view right round the car – for safer and more convenient manoeuvring. Everything you need…. …exactly where you need it… …down to the smallest details. Lexus Hybrid Drive orchestrates power from a petrol engine and electric motors… …to give you lively performance and outstanding fuel consumption. Incredibly smooth and quiet, the NX is as easy to drive as a conventional luxury car; and no need to plug-in to recharge. Choose EV mode to drive at lower speeds using just electric power and your progress is near silent. And emissions-free . For a more relaxing drive Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set distance between the NX and the vehicle ahead. …and should the NX start drifting out of lane, Lane Keeping Assist sounds a warning buzzer and gives brief corrective steering input. In and out of the city driving the NX is an experience to look forward to… …combining agility with world-class Lexus refinement and smoothness. Drive Mode Select lets you fine-tune the performance of the NX to suit your mood. Great aerodynamics enhance stability, improve fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise. Changing lanes is safer with a system that monitors adjacent lanes to detect vehicles that are not visible in the door mirrors For added convenience there’s a system that recognises road signs…. and shows them in the multi-information display. The NX is smooth and refined to drive, thanks to a sophisticated chassis, suspension and steering. Reassuringly stable at speed, the NX corners like a sedan, with excellent road handling Adaptive Variable Suspension independently controls the damping force on all four wheels… …for a more comfortable ride and improved handling stability. When you’re driving at night the Adaptive High Beam System precisely controls light output for a safer drive. And there’s a head-up display to help you keep your eyes on the road. The Lexus NX Bold and distinctive on the outside. Imaginative and luxurious within.

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  1. First!
    LEXUS has improved The infotainment and some dashboard inserts give the NX another extra personality. Connectivity between the Lexus and the smartphone looks genuinely harmonious.

  2. Still leaps and bounds better than what we get in the US. Apparently, the US model does not get HUD or Mark Levinson. Darn!

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