Kia Forte 2.0L & Forte Koop 2.4L [#69-5307TTK] Air Intake Installation

Kia Forte 2.0L & Forte Koop 2.4L [#69-5307TTK] Air Intake Installation

This K&N air intake system is designed to
increase power and acceleration by reducing
restriction in the intake path. K&N’s 69-5307TTK
air intake fits 2010-2012 Kia Forte Koup models
with 2.4 liter engines and 2010-2012 Kia Forte
models with 2.0L engines. It comes with a
large reusable K&N cone shaped air filter
that takes advantage to the available space
under the hood. The 69-5307TTK air intake
is not legal for highway use in California
or other states adopting California emission
standards. Check for an up to
date list of models this air intake fits and
for a list of other CARB adoption states.
K&N power testing showed an estimated power
gain of 7 horsepower at 5501 RPM with the
69-5307TTK air intake installed on a 2010
Kia Forte with a 2.0 liter engine. Actual
results will vary depending on the condition
of the vehicle, mileage, weather and other
With the air intake installed we ran the vehicle
on the dyno to test the sound comparison verses
the stock intake.
The intake system includes components that
have been designed or matched to the needs
of these vehicles to produce a safe horsepower
increase. Detailed installation instructions
are included with this kit.
The tools needed for this install are shown.
1. Turn off the ignition and disconnect the
negative battery cable.
2. Lift up and remove the engine cover from
the engine.
3. Release the spring clamp then disconnect
the crankcase vent hose from the valve cover
4. On vehicles equipped with EVAP vent line,
release the spring clamp then disconnect the
EVAP vent line from the factory intake tube.
5. Loosen the hose clamp that secures the
factory intake tube to the throttle body.
6. Remove the two bolts securing the fresh
air intake duct to the core support then remove
the fresh air duct from the airbox.
7. Release the four upper airbox retaining
clips then remove the upper airbox and intake
tube from the vehicle.
8. Remove the two bolts shown securing the
lower airbox.
9. Lift the airbox/ECU assembly up and lean
it towards the engine then remove the four
bolts securing the ECU to the airbox.
10. Separate the ECU from the airbox and set
it aside then remove the airbox from the vehicle.
11. Install the ½” rubber mounted stud
onto the heat shield mounting bracket.
12. Remove the bolt securing the ABS pump
bracket to the inner fender.
13. Install the heat shield mounting bracket
assembly using the provided hardware.
14. Remove the specified airbox mounting grommet
from the engine mount bracket.
15. Using the provided fender washers, secure
the ½” rubber mounted stud to the airbox
mounting bracket.
16. Attach the provided 1 inch rubber mounted
stud to the battery tray.
17. Install the provided edge trim onto the
heat shield. Some trimming of the edge trim
will be necessary.
18. Install the heat shield assembly into
position and secure it to the previously installed
rubber mounted studs using the provided hardware.
19. Install four rubber mounted studs to the
ECU mounting bracket and secure it with the
provided hardware.
20. Secure the ECU to the rubber mounted studs
with provided hardware.
21. Secure the ECU assembly to the heat shield
using the provided hardware.
22. Install the silicone hose onto the throttle
body and secure it with the provided hose
23. Install the filter adapter onto the mounting
bracket and secure it with the provided hardware.
24. Install the bracket and filter adapter
assembly onto the heat shield and secure it
with the provided hardware.
25. Install the provided hump hose onto the
filter adapter and secure it with the provided
hose clamp.
26. Install the two vent fittings into the
K&N intake tube. On vehicles that are not
equipped with EVAP vent line, install the
provided NPT plug in place of the straight
27. Install the K&N intake tube into the silicone
hose at the filter adapter then into the hose
at the throttle body then secure it with the
provided hose clamp.
28. Install the K&N air filter onto the filter
adapter then secure it with the provided hose
29. Install the provided silicone hose onto
the 90 degree fitting installed into the K&N
intake tube then attach the open end to the
valve cover port and secure it with the provided
hose clamp.
30. On vehicles equipped with an EVAP vent
line, attach the factory vent line to the
straight vent fitting installed into the K&N
intake tube.
31. Reinstall the fresh air intake scoop onto
the core support and secure it with the factory
mounting bolts. Insert the fresh air intake
tube into the hole in the heat shield.
32. Reinstall the engine cover into position.
33. Reconnect the vehicle’s negative battery
cable. Double check to make sure everything
is tight and properly positioned before starting
the vehicle.
It will be necessary for all K&N high flow
intake systems to be checked periodically
for realignment, clearance and tightening
of all connections. Failure to follow the
above instructions or proper maintenance may
void warranty.
K&N makes products for nearly every vehicle
on the road. The K&N website allows you to
search products by vehicle or dimension, download
installation instructions, view dyno charts
showing estimated horsepower gains for this
product, and view product details. For information
on where to buy K&N products, go to

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  1. Does this fit the 2013 forte koup sx automatic version and have there been any problems with the ecu wires being cut by the mounting screw ? Thanks

  2. This is the correct kit for your application. We have not had any concerns with this kit since the ECU harness has been addressed.

  3. Would this kit by any chance for a 2009 kia cerato s model sedan? Really considering installing this as it sounds amazing

  4. This intake system affect negatively or positively the mpg? I want to install this in my koup sx 2010, please answer guys.

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