Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2014 Video | The State of Enterprise IT Security

Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2014 Video | The State of Enterprise IT Security

Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2014
Thank you for watching Kaspersky
Lab’s summary video on the Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2014

Eugene Kaspersky: San Francisco is my favorite
city in the United States.
Enjoy your time here.
Enjoy the conference. Thank you.

Chris Doggett, Managing Director,
Kaspersky Lab North America
Chris Doggett: The Kaspersky CyberSecurity Conference is a great event for security practitioners,
for security experts and for members of the
press as well.
And the reason for that
is, is that we bring together a variety of
different views from all around the industry.
Very insightful people and
conversation to really provide thought provoking
content and discussion throughout the course
of the conference.

It’s something that I think
everybody who comes to the conference can
come away with some new ideas, new discussion
points and new content as a result.
Great conference to attend
regardless of where you are in the industry.

Peter Beardmore: In one day we bring together some amazing security experts and put them
together and have great conversations.
We’re going to have experts from government.
We have a former Secretary of Homeland Security. Businesses, Facebook, Boeing, VISA, McKinsey, all coming together

to talk about relevant cyber security issues.

It’s going to be a fantastic
day and I’m really looking forward to it.

Mark Bermingham: I’m very excited to be at this conference.
We don’t have opportunities
to gather a collection of Enterprise customers
and hear what they’re talking about, hear
what they’re facing, and challenged with very
So, this is going to be
a really unique opportunity for us to actually
talk collectively to a large group of really
interested, really engaged Enterprise customers.

And I really think that
we have the product portfolio to do this,
and do this very well.

Again, I’m looking for
some validation over the next couple of days
by talking through some of these issues and
challenges that some of these Enterprise customers
are facing.
Eugene Kaspersky: The thing about what
must be done, I think that the world must
be split into different categories.

The individuals, the
enterprise and critical infrastructure.
And let the individuals
and small businesses be free, no government
control, no regulations. I think this will change the world.
Chris Torrence, IS Security Analysts,
Brunswick Corporation

Chris Torrence: What really came out of
the summit for me was the need for all aspects
of the business to be informed of the various
threats that present themselves so that we
know how to confront them in the proper manner.

Joshua Mayors: What I appreciated about
the summit was the bit on cyber espionage,
the way Kurt went into in depth with the different
cyberattacks that’s happened recently definitely
caught my attention.

Joshua Mayors, I.T. Provisioning
Technician, Solar City

Kurt Baumgartner: They were attacking iPhone, they were attacking pretty much every mobile
platform out there. And they were successfully
attacking it.

Kurt Baumgartner: The Kaspersky Cyber-Security Summit is always an interesting one to attend,
because there are some big names that speak as keynote speakers. There is always a great

Vladimir Zapolyansky: Cyber Security Summit was great because there were so many IT security
experts and government related people that
proves once more that IT security is considered
as a top priority for large enterprises and

Tom Ridge: I appreciate the opportunity
to share these remarks with you and wish you
the very best in this incredibly impressive
seminar and these sessions.
Thank you very much.
This summit had great
success and I’m really looking forward to
the next one in the next year.

Summary: Contact Kaspersky Lab for all your
Enterprise Security Solutions

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