Jaguar Land Rover Early Careers 2019

Jaguar Land Rover Early Careers 2019

Sound of engines

I chose Jaguar Land Rover because I’m the kind of person
that likes to be really good at what I do
and I like to try to be the best at it.

So it only made sense for me to join a company
that is the best at what they do
which is making cars that are revolutionary across the world.

Working here is definitely not what I thought it would be.
There are so many different opportunities to get involved.
In my first week I got taken on the track
in a F-TYPE prototype going at top speed
It was honestly amazing!
I find it a very exciting and dynamic place where any
development and changes can very easily
influence how society works and how
we live with the environment.
I think the perfect way to sum up working at Jaguar Land Rover
is with ACES which is
Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared.
Autonomous meaning autonomous driving, connected car
allowing cars to communicate with each other, electrified power train
and shared ownership of cars.
In my second year of uni I had the opportunity
to take part in a Women in Engineering day at Jaguar Land Rover.
That day inspired me because I met a lot of
amazing women who had got to director level
There’s a graduate network which I joined
when I started and they put on different events for graduates.
Throughout my time at Jaguar Land Rover I’ve made loads of great friends.
I didn’t quite get the heritage when I first started.
Everyone would speak about the Defender and I see
the work and passion people have and you can see it’s a pretty
important honour really to work at Jaguar Land Rover.
I wouldn’t call myself a car person but it
really interested me when I joined at Jaguar Land Rover
that they are not just interested in just making cars
it’s about a lot of different types of technology
and a lot of really exciting new things in the future.

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