iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

All right, today I’m going to show you how
to replace the battery in your iPhone 6. If
you want to watch any of these other repair
videos, go ahead and click the links in that
menu. Here’s the iPhone 6. We’re going to
go ahead and turn it off and then we’re going
to take out the bottom screws. They’re a Pentalobe
screw, and if you don’t have a Pentalobe screwdriver
go ahead and check the video description,
I’ll link some tools and replacement parts
there for you. Take a suction cup and lift
up on the screen just a little bit, and then
you can take a pry tool, metal or plastic,
and lift up on the metal frame of the screen
itself, so you don’t bend it too much. Because
if you bend the screen, it’s going to crack,
and then you have a much more expensive repair.
Lift the screen up, and then you are going
to want to remove the screen for this. So
there’s five screws on this metal plate. Remove
the metal plate. Because you get a little
aggressive when you’re trying to pull the
battery out of the phone. Because of the way
it’s glued down. Anyway, there’s four little
ribbing cables, just kind of like little LEGOs,
that you unsnap from the main board. So lift
those off and then the screen comes loose
from the phone. Once again, replacement parts
are in the video description. You can check
those out. Now the battery is held down by
one little ribbing cable. It’s underneath
this metal plate, so take off those two screws
and remove the metal plate. And then unclip
the little battery connector right here. Now
this is the part where it gets a little bit
harder. The battery is glued inside of the
phone so you want to warm up the phone a little
bit from the back. Do it long enough that
the heat seeps through and gets through the
glue, so do it for probably, you know, a minute
or two. But don’t let the phone get too hot
so you can’t touch it anymore because at that
point you’ll start damaging components. So
just warm up the phone long enough to melt
the glue in the back. Anyway, I’m not going
to edit any part of this out, I’m just going
to speed it up a little bit so you can see
how hard it is to get the battery out. You
want to pry up but just make sure you don’t
pry it against anything important or slip
too far underneath the battery or you might
slice some of the ribbing cables that go to
the volume buttons or the power buttons. So
just kind of wedge it under there and then
pry up a little bit. But be super careful.
Still just lifting the battery up, there’s
an incredible amount of glue under here. It
gets kind of ridiculous at this point. Try
to leave as much glue inside of the phone
as possible. That way, you don’t have to reuse
any sticky tape, you can just reuse the same
glue again. Anyway, now that the glue is unstuck
from the battery you can check out this identity
crisis. It says 6.91 and 7.01 on the batteries.
I guess Apple couldn’t make up their mind
on how big the battery itself was. Anyway
if your glue is still in there you can reuse
it, otherwise grab some double sided sticky
tape and just stick it back down. Make it
enough that the battery doesn’t shift around
while you’re using your phone or while it’s
in your pocket. Go ahead and rip off the back
of the sticky tape. And then plug the battery
back in, and then set the battery back into
its little slot. I plug it in first just so
it’s lined up with the connection points.
Now I’m going to put the metal bracket back
on along with the two little screws. And then
I can plug in the screen again. Each of these
little connectors are going to snap in just
like a little LEGO piece. Just work your way
down and then get this last one right here
for the front camera. And then screw in that
metal plate with the five screws again. Anyway,
pretty straightforward, fold the screen down.
You’re going to want to line up the top of
the screen with the phone first, making sure
it’s flush, and then you can kind of just
pinch your way down the sides of the phone
snapping it back into place. But if the top
isn’t lined up, the connections aren’t going
to be lined up either. Get the two screens
in the bottom there, and there you go. If
you have any questions, make sure to leave
them in the comments, don’t forget to like
if this video helped you, and don’t forget
to subscribe. It does mean a lot. Hope to
see you around. Thanks for watching.

100 Replies to “iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes”

  1. I want to try and replace the iphone battery on my own, but i'm afraid by doing so will damage any parts or even the wires. Should I do it by myself or should i not?

  2. Very well done, thank you. The only intense part was removing the battery. I had to heat the surface of the body to about 150 degrees F to get the glue to let go. So far everything's working. Thanks again.

  3. Really sorry but this is a really misleading and incorrect video. Not removing the power first runs a high risk
    of blowing the back light circuit no edge sealing tape in sight so it was a set up video. I could go on and on
    ripping this apart but it was terrible. Sorry mate but very amateurish.

  4. I have an iPhone 6 and the battery life is horrible on it, would it be easier to get a whole new phone or to do this?

  5. I thought this tutorial was perfect. I suggest watching it all the way through one time before doing it.
    Thank you for this video!

  6. Thank you so much. I followed your instructions exactly, and watched the video about 3 times. Phone is up an running nicely. Thank you again.

  7. Yes people watch this because Apple pulled a SCAM on everyone that soon as you update to ios 12 your battery dies real fast and wont stay charged ever, Apple says its time to replace your battery, but really its a SCAM so that you just go get a newer device, they put a file in ios 12 that tells the battery to drain fast and then remember the drain settings so it doesnt matter how you tinker with it it will still keep doing it, you need to be jailbroken to enter the root file-system to see the files im talking about, thats why Apple doesnt want any devices to have root access so they can hide all their bullshit Scams in there and you cant see them…. APPLE ISNT HAPPY WITH 160 BILLION IN SALES A YEAR so they do shit like the battery scam and theres others, just like ios 13 anything under 6s cant have it and is considered shit so you need new device when in fact an iphone 4 could still run ios 13 but Apple wants people to buy the new stuff…APPLE FUKIN SUCKS BECAUSE THEIR SCAMS on the people, Just like they gather everything about your device and you and theres nothing you can do about it…. and they give it away to third parties, i know this because i worked for Apple from Steve's days until a year ago and trust me they are lying to all of yous…FUCK YOU APPLE…People Wake up, you want your personal data personal? Get an android and make an email your not going to use as your main but only for downloading apps from Playstore so google only gets your shit email…..trust me i know what im saying…. Apple Works with the FBI and NSA i know this, they tell you they dont and everyone thinks they dont…. thats how dumb everyone is

  8. If you worked in one of my manufacturing departments I would fire you twice. Once for your skill level and again for your self absorbed attitude.

  9. my screen has no touch and a whole lot of lines. this also happened on my 5 SE so thanks 2 phones broke cuz of ur vid

  10. 2014:nope
    2015:not quite there my friend
    2016:getting closer
    2017:dont give up
    2018:ok we are almost there

  11. i managed to replaced the battery on a iphone 6 but in the process of removing the battery i damaged the power button ribbon cable and had to replace the whole ribbon cable by removing the motherboard and i was successful in repairing that to my surprise :))! my iphone 6 now works perfectly.
    20$ was the battery replacement
    5$ ribbon cable (that has the power button, upper microphone and LED flash)

  12. hey I don't normally comment but I just got a new battery today and you were the first video to pop up. I read 4 minutes and was sold. I followed step by step instructions and everything went beautifully! check my battery performance and its in peak condition. Spent 10 bucks on the battery and watched your video and its like I have a new phone again. thanks for posting this bro this really saved me some cash. take care

  13. Kindly do some research into the correct technique prior to making your video. You omitted the battery tape pull tabs – a much easier way to remove the battery !

  14. Waste of time removing the screen. Just remove the battery – the screen doesn’t even get in the way. And the screws holding down the plate for the ribbon cables to the screen are extremely small and difficult to get back in.

  15. TIP : if you don't have double-sided tape, just stick some normal tape on the battery and on the phone case, then put some glue between them.

  16. What a f*** hassle!
    When you need 30 minutes just to replace the batteries of any appliance. This is shit!
    Thank goodness for videos like this though.

  17. should you connect the battery last after the rest of the screen connectors are attached to reduce damage to the screen etc?

  18. Thank you sir for taking the time to create this video. Instructions were clear and concise and I was able to complete the installation without incident…thanks again!

  19. fuck iphone its for smart people fucking apple always makes everything in their phone so complicated seriously this phone aint for casuals. i'd rather have samsung man theyre so simple and fun

  20. Thanx guy. I just had to change the battery of my son's Iphone 6. So much easier than changing the battery for my old LG G Flex. That was like mini surgery, for real.

  21. Yes, watching an old video here, but just wanted to say there isn’t a need to heat up the “adhesive,” but rather just use the 2 pull tabs on the lower part of the battery to simply pull the adhesive strips out, slowly! Once both are out, the battery simply lifts. Otherwise, great video on all other points!

  22. Warning: dont follow this video!! I just punctered the battery inhaling toxic shit because it doesent explain that you can use the two tabs on the battery pulling the glue out to the side. Other videos show you how to do it correctly.

  23. Thank you so much for this video! I was able to replace my battery with no issues, the only thing is trying to find the tiny screws when they fall. Should have worked in a better place.

  24. Don't need to glue the battery at all. Apple glued the battery insanely hard to prevent people from replacing the battery easily.

  25. READ THIS FIRST! Suction cup wasn't strong enough to work for me on iPhone 6S Plus (due to Apples's sealing gasket) but alternatively you can start by using a scalpel/blade to carefully separate the screen from the body just where the larger round hole is in the base allowing you to insert larger plastic levers. Also note, in case you mix them up, that the longest screw of the five fixing the connector plate goes in the hole next the outer edge of the phone and next to an adjacent sixth screw (which is not removed). Finally, the alternative iFixit YouTube video (search for it) cannily shows how to remove the battery glue strip without heating – otherwise Jerry's video is the best.

  26. The two numbers on the battery are the minimum capacity and the typical capacity of the battery. There was a similar issue with the moto 360 battery

  27. Great tutorial…. Another tip, if you dont have hot gun… use hair dryer or your car vent with full heat and all other vents closed. It worked perfectly….

  28. Question: do you have to replace the screen adhesive everytime you open up your iphone? Because the battery replacement kit from iFixit has the screen adhesive included.

  29. I took my iPhone 6 to Apple to replace a battery for $29. After a year battery gone bad again. Took it to Apple again they told me $50 to fix it. Apple products are gone bad fast. Cheap shit made in Chino

  30. I replaced my battery last year. The battery came with the adhesive strips. I’m keeping my iPhone 6Plus because it works fine and I’m not paying over $1000 to buy a new one….too damn much money for a cell phone,even if it is an Apple!

  31. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! So easy to follow, managed to change it. Only issue I had was getting the damn little screws back in.

  32. Apple are bastards they want to make it as hard as possible so they can charge you a fortune to replace it. Thanks for the video.

  33. thank god i found this lmao i have to replace my battery tomorrow because i dont have time to take it somewhere and have someone do it

  34. Where did you get the battery from? And one question, if I go to a local store to replace my battery will they give me a original battery? Is that a good idea or should I just go to Apple Store?

  35. Wrong way to take battery out those white glue strips pull out one at a time , no need warning battery up with hair dryer

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