iOS 13 CarPlay – What’s New?

iOS 13 CarPlay – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the new apple CarPlay in iOS 13
and it doesn’t look terribly different
but you may notice this new icon down
here but let’s first take a look at some
new apps so we now have a calendar and
settings let’s go into settings first
and you’ll see we have three options now
we now have do-not-disturb while driving
appearance and suggestions in dashboard
so if we’re going to do not disturb we
can activate this with apple carplay or
it’s off by default we also have
appearance so we can have it be
automatic based on day/night or whether
or not your lights are turned on and
also always use dark mode I’ll just
leave it in automatic for now we also
have suggestions in dashboard this is on
by default and it’s serious suggestions
based on things that are in your
calendar now if we go to calendar you’ll
see we have one thing here I’ve put in
here I don’t really use calendar too
much so you’ll see it says record apple
carplay video if I tap on this we can
get directions to where we need to go to
record that and I just put in a
destination so if we tap on this we can
hit go and you’ll see that interface for
maps is a little bit different and we
have a couple options in here now as
well now there is a new Junction view
but we do have share ETA so if you want
to share your ETA with someone you can
just share it and it will send via SMS
if they’re on Android if something like
that and then also there are some
changes from manufacturers they can now
implement the hey feature when you say
Siri after that and allow it to use it
throughout the OS but during this
particular navigation session if we hit
this button here you’ll see we can
search for something else we can share
the ETA like I said before and if we
search for something else we could add a
gas station so if we want to add a gas
station maybe we’ll add this to our
route and you’ll see it pops right up
there now everything seems to be pretty
fast so far on this so we’ll add this
one to it and it brings us there or we
can just end the route altogether we
also have our favorites search and
destination then we can go to 3d and
based on where you’re located this map
will be updated throughout the year it
could look better as well we can zoom in
or zoom out depending on the actual the
actual head unit that you have in your
whether it’s factory or aftermarket like
this one it may different maybe a little
bit different based on what you have now
on the home screen we have a new view if
I hit this button we’ve got our map here
we also have our suggestions for where
we may navigate to we have our currently
playing song or last playing and also
our calendar so this is a serious
suggestion view and we can go right into
calendar from here and everything’s
actually pretty fast when you’re
navigating around now they’ve updated
music as well so if we go into music it
doesn’t look too different here but if
we actually browse music it looks a
little different so if we go to 40 you
will wait for it to load and you’ll see
we have recently played personalized
mixes and music now supports bluetooth
from your phone to show you the album
art so if you’re streaming from your
phone and it didn’t show the album art
before it will now and then we have
radio and now playing which is animated
it’s really nice so I’ll hit play so the
song is playing I just have it muted and
then if I go back home go into music
we’ll go back you’ll see it’s animated
as though it’s playing the song we can
go right back into it it’s very fast and
fluid now a major change they’ve made is
cerium and Siri is quite good but we’ll
tap and hold navigate to the closest gas
station the closest one I found is Citgo
on the independence Boulevard
okay go they’re getting directions just
sit go and you’ll see it gets directions
it’s pretty fast no problems there and
it seems to work just fine
and now messages gets a little bit of a
revamp as well if we go into messages
and then we’ll go and text family member
here one moment what do you want to say
I’m just testing out Siri using apple
carplay your message to Chad’s all oh
says I’m just testing out Siri using
apple carplay ready to send it so you’ll
see it’s a little bit different I can
send it cancel change it and it looks a
little different now so overall it’s
pretty nice
the final thing that’s new is when
you’re using your phone and maybe I go
into music
it no longer changes on this display so
if I go into music I go home or maybe I
go into say Google Maps it doesn’t open
up on the display here it lets you use
it independently of apple carplay which
is really really nice so that’s it for
the new redesign of course if they
introduce any new changes I’ll share
those when this comes out let me know
what you think in the comments below
it’s very simple and car manufacturers
can change how it looks on larger
displays as well let me know what you
think in the comments below if you
haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and like as always thanks for
watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next

100 Replies to “iOS 13 CarPlay – What’s New?”

  1. That’s last one is a fave, I hate having a map open for the hubby and not being able to use my phone

  2. I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra. And I don’t have Bluetooth Carplay.. 🤷🏻‍♂️ is that even a thing? Hope it is atleast on iOS 13.. 😭😭 finally they dont show what ur lookin at on the IPhone on the carplay screen, that made me so annoyed

  3. Awesome review! Thanks, Aaron. I use CarPlay a lot and love the feature and was curious as to what was new. It irks me that certain controls in Maps is located on the right side of the screen (like zoom and Overview). I find this unintuitive because I have to reach all the way to the other side of the screen while driving. Anyway, thanks again!
    Also, is it possible to have the Siri view open with Maps and Music but not have Calendar open?

  4. For me Apple Car Play is useless because when i need to drive with navigation, i use the built-in navigation system of my car because is much better than Apple Maps , Google Maps , etc , and I can see the map view on my virtual cockpit, for the phone and the music I prefer to use the system of my car

  5. I’m excited to use it in my ‘19 Honda Insight- I’ll struggle thru the beta program for the sake of all these needed upgrades

  6. I have iOS 13 and its amazing with CarPlay but its really busy still I recommend waiting for the public beta profile

  7. Hi Aaron thank you for the video walkthrough. The demo shows that even for a first beta it’s pretty smooth and solid. CarPlay is a function of the phone and not the head unit, right? That is to say, if my passenger had iOS 12 and plugged in, we would have the “old” interface back? When do you think it will be easier to install betas? Starting with beta 2? Or the Public beta in a month? I have a PC only but am looking forward to being able to use the new CarPlay interface. The only thing that is still weird to me is the editing feature of Messages – what does it do on the new setup? Also I wish there were emoji verbal translations or shortcuts. You can say “smiley” but it doesn’t send emoji, instead just 🙂 which is … odd

  8. Just the ability to use your device w/out effecting the CarPlay screen is worth the upgrade!!! Thank you for pointing that out.

  9. Thanks, Aaron, great vid!
    I just bought a classic BMW but I'm trying to keep it stock.
    My other car has Apple Car Play and I love having it but I haven't drove it since I got the Bimmer.
    I'm seriously looking for a head unit, with Apple Car Play, that will allow me to put the old Bimmer back to stock at anytime.
    e34 1990 535i.

  10. Is there a way to get the music player in dashboard view to show the song name? I thought I saw that in some of the screen shots.

  11. Come on Apple we need weather in the CarPlay home screen . Android Auto had this from the get go. My stock radio has the weather and I always have to exit CarPlay to see the current temperature. Can Siri answer more questions in the car now? Instead of “I don’t know to help with that”

  12. Thank you for doing this video…..I love that phone will now work independently from the CarPlay and screen won't change when you access something on the phone.

  13. Will having Maps open on the dashboard all the time make a significant difference in the amount of data it chews through? 🤔

  14. I want to see the weather app or My Radar viewable on Car Play. Being able to see weather you’re going to drive into or when you’ll drive out of it would be nice.

  15. I thought Siri was supposed to sound more fluid in iOS 13. She sounds like garbage still, especially in custom text-to-speech scenarios like 4:08. 🙄

  16. I hated apple car play when you switched apps when I used my phone. It was easier to type a message at a stop then saying it. But my map would leave on the display and I went back to Bluetooth. Since they stop that I can go back to car play again.

  17. I wish CarPlay would adopt the notification that android auto has when a new song comes on as an overlay. I discover most new music while driving and it sucks that I have to exit maps and go to now playing to see it in CarPlay. Split view is nice, but I will always prefer full screen navigation

  18. Can you use Siri to play YouTube music songs with ios13? Also can u now fast forward (not skip) a song with the hard buttons on the steering wheel? It only works with Apple Music with my Honda Accord.

  19. Is it possible in IOS13 to change the Apple Maps app from being the default Map App for the system? Same as you can change the default search engine in Safari. In a lot of countries Apple Maps doesn’t work or it’s blocked by Apple. The only apps that work are Google Maps and Waze, but since their not the default a lot of the new features wouldn’t link to them.

  20. Amazing video but I have a question, if you start navigation through google maps does it automatically start navigating on applecarplay too? Or is it 100% independent? If you could test it out and tell me I would hugely appreciate it!

  21. CarPlay is cool, but rarely use it. Mainly because don’t like having to take out phone and have to plug it in. Which just seems outdated and leads to forgetting phone in car

  22. Hi there, I’m new to car play in my car, do I have to do a separate update for my car play or will it automatically be updated when I update to IOS 13 on my phone? (I have a Honda Accord 16)

  23. I look forward to not getting booted from the display screen when I need to check something else while hooked up to car play and the potential for split screen if it works with waze as well. Otherwise, I don't particularly care about dark mode in carplay.

  24. Display not changing when I change apps on my phone. if this was the only change apple made I would be so freaking happy!!!

  25. If you dont use Calender, disable Suggestions in the settings.
    This allows for the music player to be bigger and thus show artist and song name 🙂

  26. Your video was so impressive that I went & bought a new ATS Cadillac today PRIMARILY because my 2012 CTS did not have CarPlay. I had the salesman give me a brief lesson before the test drive (the 2.0 L turbo is amazing). I recall my iPhone X Plus needed to be connected via lightning cord, will that be true when new version is released?

  27. Have carlpay 13 ability to instal another applications on screen? In Russia we prefer yandex navigation program, it's better that Google maps, it can talk about cameras and trailing situations on way.

  28. I just installed the public beta released today, I can't wait to test drive the new CarPlay on tomorrow's commute to work!

  29. i have problem with iphone X ios 13.3. Carplay was working with 13.2 but after upgraded to 13.3 carplay got sound no map. I did try reset but nothing change. Could you please help. Many thanks

  30. Really anoying is that i now, every time, need to punch in the code of my iphone before it will start up. Is there any way to avoid this?

  31. I wish they showed album artwork for music (not the full screen blurred out background of it that they do now) while in now playing view.

  32. Good that you get right to the content without a lot of fluff and nonsense beforehand, but please, SLOW DOWN. Why people that do video presentations think they have to fly through each feature is beyond me. You have plenty of time, and plenty of features, so take your time and fully explain what you're demonstrating. Otherwise, you did a nice job considering you posted this three months before the actual release came out.

  33. Car play thing is very addictive! Since i got this with my new Civic i can never use a car without it now. Google maps, waze, podcasts, i love using them in car play.

  34. Typical apple. Wish there was a way to change that home screen to Waze or google maps instead, get rid of the home or work destination icons and replace them with weather.

  35. Short of turning off location services how can I turn off the map while I'm driving? I'm assuming since it's always on it will suck up my data (limited data plan here). Also I noticed I can not remove the Calendar or Maps from Car Play. Have they locked the Apple apps in?

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