Innovative Solar Manufacturing Technology

Innovative Solar Manufacturing Technology

Energy’s the lifeblood of our civilization. There are billions of people that we still
need to lift out of poverty. And poverty, to a large extent, is lack of
energy. And so, bringing down the costs so it’s affordable
and clean; that is the big challenge. So we start with refined silicon. When this is melted. And what’s created is a massive ingot. That’s then cut into bricks. The brick then goes into a wire saw to cut
this into a series of thin wafers. In the process, half of the precious silicon
is being wasted. Now, what we do is we cut out that sawing
step. And we go directly from hyper-pure silicon
to the wafer. One step, one machine, no waste. Today we have full-size manufacturing machines
operating in an engineering environment. The next step is to build a commercial factory
where all the logistics are streamlined to minimize cost. I think there is a real path to making solar
two cents per kilowatt hour. Solar can help us mitigate climate change,
but it can do more than that. It can also become the cheapest form of energy
that mankind has ever seen and we’re on track to achieve that.

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