Induction Motor GATE,ESE,PSU Lecture by Eii

Induction Motor GATE,ESE,PSU Lecture by Eii

Why A.C. Motor? Induction Motor-Types Induction Motor-Basics Principles Induction Motor-Circuit Diagram Important Concepts I.M.

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  1. sir I have a doubt in this chapter. if total stator i^2r loss is given. then Will this loss be equal to rotor copper loss?

  2. many many thanks the way u hv sum up hole topic in 1hr video is just amazing i must say you r doing wonderful job keep it up
    i m waiting for more videos
    if possible make video on synchronous machine is another difficult topic to understand in electric machine in simillsr way

  3. bhai kitne cheeze tune galat padayi hai bhadwe concepts clear kar pehle apne ek ghanta kharab kiya madarchod tune

  4. It's my personal request to you plz don't confused the students becoz u said speed of flux is Ns -N it's wrong.becoz rotor flux also runs the synchronous speed first check ur basic.Second thinks u applied lenz and Faraday's right hand rule to find the direction of motor it's totally wrong..All the best your bright future..Regards Dr.R.K.Raman.

  5. Sir at 58:20 you have written E1/E2= N1/N2 =1/.67 !!!
    Sir how it is 1/.67 ???
    But sir as per our formula N1/N2 = .67 right ,
    Please tell me why it happened sir ????

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