I’m Sorry I Have to Admit This

I’m Sorry I Have to Admit This

rev your engines, Peter Lorre says when
the heck happened to the high speed manual
transmission I want to buy a new car
with the manual 5-speed I can’t find anyone
two things happen one people especially
in North America lazier and lazier now they
want to drive automatic so they want to
shift and the other thing is they have
modern transmissions designed so that
you can actually get better gas mileage in
automatic transmission then you can in a
standard transmission and in the case of
the new 10-speed that they have
in the Mustang you can actually have
better acceleration and better gas mileage
because the computer can shift it better
than you can those are of course have
variable set-up time you can put them a
drag race setup where it’ll go like mad
of course you won’t get good gas mileage
then or you can put it on the economy
mode world I’ll get much better gas
mileage or you can put it on whatever
mode you want so you can go from full
power to better gas mileage by putting
whatever button you want but the
computer can actually shift better than
any human let’s face it the computers
are faster than we are
and make a decision so if you put it in
race mode it’s gonna shift it better
than you can’t believe not driven I mean
it don’t you up better than I can shift
you know you don’t know the funny
actually doing it yourself but it is
more efficient that’s why they really
are gonna be going extinct probably as
time goes on, merange 25 says
Scotty 04 Nissan Titan it is a good
truck 5.6 liter okay it’s got
the v8 engines they’re decent trucks now
they’re nowhere near as good as Toyotas
and Fords but they can be decent pickup
trucks they’re not fantastic but they’re
not horrible I would buy a new one
you’re over paying and they’re always
playing around with stuff too, I mean the
other year they’re saying oh now we’ve
got the cummings diesel engines but
then I just read in 2020 they’re not
gonna be using the Cummins diesel
engines in it anymore so you know
they’re always changing their minds
about what they’re doing but you can get
to use one cheap enough a it could be a
decent Knockaround car realize you’re
never gonna get a good Toyota truck use
cheap because everybody knows they’re
worth money so one of those might still
have a lot of life and you can generally
get them pretty cheap used,
Sharma says Scotty do you think engine
replacement is a good idea for high mile
car the body is perfectly fine depends
on where you get your engines from and
what kind of vehicle you’re working on
let’s say you got an old Toyota Corolla
sure I’ll get one of those Japanese
engines put one in it can run forever
but let’s say you got an old Chrysler
and the engine goes out well how are you
gonna get a good engine from the ones in
a junkyard are generally worn out
stuff to and rebuild them is relatively
complex a lot of guys do a bad job
rebuilding them so it’s can you get a
good used engine if you can go right
ahead or if you’ve got like an old
classic car American v8 you can get
brand new engines built on those all the
time so go right ahead but you have to
figure out what the vehicle is where
you’re gonna get an engine from what
kind of quality you’re getting as
there’s a big difference in quality of
all the different rebuilders and all the
manufacturers and all the car models themselves
Scotty should I buy a new Volkswagen
Golf electric for $30,000 Canadian well
I wouldn’t cuz you live in Canada and I
read about a guy in Canada an electric
car in Montreal and he found out that
it’s so cold there in the winter that he
was losing 30 to 40 percent of the
charge right off the bat so let’s say if
the range is 120 miles you were knocking
30 to 40 percent off that right from the
back because it was so cold outside so
your range is gonna be limited and
paying that kind of money for a
Volkswagen 1 is a mistake if you really
want an electric car do what I advise in
a video a little while back yes they
have bad resale value buy a used one
you can probably pick them up for less
than half of that with 15 20,000 miles
on and the battery packs last a lot
longer than that my waste your money on
a new one you’re getting all that money
on a brand new car that’s down the
toilet and electric cars don’t wear like
mechanical cars they hardly have any moving
parts so really think about it and call
Canada because it made strand you in the
winter what a few times with lots of
power in a cold electric batteries
work the worst in cold weather
Nathan H says I got an 01 Toyota
Solara squeals on startup with a/c on
what should I look at first well good
only go through what the AC on odds are
the AC belt is wearing just put another
one on it’s not that big of a deal
squealing start up it’s usually the
belts is either worn it’s loose or it’s
got a few cracks or something and add
things what 19 years old I would just
change the belt to start out with
things you don’t have to think about it
squeals after that then that could be
the compressor going out could be a
bearings going on idler pulley a lot of
things could be wrong but normally
that’s just means that leaves a new fan
belt and if it’s been on there for more
in five six seven years just change that
first because it’s an easy thing to do
and that could solve all your problems
and if it’s really old and cracked it’s
time to do it now you don’t want to get
stranded somewhere just do it right away
it’s an easy job on an old vehicle like that
Alexander strike says factor 4
synthetic wax kit, factor 4 synthetic
wax kit says it lasts for three years
spots that’s a bunch of nonsense that
stuff’s a bunch of nonsense it’s not
gonna last for three years wax and stuff
on and all this nano ceramic junk now I
used that orange one that’s not a wax but
polish and it says on it it lasts for a
year bunch of hoo-ha i still whacked the
car so it’s not a wax it’s a polish but
it does the same type of thing I still
use it four times a year once every
season so I don’t forget
none of them lasts forever none of them
are even gonna last three years our
atmospheres got too much pollution in it
there’s too much UV lights and you’re
not gonna chance that and ruining your
paint and your car is never look the same
once it’s repainted believe me I never
see the repaints last as long so you
want to take care of the original paint
and it might be a good system I’ve never
seen that personal one but nothing’s
gonna last three years that’s a bunch of bunk
so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. I used to drive a manual, manual was my first car, was a pain I hated it, the only advantage in the 90’s was the manuals would get 3mpgs more, but today autos are more mpg friendly

  3. I know you have a Hate for GM vehicles but if GMC/CHEVY put a 6.6 L Cummins motor and a 10 speed Allison transmission in their trucks would you hate them any less?

  4. Hey Scotty, I love the channel. Helped me save money working on my own car.

    I got a 08’ Nissan Altima 2.5 auto, it takes a while to accelerate and shift gears, any suggestions??

  5. More people live in cities with traffic and nobody wants to drive a stick in heavy traffic. It's bad on your knees. Plus people get rid up on your butt at hills not understanding that you will roll back a little. I don't need that hassle. I miss driving a manual though. Maybe someday I'll be able to buy a fun car that's manual that I can pull out on weekends.

  6. Hey listen I got a 1998 Chevy 2 door 4 wheel drive blazer with a 4.3 what do you think about those blazers at that time of year I've had this blazer for wow 20 years and I like it and I'm going to put a new engine in it it's already got a new transmission but it's been setting up but I'm going to be changing the fluid so let me know what you think thank you ma'am you have a blessed day

  7. 4:03 i got same problem the COMPRESSOR oil leaked from the refrigerant line so i weld the line and refill oil and refrigerant and now 4 years no problems.

  8. If you're gonna wax your car, do it every time you wash it.
    Think about it, what do you use to clean grunge off of your dishes? A dish towel/sponge & soap.
    What do you wash your car with?
    Same thing.
    No need for anything special, turtle wax or that orange bottled stuff.

  9. Scotty what do you think of the VW turbo beetles? With the chopped down top they kind of look like the Porsche. With the turbo the beetles really don't get the real good fuel efficiency. They've got a real cool look. Please respond.

  10. Scotty. The guy is saying he wants a five-speed manual. He means as opposed to a six-speed manual. We all know manuals are hard to find, but five-speed manuals are all but extinct – and I like five-speeds way better than six-speeds.

  11. No automatic will ever be able to keep up with a real driver. It's fine for every day driving or just mucking around but let's face it, if you wanna get serious, you gotta go manual. The real problem is there just isn't a real market for them in the U.S. It's the dead opposite in other places in the world. Some countries, you want an automatic? Good luck with that, because no one wants them.

  12. These electric cars maybe great vehicles. But you will eventually have to replace the bearings in the electric motors. Electric vehicles are not 100% maintenance free like everybody thinks they are.

  13. The reason manuals went the way of the Dodo is gummint regulations. The manufacturers have to submit EVERY iteration of a car for testing. A car with 3 available engines will need to be tested with every available transmission. If said car was available with a DCT, manual and automatic, the manufacturer would have to submit 9 cars for testing; that's a lot of money!!!

  14. Stick shift may be going extinct in the US maybe, but in Europe it will only die when we are forced to go electric…
    Most drivers make fun of automatic drivers here! And if you use an automatic to get your driving licence, you're prohibited from driving a manual one (yes, it is mentioned on your license), so almost everyone gets his/her license in a stick shift car.
    We sure love our manual gears here…

    Edit for typo

  15. Just bought a Forte FE. It's the economy model with manual transmission. I'm having quite a bit of fun with it. It's pretty quick.

  16. Scotty I really need your help here, I have a Mercedes w210 1996 e230 engine, my problem is that I feel the vibration in the steering wheel when the engine speed is running at 20 . When the engine speed runs above 20 the vibration goes away.
    I 've changed engine mounts and tried different types of engine oil treatment I only got little improvement. Can you please advice me on what to try next?

  17. The thing with transmission is… most people want autos because most of use drive during rush hour and are stuck in heavy or semi-heavy traffic. Manuals in those situations are tiring especially when it's just going on the freeway. Manuals are infinitely more enjoyable than any CVT, DSG, or traditional autos. But unless you're going on a weekend fun drive through hills in a sports car, it's just more practical to have an auto.

  18. Scotty, i always enjoy your humor . Lol 😅 " thats a bunch of bunk " how needs tv shows all i need is right here thanks so much !

  19. Don't care I want a manual. I'm one of those people where if I'm in a bug out situation and the world has gone to crap, I'd rather have something simple that won't break . Just tonight my 2016 Fiesta through a 1501 error code, which is the speed sensor module short-circuiting intermittently. I don't care if they get to three more miles per gallon than a car built in the 90s, all this computer crap ain't worth it!4

  20. You're also forgetting Scotty, people want a manual transmission cuz they're more connected to the car, just like people who want a V8 instead of a V12, because it sounds better. same thing with the ignition systems, you have a mechanical key that you put into the key lock and you turn the car on, instead of a bunch of radio frequency technology that'll allow your car to be stolen by some creep. No thanks.

  21. Scotty what do you think about the 2020 Jeep Wrangler and gladiator having an eco diesel option? Is it time they finally put a hemi in a Jeep?

  22. I'm Human I prefer manual when I become lazy as fck than I buy 20 speed automatic cost more when it brakes you're fckd than no one can rebuild like it were when were brand new big disadvantages !

  23. Scotty my subaru impreza 04 1.6L FWD crap has a charging problem i guess. When i check the charging voltage it shows 13.5/6 volts we try to swap the altternator nonthing. Then try to replace the battery still nonthing. Why is not charging 14/14.2 volts ???


  24. Have a 2006 toy tundra 2wd used for towing a small RV trailer full time. So far so good. Only issue that many warn about is the frame is at risk for rusting out early. I keep checking it, and spray anti rust coating on it yearly.

  25. I owned a 2004 Titan from new for 12 yrs. Put only 72k on it as it was not a daily driver. I did limited towing usually a trailer under 1500 lbs. Blew out a rear end, tailpipe literally rotted off in year 2, E-Brake never worked well as axle seals always leak, front right bearing went at 25k, check engine lights often for o2 issues, and the list goes on. I will never buy another Nissan. Have a 2017 F350 gasser now…so far so good.

  26. I understand having an automatic for a daily driver, but a track/weekend car needs to be manual. For the same reason I don't like the idea of an electric motorcycle. In and out of curves, rapid deceleration, anticipation of oncoming obstacles or road directional changes all need a manual input on the transmission for optimal performance. If they put sensors on the vehicle that can see what the driver sees, then and only then will it make sense to me to have an automatic in a performance vehicle or motorcycle.

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