I’m Buying This Mercedes

I’m Buying This Mercedes

rev your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about a Mercedes that I would actually drive
just to be truthful I know everybody’s
gonna say I’m a hypocrite now cuz I’m
always saying why shouldn’t buy a
Mercedes well guess what
Scotty drives Mercedes all the
time it’s after I fix them yes
they’re fun to drive around I’m not
arguing that but I’d rather be on the end
where I fix the cars get paid a lot of
money and then drive them around I
certainly wouldn’t want to be the one
paying to have my Mercedes fixed so yes
I’d Drive them all the time but it’s
Road testing to see if anything else is
wrong with them and since the modern
ones break down a lot when they get a
little bit older I’ve got a lot of them
around now the Mercedes that I’d like to
be driving around is it 2019
mercedes-amg GT 63s and to understand
why you need to know a little about AMG
and Mercedes original AMG was a company
that modified Mercedes to make them go
fast now AMG was originally a
high-performance company the modified
mercedes-benz for people that wanted him
faster handling better in 1999 Daimler
Chrysler took a controlling interest in
AMG and then in 2005 they became the
whole owners of it I got some mercedes
figured hey if these guys are gonna soup
up our cars why are they making all the
profit we’ll just buy the company and
then we’ll take all the problem
ourselves so now that AMG model Mercedes
are generally the highest horsepower
best handling of each particular class
they make various ones now the AMG
company is not technically called
mercedes-amg GmbH yeah another mouthful
hey the Germans had
great ideas for their tanks tiger
Panther leopard why are they naming these
companies and stupids names
I guess the Germans have lost their
imagination with these things they’re
great cars to drive around and but what
a stupid name now if you’re gonna buy
the fancy version with all the bells
and whistles you’re gonna
one hundred and eighty nine thousand
dollars not to me that’s kind of absurd
because that’s about three times when I
paid for my whole house and lot here in
downtown Houston
now since AMG started out designing
testing racing engines then they moved
on to and starring them and modifying
mercedes-benz cars to make them better
they know what they’re doing it comes to
speed but I went to a Formula One race
years ago talked to the Mercedes guys
and they said well for the cars that
they ran that year it was cost of about
five hundred million dollars so money is
no object with these people but if it is
for you there’s a range of AMG cars now
they all have various modifications like
polished heads fancy wheels fancy
suspension systems and lately they’ve
been going more into suspension because
originally people said hey they’re great
straight line cars a lot of power but
they don’t have a handling of a car that
has that kind of power they’ve gone into
that and make them handle a lot better
than they originally did you just start
with their bottom line AMG the e53 it’s
only about seventy four thousand dollars
and then let’s say you want to go
mid-priced with an AMG Mercedes you can
get a GT 53 for about a hundred thousand
clams pretty high-tech it’s got a
six-cylinder engine that’s turbocharged
an old fashioned inline six and it has a and
puts out a total of 429 horsepower all
you can get a CLS 53 variant that’s 20
grand less it still has the 429 horsepower
save yourself 20 grand on that one they
take engineering to the highest degree as
for is it a wise investment well no of
course not but yes they’re fun to drive
I love driving them when I’m done fixing
them when someone else is paying me to
drive their car around and I find the
technology fascinating they really went
in design engines and transmissions that
can really fly and lately the past few
years they’ve really upgraded the
handling and suspension so there are
always look serious vehicles for riding
around in but they didn’t handle quite
as well as the
competitors now they got a lot better
handling than they used to have I’m sure
you’re paying for it there’s no arguing
that 189 thousand dollars for a car just
know that their resale values just like
other Mercedes Benzes they drop like
stones as they age that’s just the way
those things are and generally anybody
who buys one is beating the heck out of
it it’s kind of like what I always tell
people they say oh I want to buy a
challenger with a Hellcat engine I can’t
afford a new one something about used
one and I say you might rethink the
whole deal of it because the guys who
buy them generally they’re doing
burnouts they’re often very worn out by
the time you get them I’ve had customers
who bought used AMG and after a couple
years of driving them tens of thousands
of dollars having repairs gone they said
well I got that out of my system I’ll
never buy another one of those things
they are really fun to drive and hey
scotty here is all waiting to fix it when
it breaks down, so if you never want to
miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. I’m sold on the inspection services you do for prospective used car buyers. What’s the best way to find someone locally with your knowledge and ethics?

  3. Seems like a lot of indoctrinated people in the comments. I bought a 2000 E320 for $2500. Original price is about $46,000….
    About 6% of the original price. You can't beat that. The driving experience is excellent. Now, I could have paid the same for a Toyota, but why not feel like a king?

  4. People who can afford brand new Mercedes dont really care about the reselling price. They are rich enough so they'll just get the most out of their cars and move on to next in few months or years.

  5. I'm perfectly happy to drive around in a 2010 Lincoln Town Car instead. I'll put the extra 190,000 toward a house.

  6. Panzer I panzer II Pazer III panzer Iv Panzer V
    Wtf you talking about the tanks are named really uncreativitly lol silly scotty

  7. GmbH is an abbreviation for something that roughly translates to "Company with limited liability". It's like saying "Coca-Cola Bottling Group Inc.".

  8. Scott will trash all the Mercedes until he meets the G- Wagon. But it certainly won't come to his garage any time soon, because it doesn't easily break down.

  9. Clicked this video thinking there’s actually a reliable mercedes that scotty was gonna buy… turn out, the video is him bashing onto mercedes even more 😂😂😂😂 hahahah

  10. Take one of the Mercedes to Scotty to replace the cabin air filter. Get it back with 500 additional miles on the odometer due to the "post-repair test drive."

  11. 911: 911 what’s your emergency?

    Neighboors: there’s a maniac next door screaming to a camera for no reason.
    I feel threaten, he could shoot someone!

  12. Scotty are you telling us what Mercedes you want to drive so we can take it to you to test drive around to see if there’s something wrong with it that’s why you said it so slow haha 😆

  13. My Grandma has a Mercedes M-Class SUV from 1999, and it surprisingly has held up exceptionally well overall. Only some interior plastic cracking finally showing after 155k miles, and the car is still driving fine. It's just a car that has to be meticulously taken care of and driven softly, which my grandparents definitely do.

  14. Good news is that a used LOW MILEAGE AMG is the sweet spot and they do exist. I just don't like how Mercedes is prostituting the AMG halo on too many utilitarian vehicles, like SUV's.

  15. Bmw M and AMG cars are not reliable as normal BMW or Mercedes cars. All new expensive cars, depreciate fast ( this is not true for hypercars).

  16. SCOTTY….. I have an AMG, have finished having my fun at MY Expense, and the POLICE'S pleasure… looking at being king of the ROAD still….so GO BIG OR GO HOME…. 2 feet longer and 1 foot wider than my GLA AMG 45, a Honda Ridgeline… New…. Thoughts?? much appreciated!

  17. Wrote this under all your videos Scotty you can't beat German engineering, I'm a mechanic as you pretend to be and I can assure you German far outlives Japanese

  18. Scotty: Don't ever buy 1st model year of any car.
    Scotty: Mercedes are endless money pits.
    Scotty: I'm buying the new 2019 Mercedes

  19. I’m a Toyota guy I will always drive a Toyota. But my dream car was always a Jaguar XJ the sport one I would love to own one of those for a weekend toy

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