Illuminati Motor Works Gets Eliminated

Illuminati Motor Works Gets Eliminated

It looks like we’ve pretty much past everything
except acceleration. We couldn’t do the 0-60mph. And in trying we broke our transmission and roasted our clutch. That’s why we could no longer shift gears we were stuck in one gear. And if you heard it slipping and slipping, we burned up the clutch. – How many go-arounds?
– It brake after eight, we try two more. May as well, you’ve got nothing to lose at that point. We had the range we had the milage. Our car would go well over 100mph. We could maintain 80mph and still get 100MPGe. That’s what we found out here. But in the 0-60mph, our transmission just didn’t hold up. – So your electrical motor is fine? The motor seems to be fine, the battery seems to be fine, it was just too much power for the transmission.
– Where’s the clutch from? It’s a Suzuki Swift transmission. 1.3 liter. It’s designed to handle two hundred horsepower,
several hundred pounds of torque. It’s a small high performance clutch and they used to put them in Suzuki Swifts, and they used to race them. We had a metallic race clutch put in, which is designed to handle right at our horsepower and torque loads. But it just didn’t quite do it. – Is this just a matter of finding a better transmission? – That’s what we are talking about? Yes, the car has enough power to do it. It’s just a matter of getting the power to the wheels. The one we have with the budget we had, we’ve all got day jobs. I bought the transmission for $250. I spent that much on the clutch. We don’t have a lot of money, and it shows a little in the fit & finish of the car. We made a solid car. It’s not the most beautiful creature here. But it’s not bad. We met almost all the criteria, we broke it on the 0-60mph, but we met the range & efficiency, we even met the braking for a heavy car like this. Right. Met the braking, met the regenerative braking, we had 99% of what it needed. Oh well. progressive insurance automotive x prize, Xprize, x-prize, x prize, PIAXP, Peter Diamandis,, auto x prize, progressive x prize, hybrid, ev, electric vehicles, fuel efficient, mpg, mpge, car, automotive technology, tech, go green, eco, environment, energy, oil, @xprize, @piaxp, @progressive, damien somerset, @damiensomerset, kevin smith, Illuminati Motor Works, electric car, acceleration,, @IlluminatiMotor, IlluminatiMotorWorks,

5 Replies to “Illuminati Motor Works Gets Eliminated”

  1. Sorry to here your about your elimination, Those transmissions weren't made to handle that kind of power. I've raced Honda's, owned 5 Geo Metro's and the weakest component on a Metro is….the transmission (input shaft bearing is too small for sustained high rpms, above 3500). You still made one helluva car and I think if you do some more R&D you will have a car that will be investor material.
    Use an Acura Integra Type R transmission with LSD, costs new, less than $2000, used half that.

  2. nice try but the car would eventually have failed on ugliness anyway. appeal is a criteria iirc and its dimensions, configuration and shaping are just too goofy.
    you had a lot of good aspects so if you want to try again then go for something like the GM ultralite concept car shape. MUCH MUCH better. with that shape you could have won 5 million.
    the GM ultralite has gull wing doors and that doesn't really work so those could be made conventional but the body form is good. tight monobody shaping

  3. @DanFrederiksen don;t be so critical. i think the car looks natural, like the wing of a raptor or an albatros. thumbs up to these guys for a superior effort.

  4. great work guys, i have gone though your videos step by step and i think this is fantastic. 119 + mgp? like the John Britton (new zealand motor cycle) of america. cool to see your familly supporting with enthusiasm.

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