If You Fall For This Scam You’re Stupid

If You Fall For This Scam You’re Stupid

rev up your engines
here’s some good information so you can
avoid those cash for crash people that have
crash into their car so they can collect
insurance money here’s how you can avoid
some of those if you see somebody in
front of you for no reason at all slam
their brakes on get in another lane
or slam your brakes on fast get out
of the way cuz a lot of what they’ll do
is they’ll pull right in front of you
and they’ll slam on their brakes because
if you hit somebody out of highway it’s
your fault regardless of what happens so
if you see people zooming around you
and then pull in front of you ease up on the
gas maybe going to another lane that’s
one of the big scams that they do now
another one is called flash for a crash
you’re driving and somebody flashes
their headlights at you to let you in
but then they run right into you and
they say well that person turned right
in front of me so if somebody is doing
that ignore them
just wait for the traffic to pass
through and in turn don’t pull in front
of somebody who’s flash to their lights
at you because they could be suckering
you in and then not run into you and
said hey you turned left right in front
of me it says fault another one is if
you get an accident a guy says hey pay
me some money I’ll go away don’t do it
they’ll run into you they want cash they
don’t want to get involved with
insurance companies because if they do
it all the time it’s gonna be on record
that these people are doing this stuff
and they’ll get caught so anybody says
although take certain amount of money
don’t go away don’t give them any money wait
for the police let the insurance
companies take care of it the absolute
worst one which is a lot harder to figure
out is when it’s a hired crash where
it’s a team of people where one guy has
his partner and what they do is they set
up a crash so that it looks like it’s
your fault but they’re actually watching
you and they’re hiding at corners and
getting ready to pull out so always be
leery if anybody seems to be following
you either speed up or slow down just
keep your eyes I know it sounds a little
paranoid like one of those gangster movies
like hey are they following us
but it’s a good idea to see if anybody
is following you these days you know and
if you think somebody yes don’t get out
in the middle of nowhere just keep going
and if you think that there is a problem
call the police and then you can stick
your phone out and go like I called the
police and they’ll generally run away
because they don’t want to get caught
there are people doing illegal stuff and
I’m sure they’ve got
records half of them for doing things they
don’t want the police to get involved so
if push comes to shove hey call the
police just like this Australian video I
watched last year where this guy was
road raging and he was talking to the
police the whole time saying this guy’s
coming at me what I do and they gave him
some advice and he got out of it and he
ended up arresting the crazy guy who
started the whole thing so be leery of
what’s happening around you and always
have a cell phone just in case there’s a
problem, bomba bomba ask Scotty why do
car dealerships price themselves out of
business on parts and service compared
to after market and other mechanics you
pretty much answered your own question they’re
greedy people they have a tremendous
overhead you go to an independent shop
they might have an overhead of maybe
couple hundred thousand dollars a year
tops and if it’s a small shop less than that
you go to a dealership they got an
overhead a two million or more they
gotta pay for everybody that’s working
there the space the rent if they don’t
own the property the insurance the air
conditioning and then they gotta pay the
service advisors and the owner of course
wants to make a lot of profit they just
jack everything up now I find it amusing
myself because they got so bad here in
Texas I went to a Chevy dealer and I saw
their brake pads for their truck was
in $99 you gave them an autozone at the
time for $15 and I’m like wow ripoff you
don’t so next time I went to a dealer
cuz I had to get a part that only the
dealer had I look they said oh look now
we have better lower priced brake pads
they were just buying aftermarket pads
and selling them now they weren’t
selling for $15 there’s some for like
$39 but it was cheaper than a $99 you
know they were starting to sell the
aftermarket stuff cuz they realized they
weren’t gonna sell hardly anything but
they don’t care because they’re big
businesses and they want to make a lot
of money they want to mark stuff up and
they really don’t care about their
customers one I own the same as if you
go to like a car max and buy a car
prices there they’re huge conglomeration
places they get all these workers and
you got to pay every tax title license
every penny they can squeeze audio
they’ll squeeze out of you if you don’t
want to pay it you don’t go there and so
you’re obviously a wise person you
obviously don’t go there and just
continue not to go there
dave says Scotty I got 2000 Nissan
Frontier v6 standard transmission 187
thousand miles
service engine light came on they said
the cats were plugged up so I gutted
them out and now it’s not running right if
you gut the cats, the cats are still
there their shells but there’s nothing
inside them technically it’s against the
law you’re not allowed to do in the
United States you’re breaking federal
law if you god of them or took them off
and just put pipes in place the
computers gonna know that there’s no
catalytic converter by the readings that
it gets from the oxygen sensors so
you’re always gonna get check engine
lights come on now if you lived in a
state say that doesn’t do emissions
testing like Montana or something no
one’s gonna know a lot of people just
say oh I’ll just drive it that where it
runs better but if you live in a state
that requires emissions it’s never gonna
pass the emissions that’s cuz the
computer it’s gonna know that
something’s wrong with a cat that’s
gonna keep tripping particular codes on
it now since it’s a 20 year old frontier
I mean if it’s a Knockaround truck and
you’re driving around at keep driving
but don’t throw any more money and it’ll
be stupid maybe sell to somebody wants
an off-road truck to go deer hunting or
something, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. re: cats A way of dealing with this is buy a cheap vehicle of the same model and replace your convertors with it's convertors. It's technically illegal. But so is a straight pipe. Obviously just check the donor vehicle for a light ans the the OBD2 for cat errors before buying and doing all the work.

  3. After my wife was involved in one of these scams I eventually put the camera I had bought ages ago into the car and bought one for my daughter and son and every time I see someone driving erratically I point to the camera and it's strange the amount of space that grows around the car, invest in a camera folks it'll pay for itself

  4. That second one hurts my soul. I always feel a sense of satisfaction when two strangers can effectively communicate on the road so that they can help each other. It feels like "we're in this together" instead of You vs Them. Sadness.

  5. That is NOT true scotty.
    If you have a dashcam, it's obviously recording and someone suddenly breaks on you without no reason and you happen to crash on them.
    You can tell the cop that you have it on video. The person who you hit will pay. You still get the ticket wich you may have to fight in court with your video evidence.

    If what you are saying is true there would be NO TRUCKERS on the road. Those are the easy targets for anyone trying to scam their insurance.

  6. Romney, He was in our state im just glad he didn't get to be our LEADER. And the deer was great. Thanks for the security, I always do that but for people that have no clue the lambs waiting for the time machine monsters to come out of the cave and EAT them.

  7. Hi Scotty I have an 03 mustang gt. It has check engine light and fuel cap light on.. I had an evap smoke test done and found a small leak and was repaired, now the light came back on mechanic is saying it's the fuel tank pressure sensor. He did another smoke pressure test and found that fuel pressure wasn't rising it was stuck on the same number as before the smoke pressure test. Any advice? I'd appreciate it.

  8. Too true! Here in the UK a driver ran into the back of my van and asked for £40 to fix his headlight. I exchanged details as the law requires and asked him to claim on his insurance. I never heard from him again – either he wasn't insured or he knew his claim would fail because he was driving too fast and too close behind me. Also, I kept my claim-free record. Great result!

  9. I hate people who try to direct traffic from inside their car. I usually put the car in park, turn on the hazard lights and give them the double whammy.

  10. In the UK, someone crashed into my car while I was stationary luckily, I used a dash cam . My insurance company esure still increased my premium even though esure recorded it as not my fault. For 5 years my monthly payment increased from £380 to £895. No refund was issued after the 3rd party repaired my car. Most insurance companies in the UK never want to pay up. They rather gain from both parties.

  11. SavageScotty couldn't talk if someone held his arms… I'm gesturing right now but you can't see it; lol. Well done once again! Thanks for the good information.

  12. As every body else has sed put a dash cam in front and back The insurance companies arent stupid the footage from the dash cam will show if it’s a scam

  13. Based on my multiple experiences, the so called "factory trained experts" at the
    dealerships were not successful at resolving my car issues (slow leaking R134a
    and a power window sporadic operation). Paid a total amount of $3,000 in all for
    their attempted "fixes". Later resolved the problems myself with proper guidance
    from on-line videos. My conclusion: Some dealerships are expensive and not
    necessarily better qualified at repair than many independent repair shops.

  14. Dash-cams to the rescue!

    My uncle almost fell victim of these kind of scams, but he lived in Argentina and people from there have a short temper and are kind of used to this. He was stopped at red light and as soon the light goes green one of the pedestrians jumps into his wind-shield while another guy was filming. He came out of the car blind with rage, looked at the guy on the floor picked him up and points to his dash-cams, that was hidden in the rear mirror. The guy knew he fcked up but uncle already had a good grip on his shirt collar, uncle then proceeded to beat the crap out of him right there on the spot. Never heard of a lawyer or insurance companies from those guys. It seems nowadays you need to record everything in your life just to get by…

  15. Get a quality dash cam. Actually read the instructions. Fiddle with it often to get and stay familiar with it. Look at it often to verify it’s recording. And drive like a responsible adult. It’s not just the scams you gotta worry about. There’s a lot of stupid angry drivers out there.

  16. Welcome to the Turd World scammers Ordure.
    PS. Some turd world po-lice are in on the scam.
    Only P.I. Mr. 12 gauge will solve the scammer problem.

    * Breaking federal law ????
    Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, LMAO.

  17. i dont drive but if i did, dash cam on all 4 sides. Small investment for peace of mind and a glorious grin when the scammer gets in trouble.

  18. Your cock will grow 200 times the size and be equiped with: Radar, Traction Control, wifi, bluetooth, Rapid fire and Laser Beams.

    Press Like to activate 👍

  19. Only good dealer i know is my local Volvo dealer. They dont over charge you especially If you bring them a out of warrnty older car. They cladly will use aftermarket stuff or give you advise were to get better priced parts.

  20. If you check out the door prices for used cars, dealers are the highest and Carmax is less. Private owners are less, however it is more of a hassle, you do not have 7 days to maybe change your mind, and maybe 1 out of 30 private sellers is a criminal.

  21. I ALWAYS leave just enough space so nobody can get in front of me 😁😇 but I'm also always the first to let someone merge.

  22. I worked at a dealership in the parts dept. They would buy from NAPA and mark it up. I thought it was wrong so I walked out after three months of dealing with some of the most disgusting dishonest trash I have ever met.

  23. Here is one. you are waiting at an intersection, you see someone driving down the road with the turn signal on, wait for them to make the turn before you move… Or else!
    Dash Cams are our friends!

  24. Here's another. Don't park in a parking lot spot where you can only back out in one direction due to concrete curb divider on the other side of your car. I fell for this at a Sam's Club. When ready to leave, you turn your head back to see no one is in your way, and as you're slowly backing out, some car intentionally & quickly sneaks up on you, knowing you're going to to back into them. Today, you've got the rear view screen for any moment your head isn't turned to help avoid this scam.

  25. This just happened to me on the highway a couple weeks ago. Getting onto the highway you naturally have to pick up speed but the person in front of me randomly slams on their breaks to a dead stop and I hit them. She said there was a barricade in front of her she didn't see. There was nothing on the road. Now my car is totaled and I'm at fault

  26. So if someone pulls in front of me on the highway and slams on their brakes, I should try not to hit them? Thanks for the advice scotty!

  27. Not exactly.
    Changing lanes is a voluntary action. If you have a accident changing lanes its your fault.
    Mexicans do this with big trucks all the time. And yess they have records. Seldom do they get paid.

  28. I have a dash cam in my car. I’d recommend that EVERYONE buys one, it’s a smart investment. Mines has a GeForce sensor that detects hard breaks and impacts, it also has a motion sensor that’s powered by a super capacitor when the car off. Great for teen drivers.

  29. I drive trucks and have encountered such nonsense. They know truck drivers want to avoid get flagged for any kind of accidents because they get punished unfairly.

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