Ice Cream Truck for Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Ice Cream Truck for Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

hello everyone the sun is shining and I
fancy a treat. luckily I’m spending the day with a very
special ice-cream van. This is mr. Tee and he drives his ice cream van all over the
place to serve lucky people delicious ice cream but it’s not an ice-cream van
without music. So Gecko when we’re nearly there
where we need to go this is what we do is to put the music on to let everybody
know that we are nearly here. When Mr Tee arrives he can move into the back of the
van and serve beautiful ice cream straight away. Hi Gecko! Hello mr. Tee. so
welcome to my van Gecko. This is all the lovely treats that we put on the ice
cream I’ve got lots of different sweets. look at these lovely snakes. From the back of this wonderful van Mr Tee can create some amazing things
slushy hot waffles and of course ice cream. So what I’m going to do now is
show you how we’ll make all magic ice cream. Get out a gallon of famous ice cream
take the top off and then we’ll pour it into the hopper ice cream is made from
milk cream eggs and sugar. Mr Tee’s special ice cream machine is like a
super fast freezer and the liquid poured into the machine are frozen in just one
minute. When things are frozen they become harder and colder than they were
before. Mr. Tee is more than just anordinary ice cream man he’s always
thinking of new ice cream ideas so as well as making ice cream cones
he makes ice cream trays for people to share with lots of sweeties, sauces and
treats on top. There’s nothing that puts a smile on people’s faces like a lovely
ice cream from mr. Tee. Everyone loves ice cream vans. Grown-ups, children, and even
pirates love ice cream. Wow this all looks delicious. Ice cream and sweeties
are a treat so remember don’t ask your mummy or daddy to have them every day.
What’s your favorite flavour ice cream Mr. Tee? My favorite ice cream is the
bubblicious bubblegum tray with lots of pink and blue ball and of course the
lovely hubba bubba bubblies. Mr. Tee has served lots of happy customers today but is there
one person who hasn’t had an ice cream yet Mr Tee? So here we are then Gecko this ones just
for you. A new creation Gecko’s gooey green ice
cream ah Thank You mr. Tee. so what do you think
about having gecko did you enjoy them ice cream. it was absolutely delicious
thank you Here’s two for your friends the mechanicals. Thank you very much to the legend that is mr. Tee for showing
us his amazing super special ice cream van today .see you
next time bye!

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