I Won’t Fix This Toyota 4Runner

I Won’t Fix This Toyota 4Runner

rev up your engines, here we have a Toyota that smokes and why is it smoking that’s
what we’re gonna figure out that’s why
the customer brought it over here
and in this case to check engine light is on so is the vehicle speed control and
the traction light they’re all on so here
we have to start with a scan tool plug
it in on the port and we’ll see what
it says it knows it’s 4runner
and now it’s thinking in this case it’s
got four codes the cat is inefficient
the cat isn’t efficient again the cat is
inefficient again and see 1201 engine
control system malfunction
now smoking can be a blown head gasket
but in this case it’s not losing any
coolant and the sections been going on
with the customers car for quite some
time now I did a block leak check before
a couple months ago showed there was
anything wrong with the head gasket
leaking it’s not losing coolant so
really there’s only two reasons that
could smoke is either it’s getting too
much fuel flooding out the engine and it
smokes or it’s burning a lot of oil and
this case is burning oil it’s only a
little bit on the very tip so it’s an
oil burning problem but I really don’t
think that’s all because it’s high
mileage they often burn a little bit of
oil but when this thing smokes smokes
like that then it stops
oil burning generally gonna happen all
the time I think it has to do more
with that computer communication code
we’re gonna look that up don’t go on my
all data repair see if there’s any
bulletins or recalls on this and hope
I’m walking through all the TSB’s
technical service bulletins and recalls
but there’s nothing about a c1201
unfortunately in a search engine when I
put it in says no results down C 1201
and what does it gives you a bunch of
procedures in the end it says replace
ECM if you can’t find anything else
wrong and as we look it up I don’t feel
like guessing with a 537 dollar part now
to further confirm my diagnosis I got my
old fancy scan tool but it recorded no
misfires it didn’t show any bad data it
was running like
up and smoking even though the engines
burning a little bit of oil hey it’s got
200,000 miles on it and burning oil
isn’t going to make an engine Rumble and
tumble and trip that communication code
either twelve years old it’s only done
this a few times anybody in their right
mind would be foolish just throw a
computer at it I gots all the cost to
mark drive it and see what happened cuz
if it gets to a point where it’s doing
it all the time it’s gonna make the
diagnosis a lot easier because I’m
suspecting the computer and that thing’s
bad but if wiring door to it is bad our
particular sensor is bad can do the same
thing since it’s doing it so
infrequently it would be stupid to guess
with the $600 part right off the bat
because I had a customer with the same
exact vehicle years ago it did the same
thing I did it every once in a while and
they drove it another four years without
fixing anything as long as the coolants
not being lost we know the head gasket is
not blown as long as it runs decent
almost all of the time and it works fine
on highway sharp it doesn’t run at all
it runs bad all the time yeah but this
thing runs perfectly fine ninety nine
percent or more of the time but as I
said my gases on the computer mainly
because it had no misfire codes it
should have at least recorded when it
was stumbling and rumbling when it was
doing the smoking and it didn’t do that
at all now only time is gonna tell where
this solves 4runner and I’ll be sure to
keep you in the loop if it does end up
having to get a new computer put in it
but for the time being
driving around see what happens because
as long as it’s not losing coolant and
it’s running good most of the time it
would be foolhardy to throw a whole
bunch of money into it right away
because let’s say it is the sensor going
bad or wiring going bad well then
that will stop working entirely then when I
get my fancy computer and look
at the data say it was the crank sensor
or the wiring I’d see that that data was
either non-existent at zero or is giving
observed data out would you show me that
there’s a problem that you don’t want to
guess with an expensive
computer only to find out
there’s a little short down the line
somewhere and these hundreds of wires
and ends up ruining your expensive new
computer because that little thing
eventually over time got worse way like
it’s worse if you want to fix it without
spending money foolishly and they having
to do it all over again because your
brand-new computer it got fried in the
same way if the original one was so
that’s repair we’re gonna wait to see
what time shows and if you want it about
the traction control like being on an
ABS like being on that’s a software deal
with Toyota if your check engine light
comes on and there’s a problem it
automatically turns off the traction
control system and the ABS system so
those warning lights come on when I
reset the computer says you can drive it
away all those lights went off and
stayed off but the problem comes back
and the check engine light comes on
those are come on so don’t freak out if
you ever see that in the Toyota with a
check engine light that’s just kind of
an ancillary effect of the check engine
light coming on usually there’s nothing
wrong with those systems at all, so if
you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell

100 Replies to “I Won’t Fix This Toyota 4Runner”

  1. I think some people are confused, this 4Runner has separate issues, the oil burning is from old age and poor maintenance. The ECM problem is making the engine management system act up so the engine wasn’t running correctly with unburned fuel going into the exhaust and smoking. But it only smoked once every few weeks and when it did act up the engine misfired but the engine computer did not store any misfire codes showing that the computer is most likely bad.

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  2. The 05-06 4.0V6 are known for bad head gaskets. Often they seep just enough into #6 cylinder after the engine is shut off to cause a stumble and smoke on startup. Thankfully the 2007 and later models had redesigned gaskets.

  3. The engine management malfunction will turn on if the engine is not operating right(duh), it might be on because of the codes for the cat, since the engine is burning oil that might be the reason why the codes for the cat turned on though reading what the computer sees is important.

  4. Scotty diagnose and returns your vehicle in the rain and even gives an in depth analysis porch side. I would at least offer to come inside and some ice tea for your troubles.

  5. Things happen, though I would have checked some air intake fittings, and replaced the o2 sensors if they have never been done. I finally saw a gen 2 4runner at the junk yard with under 200k on it. The 1990 at PicknPull yesterday had just 195k. I might hit that level in as little as 3 years, right when my '92 hits the 30 year mark! OTOH, I also saw my first 2nd gen that was in as good or better condition than mine, other than repainted ones. This one, also at the junk yard, had 305k on it. They last a long time. I just replaced my O2 sensor, and both CV axles, at 180k. 27 years isn't a bad replacement cycle.

  6. I have a 2000 Lexus ES300 with 162k miles. The check engine and trac off lights have come on maybe three times in the past month or so but have always turned off either later on the same day or by the next day. Been off for more than a week now. First time I saw it do this was about 2 years ago after an oil change. I just so happened to get my oil changed a little more than a month ago. Any idea what would cause this? Could there be any correlation between the two as far as getting oil changed and triggered indicators?

  7. Scotty Just what is an 'Acillarary effect" anyways? I don't even know how to spell that. Run that by me again. Big words-humm. What have you been reading to pick up that word? Stay away from the sci-fi.

  8. Can you fix my electrical on my 2003 Saturn VUE with $117,000mi., if it wouldn't be too much of a effort on your behalf?

  9. But he can not drive it if it does not pass emission inspection testing each year. State safety inspection will fail if a check engine light is on as well.

  10. Please don’t just let it sit like that, the cat will be damaged with unburnt oil by the time you figure out the problem. Based on the symptoms you described, the problem is either the camshaft position sensors or the O2 sensors. The engine was put on limp mode triggering the traction control code, which made most mechanics speculate that the ECM is bad.

  11. I know this is an old video but I'm thinking its the EGR valve sticking on that 4 runner. My Van with a V6 in it would smoke like crazy and missfire when the EGR Valve was sticking shut Oddly enough that will not throw in emissions code or anything it'll throw a misfire code or a communications error code just saying And throwing it out there

  12. The funniest thing about this is throwing a new computer at it was basically the solution for old, old 1st and 2nd gen 4runners (and pickups). Don't even get me started on how rainwater has the propensity to leak DIRECTLY ONTO THE ECM AND FRY IT.

  13. Hey Scotty I have a 1999 Ford ranger and their a little clanking sound so I took it to a mechanic and he couldn't find nothing wrong, but here what nobody knows when I turn it off it still clanking for like a minute I'm thinking it's a catalytic converter going bad, if you have a good awanser I would appreciate to hear about it.

  14. My check engine has the same code p0420 bank 2insufficent.. but it goes away when i fill up with gas. Then it comes back… Whats going on

  15. I love your Toyota videos. I have a 2010 Toyota RAV4 4 cyl. It has 118,000 miles, and so far the check engine light has never come on (knock on wood). A far cry from my previous car, a 2005 Kia Optima LX 4 cyl. which had it’s engine computer catastrophically die at 132,000 miles, but had PLENTY of problems before that!

  16. I have a 2007 Toyota Yaris with a check engine light on. It's been on for 120,000 miles of the 240,000 miles it has on it. As long as it sounds normal and isn't smoking or leaking anything I drive on. All my fluids are full. It' s a software issue. I even had it at a Toyota dealer for the airbag recall and I didn't hear a peep out of them for my check engine light being on. They know.

  17. Customer – My toyota has an engine problem..
    Mechanic – So?
    Customer – It need fix..
    Mechanic – It's a Toyota why should we fix it?

  18. Let's see here. Female driver and barely any oil on the dipstick. Why am I not surprised?
    I hope Scotty topped off the oil in that 4Runner before returning it.

  19. Is there a way to disable those stupid check engine light on Camrys to pass state inspection? Inspectors are stupid, they see the check engine light on and automatically fail your vehicle.

  20. Check the cigarette lighter for rf. Underhood Check your connections . Look for rats nest. Inspect da harness.

    Could a ECM run hot if the customer idles too long? Intermittent smoke.

    I love mistereus Toyotas .
    After all that just drive her for 200,000 miles see if it clears up.

    Goodluck guy😀

  21. $576 for a new ECU???? That's wow, My CCU in my old '89 Pontiac Bonneville was $150 for everything including the 5 minutes it took to unplug and replug it back in. Just like plugging in a VCR.

  22. I randomly clicked this video and im glad I did becuase this is the exact same problem with my 98' 4runner! Lol what a lucky coincidence! Thanks for the video, i learned a lot

  23. I heard Scotty is into motorcycles again and that's why he is hating Toyota a lot lately. He really wants to get a Honda CBR1000RR 😂😂

  24. This Toyota is burning 3 qts if not more of oil from seeing that dip stick and Scotty is saying just keep driving it and see what happens?? Proof Toyotas aren't perfect. Thanks for sharing Scotty 👍

  25. Anyone else notice how Scotty is now bashing on Toyota and talking about other models cars he would own? I feel like he got so pigeonholed as just a Toyota only guy that he's trying to break himself out of that mold.

  26. Scotty, One of the best YouTube auto mechanics EVER… Continues making a video even during tropical storm Imelda… Commitment right there!!!!

  27. I think it's the oil scraper rings are clogged up. Something like Bee Gees engine cleaner for twenty minutes and then change the oil and see what happens.

  28. I like your thinking Scotty… most mechanics would just slap an ECU or new cat in and say ‘fixed’… take the time to communicate effectively with the customer and keep their best interests in mind while your at it. Great job

  29. Im pretty sure its the valve seats, i had a older audi that would smoke till the engine was on the highway for a bit. After tearing through it a few times trying to find the issue. it turned out to be the valve seats were letting oil drip by when cold but the small gaps will tighten up once up to temp.

  30. I bought my parents 2002 Limited Sequoia almost 2 years ago and it had both VSC and traction lights on. I spent some time working on it fixing different issues and finally got it up and running back in February. I drove it around for awhile both lights still on and in June I drove it on Cruise Control for about 40 miles and the next time I started it both the lights were off and have not come back on since.

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