I made a robot to help you DEAL WITH IT

I made a robot to help you DEAL WITH IT

I went climbing last week it feels like it’s got a little bit bigger since then Oh cramp [Growl noise] Hey shitty robot nation, Queen here! I’m at the Tested office and I’m now an official member of the Tested family. We’re going
to live together and share the same genetic disorders and argue on Christmas
and it’s gonna be fun. I just wanted to show you a gift that I’ve gotten. It was from an honorary member of the shitty robot nation, his name is Stu.
And this just blew my mind. For a lot of the products I do I use this robot arm called the U arm. I’ve used it in the breakfast machine the lipstick robot, the argue on the
Internet robot. Stu hand made a replica of it and it
works as a remote control for it so if we move this one around, the other one moves around too. How crazy is this? It even has a manual, the fucking manual, not
the the fucking-manual. Some people can use one of those too.
This is mad and I’m going to use it for the first time. So I have a lot of people who
are like really upset with me because I only build shitty robots and don’t
spend my time building useful things. And I just wanted to address their concerns
and yeah that’s pretty much it Oh. You wanted to marry me you said? So
you’re upset with me because I only build useless things? So easy I just move this controller
around and Voila! Deal with it. I do not think that this
was how Stu intended me to use his present, but this is what happens. Stern face activated in 3…2…1 Great look Giertz. I just don’t
understand how can I think this is a great thing to spend your time on. It’s in my ear. Ah! It’s obviously not going so great. Yeah what are you saying now? You’re not so tough are you? I obviously don’t learn from my mistakes
because I just keep on putting motors close to my hair I have no good explanations, this just happens. If
I ever win a Darwin award I want this to be the photo they use. So for most of my videos I tend to like read
a book or magazine or sit with an iPad. And the only reason for that is
just because staring into the cameras super awkward. It’s kind of like keeping
eye contact with somebody taking a shit. Yep to get a book first book I find, the
gift of failure. I have not read this book, but boy, can I get behind the title. I like failing, it takes the pressure off of
things. [Music] Okay I think we got it. Good job, everyone. Most of all I’m
ready to take this fucking death trap off my head. I really hope that you like this
project and that you like yourself because I like you. Yeah you’re the shit, you’re my shit.
Not… you know what I mean. I have something really exciting coming out
next month and I can’t wait to share it with you It’s a first for me and it’s gonna be
a big cherry popping fest. No, not what you just pictured. It will
be fun. What you pictured was probably fun too. But yeah.
Big news coming out next month so stay tuned and I’ll talk to you later. Oh! I have like 40 minutes of footage I don’t know how this escalated like
this. End of the video. [Music]

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  1. I'm going away to college tomorrow morning as a freshman nd I'm going for Robotics and Mechanical Engineering. And I juat found your chanel but this video just brightened my day and made me at least 10% more excited for college and my engineering life to come. I love seeing people be creative and enjoying what I enjoy!!! Please keep making shitty robots and making everyone laugh!

  2. You can make A pussy grabber version with this device… that would get a little bit improper… and anoying… and sexual… forget it

  3. Anyone who has time to complain about Simone having fun building what makes her happy only have the time to type because they're too pathetic to build anything whatsoever! Am I saying that I build robots useless or otherwise? No, I am too lazy and unintelligent. However I also have enough common sense to see someone like Simone and realize they are worth looking up to, not criticizing. ESPECIALLY when doing what I cannot. Long story short, haters with time to hate, you're scum with less intelligence and drive than even me!

  4. Omg I love Simone's content because I'm really interested in robotics! Also I'd much rather make fun stuff like this than make EVOLUTIONARY ROBOTIC STUFF! Not that a robot to help you "deal with it" isn't evolutionary…

  5. Simone is so talented in so many ways while being so self deprecating. She tells us that we are the shit, and in the meantime, she's claiming to be making all shitty robots. So here i am, to tell you, Simone, you're the best. Keep it up, and I'll always love you โค

  6. I think you're awesome ! Please continue to build it as many shity robots as you can possibly conceive of . Because when it comes right down to it Simone , there is no such thing as a shity robot !

  7. Your shitty robots may be shitty, but that shittyness leads to happiness, and that is worthwhile ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. making people laugh…. that's pretty important. Remember Yellowstone is WAY WAY overdue to blow, and we'll all die. So, nothing is really important, except perhaps some laughter today.

  9. Forget the normals they are boring and jealous because you are way more interesting than they are. ๐Ÿ˜

  10. ๐Ÿ˜… so many quotable quotes! Queen of Quotable quotes. "I don't think this is how Stu intended me to use it, but that's what happens…" deal with it

  11. I need that, I have never laughed as hard or had as much fun as watching your videos.. THANK YOU… thanks Adam for introducing Simone

  12. Your shitty robots are amazing – they bring joy to the world!!!! Even if that were the only thing they did then it would still be worthwhile but even more they inspire people, including idiots like me, to pursue sciences, to tinker with simple (or complicated) robotics/mechanics. My shitty tinkerings have even convinced my niece and nephews to get involved, join science clubs, build and experiment and try. Regardless of whether they become freaking astronauts or just had some fun and learned some things along the way, it was ABSOLUTELY worth it.

  13. Anyone look at this and think that she should date William Osman just to make the ultimate shit mechanical thing EVER

  14. It's ALL fun and games till Odin loses an eye ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Simone, please stop putting motors on your head… There are better ways to having your hair pulled ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yah know, if you like that kind of thing..

    End of this comment. Byyyeeee!!

  15. After a one-night-stand just put on your most annoyed facial expression and hand over the Fucking Manual to your companion.

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