Huawei Mate 10 Pro Teardown – Is true beauty on the Inside?

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Teardown – Is true beauty on the Inside?

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro, in my opinion, is
the best looking Huawei phone yet.
This titanium gray color with a reflective
band highlighting the dual camera units looks
pretty sweet.
Huawei brought me to CES this year to live
stream the launch of the Mate 10 Pro over
on my Facebook and show the world the outside
of their phone.
Now it’s time to show off the insides of the
Mate 10 Pro here on YouTube.
Let’s get started.
The exterior of the phone is rather exquisite,
but as we know, true beauty lies on the inside
and it’s time to open her up.
Getting inside the Huawei Mate 10 Pro is pretty
similar to other water resistant glass backed
Heat is our best friend, along with a strong
suction cup and some pry tools.
My metal pry tool does the initial penetration,
and then the paper business card slips underneath
to slice the remaining adhesive while moving
around the curve of that 3D glass.
I’m being careful not to put too much pressure
or stress on the glass.
I don’t want to damage anything.
As the waterproofing cools down, it’ll harden
back up and grip the glass even tighter, so
I’ll keep warming it up until the adhesive
is cut all the way around the outside of the
The fingerprint scanner is still attached
to the back glass panel and still plugged
into the phone.
There is some super thin foam under that glass
to keep some separation between the back panel
and the battery.
Normally at this point I like to unplug the
battery, but we still don’t have access to
that particular plug.
So I’ll remove this upper protective panel
that’s 8 screws and set that off to the side.
This metal panel has the LED camera flash
built in which is kind of cool.
Now that the covering is removed we have access
to the battery plug, which I’ll unsnap first,
followed by the fingerprint scanner ribbon
– both unsnapping like little Lego’s.
I’ll set that rear glass panel off to the
I might be able to make this clear in a future
video, but those aluminum protective plates
would still be blocking most of the internal
circuits from view, so we’ll have to see what
I’ll unsnap the large charging port ribbon
and make my way down to the bottom protective
plate with it’s 6 screws.
It was nice of Huawei to use the standard
Philips head screws inside their phone and
not go invent some proprietary screws of their
The metal protective plate pops off nicely,
along with both the white antenna wires, and
the loud speaker Lego-style connector.
Once those are all off, the whole charging
port contraption can be removed from the phone
exposing some pretty cool things.
We have the circular vibration motor and a
rubber band around the USB-C charging port.
That rubber helps keep liquids from ingressing
through the port into the sensitive electronics.
One cool thing that Huawei mentioned during
their live stream was that the Huawei Mate
10 Pro can have 58% of it’s 4000 milliamp
battery super charge in just 30 minutes, which
means that the Mate 10 Pro charges 50% faster
than the iPhone X, and that gets a thumbs
up from me.
There are watertight screens over the microphone
holes in this phone.
And if we pop out the loud speaker, we find
another watertight screen over the larger
The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is IP67 water resistant.
Now the battery itself is a massive 4000 milliamp
hour capacity, blowing the iPhone X and larger
Note 8 out of the water.
There are no magical pull tabs under the battery
though, and this is one of the hardest batteries
I’ve had to remove in a long time, which is
kind of unfortunate since the battery does
need to be removed in order to replace a cracked
screen which I’ll explain in a second.
Bending or puncturing that battery would be
pretty dangerous.
Magical pull tabs would have made a good addition
to the construction.
This long display ribbon cable is for the
screen, so I’m taking special care not to
damage this during the battery removal.
The next cool thing to look at are the large
aperture dual f/1.6 cameras.
To get access to these, the motherboard needs
to come out of the aluminum frame.
I’ll unclip those extra wire cables.
I’ll unsnap the front facing camera and then
lift the whole motherboard from the phone.
The frame is pretty cool and you can still
see the mill markings from the machine that
carved this frame from a single block of aluminum.
If Huawei is watching this, I want to come
film that aluminum carving machine as soon
as possible.
The motherboard has that SIM card tray housing
and two splotches of thermal paste to help
transfer the heat from the chip set to the
frame of the phone.
Aluminum, while not quite as good as copper,
still ranks pretty high with thermal conductivity
when compared with other metals.
A lot of computer heat sinks are made from
And Huawei is multitasking the aluminum frame
of their phone to cool their processors.
The dual cameras are built into one housing.
The bottom lens is a 12 megapixel optically
stabilized color lens, while the top is a
20 megapixel monochrome sensor.
Both have an f/1.6 aperture.
Now for a screen replacement like we’ve seen
on other phones, this screen is glued into
the frame and will most likely not survive
if I try to remove it.
A new screen would just feed the new cable
through the frame and sit right back in the
old spot.
Pretty straightforward.
Hopefully it all works when I put it back
We’ll find out quick enough.
I’ll tuck the motherboard back into the aluminum
frame, and clip the front facing camera down
along with the volume ribbon, center screen
ribbon cable, and the two white wire cables
off to the side.
Then I’ll jump down to the bottom loud speaker,
charging port, and take special care to feed
that loud speaker connection in between the
charging port ribbon legs so it plugs in nicely.
The two little white wire cables get plugged
in, and the metal protective plate gets screwed
in over top with the 6 Phillips head screws
for that bottom panel.
Before the top metal plate can go on, I’ll
connect the charging port ribbon and the fingerprint
scanning ribbon.
The last thing I want to plug in is the battery.
The metal plate can go down over top with
it’s 8 Phillips head screws, and the back
glass panel will probably need new double
sided tape to hold it in place.
Replacement backs usually come with this preinstalled.
I’ll try and leave some links down in the
video description.
I’m pretty excited for this phone.
It seems like it has a solid build, a good
price, and pretty impressive specs.
It’ll be interesting to see how this handles
the durability test when I get my hands on
a retail box.
And huge thanks to Huawei for letting me show
that the inside of their phone looks just
as good as the outside.
Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already.
And thanks a ton for watching.
I’ll see you around.

100 Replies to “Huawei Mate 10 Pro Teardown – Is true beauty on the Inside?”

  1. where abouts is the phones 3g/4g antennas located? is it at the top of the phone? or split half at the top and bottom of the phone?

  2. This is best phone on market. Big battery, 6inch screen, water resistant, dust resistant, 6gig ram, fast charging. I use this phone and its perfect

  3. I have always wondered if you refuse to use the technical terms for stuff on purpose? Or you simply don't know the names of things like the Mini coaxial cables, Zif Connectors ect ?

  4. I'll have a bitter sweet end to my vacation as I ordered this phone from Amazon to arrive when I get home 😁

  5. The Note 8 would have had a bigger battery but they played it safe so I like The Note 8 a little better although I have a Galaxy S8+

  6. Hey I wanna ask if it's still waterproof after that teardown,because I sent mine to warranty and I see some small gaping on the case,not sure if it's still waterproof

  7. Hi Jerry, excellent video! Why didn't you do a video on mate 10 Durability Test? It would be great if you do one on Huawei mate 10. Thanks

  8. absolute beast…i have ot and a p20 pro..but it wasn't cheap…900 euros the p20 pro and 800 the mate 10 pro…but tottaly whorted

  9. i broke the backglass of my mate 10 pro… is it still waterproof? i v read that if i replaced it with a new one i would lose the waterproof option! i d appreciate your help.

  10. I took a ~30 second video at the surface of water now my charging port is messed, it is now extremely Picky when charging and has to be in very specifically for it to charge, and it just straight up doesn't recognise headphones. So much for that water-resistant rating .

  11. Sorry it's not related , I'm about to buy Huawei Nova 3 ,It doesn't have any kind of Gorilla Glass on it, Does it matter? Or It's the same and still it scratches at level 6??


  13. i hope this comment will be seen by Jerry, first thanks for your great video's
    I would like to suggest exposing video's to extreme heat and see if the phone (mainly the battery will survive), because i work in a place where heat can reach 55 to 60 degrees Celsius (about 140F), i know that you are putting them to a heat in order to open them, but i don't it is the same, maybe a microwave will do the thing
    trying to keep it short.

  14. phone is amazing… but 4k camera reordinds stutters with a few moves. It is best to use it in hd rather than in 4k

  15. Please help I can't remove the damaged front camera. There seems to be a blockade blocking on top of the front camera. I can't move that barrier away

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