How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen – Bumper Paint Scratch Repair on a Toyota Prius

How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen – Bumper Paint Scratch Repair on a Toyota Prius

Here is our touch up paint pen with Silver
Metallic Clearcoat for this 2010 Toyota Prius.
To start the flow on this paint pen, you simply
depress the tip just a little bit. I like
to use a plastic container like this and just
get a little bit of paint, wipe it down a
little bit. Go to your scratch and just put
a little bit on with the paint pen. Don’t
try to get it too thick. You can go back to
your reservoir on your cap with the tip of
your paint pen. Just get a little bit of touch
up paint in the scratch. Apply the touch up
paint to your car 2-3 times.

18 Replies to “How To Use a Touch Up Paint Pen – Bumper Paint Scratch Repair on a Toyota Prius”

  1. @CarScratchRemover Good questions, and glad you like the video. The clogged paint pen needs to be cleaned in automotive lacquer thinner. The felt tip of the paint pen comes completely out and it can be soaked. Then it is good as new.

  2. Fill the scratch, chip with the primer and then you can use rubbing compound to level it and remove it from the surrounding areas.

  3. Thanks, that was useful.
    In my package, I had a couple of sheets of sandpaper (1000 being the most "fine grain" one). I also had a packet called "Presta Ultra Cutting Creme", but I am not sure if that's a "rubbing compound". It says it's "Ultra Buffing System", and on their site it seems to require a special spinning wheel on some kind of drill.
    I probably need to go to my local autoparts store and see if they have a small sample of this rubbing compound.

  4. Thanks for clarifying. Do I need a special tool to apply the cutting creme, or can I add some kind of spinning attachment to my speed adjustable Ryobi drill – or could it even be done with some soft rag in my hand?

  5. You want to cover all unpainted surfaces with primer. Just make sure the area has been cleaned well before priming. Ideally, you should just cover the unpainted area as unless you scuff the original paint around the chip, the primer will not adhere properly.

  6. We sell good primers right on our website in paint pens, bottles, and spray cans. You can order them along with your touch up paint, or directly from our storefront. Tip: If you are spraying primer on a non-metal surface, you will want to use SEM Adhesion Promoter on the surface first to make sure the primer sticks properly. You DO NOT need SEM Adhesion Promoter for the primer paint pen or bottle.

  7. Looks like your using the pen as a brush- The paint is not coming from the paint pen its being picked up by the tip of the pen from the supply you put on the large surface.

  8. so first thing is to use wax to clear off any dust on the surface and than apply the paint, after the paint anything else i have to do to make it look smooth?

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