How to Track Inventory as a Detailing / Automotive Business

How to Track Inventory as a Detailing / Automotive Business

What’s up guys wheels with Windows and Wheels Detailing here. So today’s video
how many times have you done this…you’re
out of product you go online and you
make an order and you get everything in
and then you find out …shit I forgot
something. Right? Like, I do it often okay
I do it often. Either I forgot something or
you didn’t order as much as you thought
you did or you know something. Usually in
my case I forgot to order something from
the same vendor. Now I’m going to have to
pay shipping a second time to order more
stuff when I could have bundled it in
and saved on shipping – in my case since I
ship a lot of our stuff in. When I could
of bundled it in and saved a lot of
money by just having it all
sent at once! I was thinking about how
the hell can I fix this right? So let me
show you what I came up with you guys
can let me know your thoughts on it.
Ok so here’s what I came up with. I’m
gonna do a little phone to screen
recording here so bare with me hopefully
it comes out okay. So this is my polish
inventory tracker. I came up with a track sheet, for each individual case. So I have
listed on the left –
what polishes I use, I really tried to
cut down on how many different polishes
I’m using. Thrdr are my main go to’s
here right. This lists how many gallons
of each I want to have on hand. This
lists when I get down to my reorder
point when it’s time to order more stuff!
Now, how do you track that? Because
it’s not like I’m the only one out there
filling stuff up. My guys might do it,
Dani might to do it. or whatever. So to track
that we have a sign-off basically. So
initial and date it, or you just X it off
whatever you want to do right? So, for
each one of these boxes it is going to
represent 16 ounces, listed here. So,
for every eight boxes, it is equivalent
to a gallon in this case. We’re doing a
little math so just bare with me here 🙂
So, once this has all been checked off I
know I’m down a gallon. Once this has all
been checked off I know I’m down two gallons and now have hit my “reorder
point.” Make sense? It’s the same with
pretty much everything here but I didn’t
do it just with polishes. I did
exterior products – so that’s basically a
list of all the products that I use to
do exterior. I did a little
differently here because, some stuff like
say, Iron X Snow Foam, I actually premix
that in a bottle
or in a dispenser so I have
several gallons of it mixed up at one
time. This is gonna be the sixth time, yes
the sixth time I’ve tried to record this
portion of the video! Let me try it again…
So what I was trying to show before my
battery died and before my phone told me
that I had no space left and before the
music was so loud that I couldn’t hear
myself talk when I play the video back…
was these f***ing tubs! Sixth time! God I
hope this recording works! Anyway, stuff
that we premix a lot of – Reset,
Hydro-Foam, Iron-X, window cleaners etc.
Detail sprays, we pre mix in
these big guys and we do that so we
don’t have to refill it every 32 ounces.
So for example, this guy is
empty right now. Time to fill up…
come over here to the mixer dilution sheet
and we look at “Carpro Iron X Wash.”
You know you got to add 64 ounces of the
concentrate, four gallons of water
and bam, we have what we like to mix it down to for our foam cannon.
All of our refill stuff
is right over here and makes it a lot
easier when you have a big-ass order come in like over here – and you gotta track
what came in and what you don’t need! Thank you Corey for coming in, we got it in just in time
for this guy. This one’s almost finished…alright lets go back inside
Now I can just run around the shop,
check these guys out
I just laminated these, you can just use a
sharpie marker basically. Interior
products, exterior products, miscellaneous.
I have one for coatings and I have one
for my really big 55-gallon
degreaser ones as well. Basically
what it’s gonna do is let me know just
at a glance that, hey if I’m over here –
this should be red, I just did a black
and white but, if I’m over here in the
dark section that means I’m getting
really close where I am at the reorder
point. So, I need to order some of that
shit. Okay hopefully that wasn’t too
confusing, but basically the the main
thing to take from this is this is just
what I came up with for us to be able to
all track when we’re getting low on product.
That way when I know I’m
going to need to order something I can
look throughout the shop just that
half-a-dozen check sheets and say, oh you
know what while I’m ordering product A
I can go ahead and get B and C as well.
That helps a lot. So I hope that makes
sense. You guys can take this and do what you want with it.
I just was having a
really hard time keeping track of all of
our inventory. It did take some legwork
going through and saying you know what,
these is the products that we’re using, these are the products that
we do not need to use anymore and really
cutting down. I still, as you saw, have
a pretty long list of stuff that I’m
using – some people’s may be longer if
you’re doing volume stuff, some people
maybe shorter. It’s, you know, it depends
on you. The other thing that I did that
was helpful I listed where I order
everything from as well so that way I
basically have a vendor list. So, if I
ever get to the point where it’s not my
ass doing all the ordering I can give
that to somebody and they can make up
orders for me, without having to wonder
where the f*** do we get this stuff from!
So, again just just some thoughts or some
things that it took me some time to put
them together and really think it out
but I think it’s gonna be helpful.
Just as long as people X out the box
when they fill up, that’s all you really
have to convey to anybody else besides
yourself. Let me know what you think
Hopefully it’s helpful and I will get
back to you with another video
eventually. Take it easy guys – have a good

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  1. Interesting system. Something to conceder, you buy an awful lot of product from you vendors. Shipping cost should be a negotiating point as well as pricing on product. I do realize that we're not talking about consumer lines or buy rates here. It's not quite like Amazon whereas you get 2 day free shipping but for your quantities and the frequency you purchase, shipping cost should definitely be at a minimum. Unless of course you are getting shipments in via LTL. Sorry to be long winded here but communication is key among your employees about product usage. Your system is only as good as how your information is reported to you. Thanks for the video.

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