How to Test Your Car’s Starter and Solenoid Assembly

How to Test Your Car’s Starter and Solenoid Assembly

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  1. Hi

    I like your videos! I just took off the starter from my 2003 XC90 Diesel. The car had a hard time to start and stalled/cut out the starting. Other than that runs good. The starter motor and the solenoid worked in the test. I cleaned the conectors and put it back. I think my battery is crap. its was made 4 years ago. what else can it be?

    Happy new year!

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  2. I tried this and got zapped. Can you please provide me with your address so that I can file appropriate suit? Thanks, man.

  3. There something else that its needed to add. In this test your battery can explode! It happened to me long time ago.

  4. OOOKaaay, thanks for doing this video. I went to the Local Auto Zone and one person said it was not working properly after testing, then went local Advance Auto parts and one said it was spinning but the plunger not engaging. Then went to another AZ and it said it was dead , now mind you this was the first place I wen to, so I went back again and they again said it's dead. So I saw your video hooked it up and it works flawlessly! The motor engages, the plunger engages perfect… I normally like the AZ and Advance places but because of your video I was able to verify the starter is working as needed and did not get poked in the eye to the tune of a $180 for a new one.. Thanks Man, just like when you did you're 1.8T timing chain Vid, you saved the day.

  5. Thank you for the help, I think solenoid is OK, but starter is gone. Tried your battery tip while on the tractor and all I got was clicking.

  6. Great video. I took mine out and tested it like you said and it works fine but when it's in the car, nothing. My battery is fairly new so just wondering if you have anything else to try. Much appreciated.

  7. First lead bolt is getting constant 12V from battery (12.8 actually) so good checks out!

    I then have friend turn the key and the second bolt (from the ignition switch) is only reading 10.4V, is that my issue? Ignition switch/relay not full voltage?

    Third bolt that attaches directly from solenoid to starter ..picking up/sending nothing! Bad new solenoid i got from factory? Or is that simply the result of only the 10.4 being sent in voltage at 2nd bolt? HELP!!!!

  8. question the main 12v power that comes from the power loom copper rod is broken any way to replace that part of the solenoid

  9. Ok I'm having a problem with my 03 suburban. There's a screeching noise coming from the bottom of my truck and it's not the belt. I've been told that it's my starter not working properly. They say that the gear comes out to spin my flywheel but it doesn't go back all the way causing the screeching noise. Is that common? If not, I don't know what else it could be. Help me!

  10. Let me tell you, if you have already taken the starter out of the car it would advantageous to know already that the starter is bad.

  11. What if my starter only has a single bolt and the plug? Do I put the positive cable on the bolt? I put the negative in the same place you did. The starter I have goes into a 1UZFE (SC400/LS400).

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