How To Tell If Your Car Has A Bad Fuel Pump

How To Tell If Your Car Has A Bad Fuel Pump

Hey guys Flat Rate Mechanic here again and
today I wanted to show you how you can
tell if you have a bad fuel pump in your car on the
side of the road with no tools so
you’re driving along and your car dies
typically there’s only a couple reasons
why your car would do that one would be
possibly broken timing belt I like to
rescue or a bad fuel pump probably most
common being a bad fuel pump so if you’re
broken out on the side of the road a
couple quick checks you can make to tell
if it is the fuel pump is just turn
your key on and a lot of times you’ll be
able to hear the pump which is usually
going to be underneath your rear seat
and I’ll go ahead and turn the key on
see if you can hear the buzzing it’s
gonna be a light buzzing noise and then
it will stop all you need to do is cycle
the key on you don’t even have to crank
it just to on position when you do that
fuel pump comes on and it cycles that
fuel pump another way you can also tell
if you can’t hear it through there
do you have someone with you just take
your gas cap off and put your ear up to
it you’re gonna walk up to the gas tank
and have someone just cycle with you and
you know I will definitely be able to hear
the fuel pump making noise now if you
don’t hear any noise then that is a good
indication that your fuel pump has
failed and what you want to try and do
next is look underneath your car and you
should be able to see the gas tank
relatively easily depending on how low
your car is but see here here yeah so
this whole piece here is your gas tank
now what happens when fuel pumps fail is
it’s usually just the brushes are
getting weak in the pump and they’re not
making contact and a good majority of
the time you can you can get that you
can jumpstart that pump get it running
again so say if you’re on the side of
the road it’s on them you’re probably
gonna want to access like your your
spare tire and get your tire iron and
just give the bot at the bottom of
the gas tank a couple good bangs with the
tire iron like right in the center is
where the fuel pump would be and have
someone try starting it while you bang
on that tank
and the majority of the times if you had
a bad fuel pump that will get your
vehicle going again but just a quick tip
if you guys end up breaking down and you
have fuel pump issues if you do not hear
that pump running when you stick your
ear in the gas tank it’s always a good
idea to try and jump-start again by
banging on that tank it’s gotten me out
of the several jams I know many people
that it’s gotten out of several jams so
if this helped you at all be sure to
comment in the comment section below and
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flat rate mechanic thanks for watching

4 Replies to “How To Tell If Your Car Has A Bad Fuel Pump”

  1. Make sure to look under the hood and try to look the best you can to see if you have a broken timing belt, etc because if the belt is broke and you crank the engine you'll more than likely do alot of damage as these Hyundais have interference engines meaning it'll more than likely bend a VALVE if you're out there cranking on engine and beating on the fuel tank. It's a crapshoot at times so use extra caution so it's not a really expensive job.

  2. Hey I have a 06 charger that starts n drive but looses power then cuts off may start or go days without starting they say buy new motor I think there wrong

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