How To Solder A Motor to An ESC

How To Solder A Motor to An ESC

How to Solder a Motor to an ESC
Alright so for the soldering here what I’m going to do is actually for tinning the motor,
I have the motor on these pliers here and I just want to make sure – there is some
solder already – but I just want to make sure that there’s enough. So I’m just
remelting it and applying a bit more solder. The next thing now is to actually attach the
ESC motor cable to the motor itself and for this you’re going to have to pay attention
to which wires go where. On the motor you can see its labeled ABC going this way. On
the ESC you can see on the housing we bend these wires down. But if you look on the housing
here you’ll see some letters: A- B+ C so A-B-C and then the power cable.
So because of the way it’s oriented like that I’m actually going to turn the ESC
upside down like this so that I have A-B-C going into the motor this way. So now that
both things are tinned here, this should be a much easier process. So I’m just applying
a little bit of pressure on the cable into its slot there and then applying the heat
to both surfaces. Now normally I wouldn’t apply the heat source
to both surfaces like that but because it’s such a tight fit like this, you’ve got to
work with what you have, right? So again, this does get a little hot so I recommend
using pliers. I’m just waiting for the solder to flow
and then I’m removing the heat. Again, because the cables are so thick here, you’re going
to have to keep the heat on a little longer than ideal. Actually I’m going to try heating
the top now. There you have it!

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  1. the wires are not coloured for any specific reason (at least after leaving the factory)
    connect any wire to any wire and keep doing that until you have connected all three
    once connected, spin your motor up, and if it spins the motor the opposite way of what you would like, reverse two of the wires.

  2. I have just bought an EZRun brushless combo and the wires to connect to the motorfrom the ESC are all black and there a lot shorter than the ones you have used on your video they dont reach the motor,

    Is the any kind of connectors to make them longer or do i use the ones for my ols esc and brushed motor ?


  3. buy some wire. 16-10 gauge. silicone sheath. solder that to the ESC wires and then connect it to you motor.

  4. If thats a flow works team , be careful the boost systems are too much for a x12 sock motor ,KEEP THEM OFF!

  5. Good video but I can't stand the way Americans pronounce "solder" as "sodder". To follow the same pronunciation rules they should be pronouncing "soldier" as "soddier" which would of course be ridiculous. To all Americans out there, "solder" is pronounced the same as "soldier" but without the 'i'. Wish I knew where this sort of clear speech impediment comes from as they all do it!!

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