38 Replies to “How to Replace Timing Belt with Water Pump 05-12 Honda Pilot”

  1. Please get Sue some Milwaukee electric tools. If you going for what the typical DIY’ers would have, the you should be doing the stuff you guys do, on jack stands and not a lift.

  2. Great detailed video. I would start with that stupid tight crankshaft bolt first. If I can't get it to loosen, I'm taking it to a shop hehe.

  3. What I have always done on my Honda's is before I take the crank bolt off I turn the engine to put the timing marks at TDC on the crank and both cams. That way should something move you know exactly where it goes back to. You don't explain that in the beginning but you do talk about it after the belt is on. Nice video.

  4. Excellent! I love to see a skilled technician work and a lady at that. No fair on the crank bolt though fellas! I hope they didn't set her up.

  5. Wow.amazing. Stay connected dear. Please supporting me. I also supported YOU enjoyed watching. See you again.

  6. Seriously guys! you must start a online technical training videos. These videos are the best I've seen anywhere.

  7. This is by far the best Honda 3.5 V6 timing belt video! I decide to do this on my 2014 Odyssey with 105K miles by myself thanks to your clear step by step tutorial. Thank you!

  8. Excellent and thorough explanations. This service is not meant for the novis IMO. We have to respect our limitations and give the professionals the big jobs.

  9. Honda switched it up on me for these engines, I used to just put a breaker bar on the crank bolt and then bump the key a couple times to knock the bolt loose, but now the engine rotation is counter clockwise so the Honda crank tool is needed.

  10. Grate video I’d replaced the timing belt on my 2011 Honda Odyssey using this video as a guide thank you, engine sounds good the only thing is a noise that sound like air when I shout the car of any idea thank you again

  11. I really like your videos…the lighting is good, the camera is steady and the narration is excellent. This is an awesome value you provide your customers who are buying parts to tackle a DIY job!

  12. Great video, absolutely amazing!!!!!! How much should I expect to pay from a decent reputable shop? Thanks in advanced, I don’t think I would take it to the Honda stealership, they will probably charge me 1/3 of the cost of my vehicle.

  13. I’m still scared to tackle this job for changing my timing belt on my 05 pilot…but after I get that special tool and a bigger breaker bar I believe I can do it. One of the best videos I’ve seen and I’m glad you guys have a good camera guy that takes a shot at every small detail of the process. Really good video ! I’ll definitely subscribe to this channel. Thanks again and hopefully I’ll get this done by myself instead of spending $1000 for this at the shop. Wish me luck…

  14. What if I needed to change that crank seal and cam seals, while doing that job? Are there special tool to remove the gear and seal. Same vehicle.

  15. How much would parts be, & labor, = how much did/would this job run on average, would you say? Also, when ‘should’ this be done? What are the symptoms of it Needing to be addressed, also? Ie., does it start making a noise/clatter, or..? I’m looking at having this done, so just wondering arbitrarily. Thanks—.

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