How to replace front wheel bearing HONDA JAZZ 1 TUTORIAL AUTODOC

How to replace front wheel bearing HONDA JAZZ 1 TUTORIAL AUTODOC

Use a socket №32 Use a socket №17 Use a phillips screwdriver Using sidecutting pliers remove the cotter pin Use a socket №17 Use a combination spanner №19 Use a socket №10 Use a socket №17 and a combination spanner №17 Use round nose pliers to take the locking ring out Use a hydraulic press to spew the wheel-hub bearing from the pintle

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  1. I like how these videos show the screws holding the rotor on coming off so easily with just a screwdriver….LOL! Impact driver, PB Blaster, 2 hammers, blowtorch, and finally drilled out. Much fun and kudos to Honda engineers.

  2. Another Excellent video, with a mellow change of music Lol. You guys make it look so easy with very skilled mechanics!

  3. The process is very informative….but there is no way all those nuts and bolts came off that easily and an impact gun to torque everything back on. No spec? I wished I had it that easy.

  4. He did so many wrong things in this video n the wheel bolt have to be changes cuz is worn out n yet the didn't waaaaaaaaht. M u can put the bottom balljont first n torque the nut properly.
    I hope this is only informative video this is not a customer car because you must change the wheel nut that is worn out good luck

  5. And the driveshaft wheel nut size is 36 millimetres and the others are 17 mm and sometimes 19 and you cannot hang out the ball joint from the screw side you need to Hammer the side

  6. I'm really thankful for your reply I hope my comment was not too harsh I'm just obsessed with perfection the really annoys me when I see a dot on my screen while I'm watching your video lol

  7. How did you remove the bearing race from the hub? When I hammered out the hub from the knuckle like you did, the bearing race end was left on it.

  8. Ok cool, but why the porn music? I thought some busty blonde was going to come and suck the guy off for payment at any moment.

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