How to replace / calibrate your throttle position sensor TPS (Honda)

How to replace / calibrate your throttle position sensor TPS (Honda)

Hey guys, what’s up? Reuben here from the Midnight Garage. So I got a TPS issue today and I’m going to fix that So I already removed the throttle body and here’s the TPS I got a throttle body from a later model and these have torque screws. But if you have an earlier model like my CRX Then you usually have some closed off ends and you can’t unscrew them so What you can do two things: You can use a hacksaw and make a line in the middle and use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open If that does not work This is the method I usually use myself then make two incisions all the way till the end here and here so you can use like a mole grip for example or vise grip and then twist it off and as soon as It’s loose a little bit you can take everything off and then you can remove the TPS Always make sure you get a new gasket when you replace your TPS it doesn’t look all that dirty inside, but I’ll clean it a little bit just to be sure Alright here is the new TPS Well, in fact it is an old one, but I know this one still works by the way you can use any Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) Honda TPS except for the Dual Point Fuel Injection ones. Those don’t fit But other than that, you can pretty much grab one from any Honda and you can get it to work You see this little thingy here That one needs to line up to these two points here Basically, it has to be an exact opposite of this so when you install it again Make sure that one’s connected first and then you can rotate it to fit the bolt holes so with the gasket on it’s time to put the bolts back When you tighten them, they need to be tight enough So the TPS can’t move about but it needs to be loose enough that you can still calibrate it later on I’ll just calibrate it with the Integra because it’s kind of easier but this is the map sensor plug and this is the TPS plug Most people seem to confuse it but the way you can recognize it the TPS one has the red wire in the center Right, so to set it up you need your multimeter. Oh, did I forget to mention that you need a multimeter? Yeah, you need a multimeter to do so the negative feed of the multimeter should be Connected to the negative lead of the battery and the positive lead should be connected to the little red wire That’s connected to the TPS now I’ve slightly stripped the wire in order to measure the signal but you can also put a paperclip inside the wire Just measure the paperclip. That’s possible as well! with my throttle body closed I have about 0.78 volts and it should be 0.5 So I need to rotate the throttle position sensor slightly in order to give it the correct signal Once I’ve rotated it slightly I’m going to screw it back in position and then hopefully it should read 0.5 there Well, it’s more than likely that you should readjust the throttle position sensor multiple times in order to get the 0.5 volts But if you do it on the first try well, it might just be a good idea to get some lottery tickets as well (haha very funny -_-) Right. I’ve set it up it’s now exactly at 0.5 When I adjust the throttle to wide open, it should be at 4.5. All right, 0.5 close let’s open the throttle wide open and it should be around 4.5 now, which it is great!! And that’s it for today! My TPS has been set up correctly so I can put it back on the car Oh, yeah quick word If you are going to take the body off like I did you don’t really have to unless you have an older car don’t forget to put the gasket back on. Because otherwise you can get some nasty idle issues and Well, yeah, that’s pretty much all you need to know. So that’s the video for today. I hope you liked it Leave a like if you did and hit the subscribe button if you want to see more videos like this And and hopefully we’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye

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  1. Hey thanks for this video I've been trying to find a video to help me replace mine that was somewhat simple and made it more practical!

  2. So what if it's .5 and only goes to 4.1 wide open? 03 honda civic… would that be the MAP? Because after installing at the above readings the tps code cleared but threw up P1106 Baro circuit/range performance.

  3. Hi my honda is hesitating up and down aceleration when the engine is hot. Do you think that this problem could be the TPS too? Thank you and I liked your video. Bye.

  4. Would I have to worry about calibrating if I just swapped out the entire throttle body with the MAP and the TPS on the new unit already? I ordered a oem throttle body and didn't think I would need to calibrate it.

  5. Hi midnight garage.. why must set 0.5 at close and open reach to 4.5? means it number in standard of tps calibration? Sorry I'm noob. Tq

  6. Hello,
    Am getting a strange problem with my honda jazz 03 automatic gearbox.
    When moving from neutral to drive the machine vibrate a lots as if it gonna shutdown and then become normal and repeat same low idle position. Help please. Can that be issue with tps sensor

  7. 94 Hona Del Sol 1.6 L VTEC …My supply voltage reads 4.1V. where do I from there? New TPS, cleaned throttle body and IAC. no trouble code 7. Is that an acceptable suppl voltage?

  8. Is this the same process for a 2004 acura TL? I'm trying to find the piece but I cant…the scanner said I need the TPS but nobody sells it

  9. What setting does the multimeter need to be on while testing the tps sensor? The one I have has different numbers on each gauge

  10. My accord is having problems it idles up and down and I already changed the iac the throttle body and changed the map sensor as well any help please

  11. 2:20

    With Run Position On:
    Closed = .5v
    Open = 4.5v

    Always Reset/Calibrate TPS!
    -after flashing pcm
    -after replacement

    Prevents Surging, Idle Hunt.

  12. Are the voltages the same for all tos sensors across all makes? I replaced my tps on a 1993 Ford F150 and still have a little hesitation at low speed. BTW, great video to explain how to calibrate these things. I’ve been trying to figure out this for a while now.

  13. Do all Honda cars run the same 5.0 volts ? I got a 99 prelude dying while driving. Im thinking of switching this sensor and the crankshaft sensor

  14. Hi, I have a honda civic lxi 1998 which I had cleaned its throttle body, dis assembling it except for the tps sensor. I left ir intact on the throttle body cause it's sensitive. After cleaning and assembly, I tried to start the engine but it won't. The starter motor works but the engine won't crank. And I noticed the engine check light is on when switch to acc and after cranking the engine then it turn off when I stopped.
    Is there any remedy for this than going to a professional mechanic whose service fee is expensive…

    I really appreciate for your help, thank you

  15. Personne nulle part n'a jamais dit qu'il était possible d'utiliser n'importe quel capteur Honda (mais pour moteur à injection monopoint uniquement). Il suffit de la compatibilité du brochage. Ici tout est limpide, net, précis et rapide. Bravo et merci

  16. Hello everyone. I was hoping somebody could help me with a quick question. My tps doesn't exceed .19 volts when closed and 3.10 volts when throttle is open. Is this okay?

  17. Wheres that tps connextor since that kne connected to the tps is the map sensor, im fucking lost wheres my tps sensor

  18. I have Mitsubishi FTO and I replaced my TPS sensor in my GPX Mivec triptronic and car gearing and revving like crap.

    Could it be because of the TPS? Standard idle in park and Drive is spot on perfect only when accelerating and deceleration. Cheers

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