How to Replace Axle Seal in Your Car

How to Replace Axle Seal in Your Car

one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel
today I’m going to show you how to replace a
leaking axle seal on your car, now once we took the rear wheel off this Jeep, we
can see there’s all kinds of grease on
the backing, that’s because the seal
inside here is leaking, and we have to
replace it,
well since the brake calipers in your
way, first we have to take it out of the
way, by taking the two bolts off that are on
the inside, now these are often on super
tight, so get yourself a nice long
cheater bar and a socket, and then pull
like mad, then you can get the two
bolts off, then the brake caliper just
taps off, and the brake rotor slides off,
now we have to take the axle assembly
off, there’s four bolts that hold it in,
and they’re hiding on the backside in
here, we just take the four bolts off, you
just unbolt them all from the inside,
there’s four of them, and there’s the
last one,
and now comes the hard part, we have to
get the hub out, and you need a slide
hammer, now you can buy one, rent one at places
like autozone will even loan you one free if you
buy the seals from them, you just stick
the end of it on here, put three of the
lug nuts on, just need on snug,
then you just whack the slide hammer
until the axle comes out, out it comes now,
in most car designs,
the seal is inside the shaft, right in
but of course, jeep has to have a stupid
design, their seal is right here, behind
axle bearings, so now we got to take all
this apart, and buy new axle bearing just
to change the seal, so they turn
something that used to be about a
15-minute job, into one that’s going to
take hours, and you’re going to have to buy
a bearing, and a seal, because it’s going to
ruin the bearing when we take it off to
get to the seal, great engineering there, and now comes the fun, we get to
grind the old bearing off to get the new
one on, to get the seal behind it, the off
comes the ring, that holds it in place, and
you have to hit the end of the bearing
off, slide that out of the way, and then slide everything else off, just to get
to the stupid seal, then you get the new
seal on the plate, get the plate on, the seal on
here, then you slide the bearing on,
you get the bearing collar and slide the
bearing collar on, now you got a choice ,you
can use the Machine press if you have
one, but just a big piece of pipe to
slide over the top,
we are going to use a pipe,
then we get a big hammer, and tap the
plate, until the bearing slides back in
place, then you slide the axle back in,
and wiggle it until it goes in place, then you
tighten the four backing nuts, then get
some cleaner and spray all the grease
off that’s leaked all over the place, put the
brake disk back on, then bolt the brake
caliper back on,
bolt the wheel on, and don’t forget to
fill the rear end back up with fluid for
the stuff that leaked out, just take out
the drain bolt and fill it up until
fluid leaks out of there, all that work
just to change this little seal,
engineer’s could have built it a lot better
than this, and remember if you have any
car questions just visit the Scotty
Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m
done opening this coconut

100 Replies to “How to Replace Axle Seal in Your Car”

  1. Haha i like your video's !!!

    Ghehe you got some serious humor!! And i learn a LOT

    Stay healthy and keep making this great video's

  2.  good video scotty….and i dont know why , but smashing  that coconut  at the end made me literally  laugh out loud !! 

  3. Its OBVIUOUS engineers could of built it better, but they aren't designing easy repair and maintenance, they design it for the cheapness. Its what they are told to do.

  4. What axle is this? Looks like a newer one since it has disc brakes… Are axle seals this clumsy to replace on something like a Dana 35?

  5. 0:40    lol,, that me the other day , them things are on tight. couldn't get my impact gun in there. made me so mad !

  6. Hey scotty, on an unrelated note, my car uses the same reservoir for the brake and clutch. The fluid is gradually getting darker. Is this normal as it absorbs moisture or is brake/clutch dust making its way into the system somehow and if it is, is that normal wear and tear or a leak somewhere?

  7. Great video Scotty. Btw, for some reading comments to learn:
    Some shaft removal procedures may be slightly different.
    My 93 Ford Ranger axle shaft has shafts each have retaining c clips inside the spider gears that must be removed as an additional step.

  8. Could you just use "AT-205-Re-Seal"in the rear end to get it to stop leaking without having to replace the axle seal?

  9. I normally don't comment on YouTube, but I must say I never seen quick and concise demonstration of replacing any car vehicle parts video on here. Good work Scotty!

  10. Thanks, Scotty, you just saved my behind. The only thing I did differently was that I used a dremel with a cutting disk at about 9 thousand rpmto cut through the collar ring and bearing. The cutting took me about 5 minutes and it was much easier to control than the angle grinder.

  11. Hey Mr. Kilmer,
    First of all, I would like to tell you that I absolutely enjoy watching your helpful videos. thank you for your advice. I know the contention that you have with Mercedes Benz and other money pit cars, but what cars would you recommend? Recommended cars that are well built and inexpensive to maintain. Can you make a video on good cars to buy? Thanks again.

  12. My inner passenger front axle appears to be leaking on my 2006 Silverado 4×4, not sure how much of a hassle it is to replace.

  13. Great tips Scotty. Thanks ! I like the pipe. I used a press last time I did this. The pipe seems MUCH easier. I also noticed that you installed the retainer and bearing together instead of pressing on the bearing and retainer separately.

  14. Great video. These dumbass engineers purposely make things that are difficult to service so most people HAVE to take it to the dealer or mechanic. Not only that they engineer it so that it falls apart or quotes working after its so old or has a certain number of miles on it ir whatever. Engineered Obsolescence I believe it's called. Thankfully there are fine people like you Scotty that make these type of videos that save a lot of people money so they can continue to feed their kids !!

  15. I fucking love this video. I share this pain right now on my JK. What kind of dumb ass engineering went into this. Ugh.

  16. quick simple and easy. thanks for the simplicity and comedy. cant wait to get my Silverado on the jack stands

  17. Brother I liked the way you filmed this. Very professional. To the point. No BS. Thumbs up.
    BTW,, I understand my problem now. Mine is an o6 Impala.. Leaking from either wheel upon desire. Usually after topping fluid. What hits the ground makes me think it empties my trans… It's come out of both F/wheels now.

  18. Hey Scotty, any opinions on Jeep's reliability? I have a friend who claims Jeeps are more reliable than Toyotas.. Crazy right? Thanks

  19. Hey Scotty I have a 2006 Jaguar S-type. It's making a gear grinding noise when trying to keep a steady speed. If I'm accelerating hard enough, it's fine and the noise goes away. The mechanic said to replace the entire differential, I'm thinking about just trying to fill the rear end with some oil because there is a leak on one of the axles. Do you think that's worth a shot?

  20. hey Scotty Im doing a seal replacement on my JK is it hard to press the bearing back in with the pipe or should i just take it to a shop that has a press?

  21. hey Scotty, i have changed my axle shaft seal 3 diffrent times on my 96 town car on same side and it leakes the differential oil out. I changed it on my brother's car on one side aswell and no problems. im just wondering what could it be that causes my seals to keep leaking??

  22. Thank you so much! Your videos give me such hope! I have a 91 s10 v6 4.3L and was just given a laundry list of problems by an Automotive Shop. Guy behind counter told me to scrap the truck….hate those 3 words. After watching this vudeo I want to fix the leaking rear axle seal since the oil is getting into the drums. Now, would it be a similar process for my 1991 S10 v6 4.3L?

  23. Hey Scotty how much would it cost to replace the whole axle? The dealer probably won't even bother changing the stupid seal and charge u a boatload of money

  24. Scotty, I'm in need of your help!!

    I've got an '04 Accent GT with 185k miles. I just finished replacing the passenger side front axle and seal. When I removed the axle I lost about 1.5 quarts of transmission fluid, so when I finished I poured in a fresh quart of fluid and topped it off with the old stuff. The fluid has gone black so I didn't want to do a full flush or change just to be safe. Once I was done, I shifted it into reverse and it shuddered a bit and seemed to be having a difficult time. I went into drive and more of the same thing. Once I kicked it back up into park it made this super loud grinding/screeching sound and I immediately shut the car off and put it the rest of the way into park. I double checked fluid levels and it seems right so I'm not sure what is going on with it.

    Any ideas on what might have happened to it or what I should try?

  25. DaimlerChrysler engineering at its best. Gotta love the gas tank placement on those Jeeps as well. Think they would have learned from the Ford Pinto disaster.

  26. The rear axles on this Jeep are manufactured by Spicer and the design has been in use since the 1940's/50's. Jeep engineers didnt design this specifically. It is however a very heavy duty and widely used Axle.

    One other point to note for anyone changing the bearing on one of these is DON'T damage the axle shaft as you grind off the bearing as it will mean the new bearing will not seat properly and could fail prematurely.

  27. Things I used in this video:
    1. Slide Hammer Puller Set:
    2. Breaker Bar:
    3. Sledge Hammer:
    4. Angle Grinder:
    5. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    6. Disposable Gloves:
    7. Brake Cleaner:
    8. Steel Jack:
    9. Jack Stand:
    10. Common Sense
    11. Full HD Camera:
    12. My computer for editing / uploading:
    13. Video editing software:
    14. Thumbnail software:

    🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend:

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  28. "But keep Jeep made a stupid design!…"

    You're naturally hilarious and extremely informative. Thanks Scotty learned a lot watching this

  29. This stupid design is right up there with cars that require memory savers to change a stinking battery. An issue that could be easily resolved with a thumb drive and a little programming.

  30. Hey Scotty, great video. Can you let me know the length and inner diameter of the pipe you used to get the barrings back in? Thanks.

  31. Scotty,  Love your channel.  I have an old 91 Toyota Previa that the rear axle seal is leaking.  However I pulled the drum off and the inside of the drum and brake shoes are dry.  I have not pulled the axle shaft yet. I have sealed wheel bearings so do you think I will be ok just replacing the axle seal only and not have to worry about my wheel bearings.

  32. My mom has a noise coming from the front of her 2013 for escape. She took it in they said the front passanger side axle is leaking. Would a leaking axle make a sound in the front when driving?

  33. Fyi… not all just hammer out, alot have c-clips holding in axles, which would make that slide hammer useless without knowing how you vehicle is set up

  34. Hay Scotty I noticed you put the bearing on wrong you put the taper facing out. How did it do after you took it for a drive

  35. When I replaced a halfshaft seal on my volvo 244DL I put the brake drum on backwards then I tapped on the brake drum to remove the halfshaft.

  36. I have a 94 Sonoma 4 X4 when I was changing driver side CV axle the inner spline came out with the axle I cannot find anything to compare or video for my year of truck can you help me

  37. Hey Scotty I live in Houston and my 2002 4runner has a leaking rear axle and I need to replace it with the wheel bearing how much would you do it for? Please help out a desperate Houston neighbour

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