How to replace a Dyson motor on a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner

How to replace a Dyson motor on a Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner

Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares. In this video,
I’m going to show you how to replace the motor on a Dyson
DC07. Now this motor fits all models in the DC07 range and all the ones in the DC14. Safety
first- obviously make sure you’re unplugged from
the mains. Now, this is by no means an easy task but
it’s more fiddly than anything else. I’m going to start by
removing absolutely everything that I can from the Dyson, just to make the job a little
bit easier. I’ll remove the soleplate, just using a coin. I’ll
just slide the drive belt off the motor then the brushroll can
come out. That’s the internal hose. OK now I just need to remove these retaining clips.
So now my Dyson is looking pretty naked. I’m just
going to remove the switch here so that I can feed the cable
down the back, giving myself much more room to move when it comes to taking the motor
out. So if we just pull apart the switch mechanism, and
feed that through, and just uncouple those connectors, then I
can feed that through there and I’m going to have much more space to move when I get
the motor out. Now I’ve got five screws that I need to
remove on the motor housing; here, here, here, here and here.
This is last screw coming out. I’m just using a torxhead bit, you can get a full pack
of these on the eSpares website. That should, there we go.
Now here we have the motor. I’ll just feed that cable
through, we can put the rest of the unit to one side. I’ll take of this last piece of
casing and there we go. Now I just need to remove this end piece of
casing here. Ah there we go. That’s our motor retainer
which has nicely come away. Now here we can see the motor fan case seal and then the motor
itself. Now all I’m going to do is put as much pressure
as I can on the motor there and out it comes. Just
uncouple my wires,
pull off the fan case seal. You can replace that if its damaged in any way but if not
then you can use the same one. So there we go, there we’ve got our old motor. All we’ve now got to do is start putting
it back together again with the new motor. So let’s start by
putting the fan case seal onto the new one. So that’s the fan case seal on. Now we just
need to get from the old motor this belt guard, which should
just pop off and go on in exactly the same way. Ok now
we’re ready to put the new motor into its housing. Now it’s a little bit tricky because
we’ve got to line this up as we slide it in, we’ve got to
couple our wires up and then slide the whole thing in. Now, a little
trick for you here is just to get a little bit of fairy liquid and just run it round
the inside of the housing and round the outside of the fan case. Just a
little bit, that’s going to help it slide on, otherwise you’ll be
fighting with it for hours. Ok that’s the trickiest bit over with. We
now need to put on this motor retainer; it is arrowed to where it
needs to go at the top, and then just make sure it clicks back fully into place. That’s
great. Now just get the body of the Dyson back again, feed the
cable back through, now sit the motor back in place. It’s now
just a case of putting everything back together in exactly the same way as we took it apart.
It’s now ready to screw up again. Put the belt over the brushroll first and just
push it through. I’ve just looped the belt over the end of the motor. Put the cable
from the motor back in place, just going to put the mains
cable back in how it was, reconnect my wires. So the cables and switch are back in place,
just need to put the switchplate back on. There we go-
a little bit fiddly, but you should be able to do it in under an
hour, and a lot cheaper than buying a new Dyson. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I have just done this on a DC14. Yes it was fiddly but the plastic components seem to be designied to snap together once rather than come apart regularly and be serviced. Good video.

  2. @zunehdrocks We don't have a video on how to replace the carbon brushes in this motor – but we have a video on how to replace the brushes on a washing machine motor. Which is very similar. Between these two videos you should have all you need to know. I can't link the video in this comment (YouTube doesn't allow it) but you can check our channel.

  3. thanks for a very helpful video. I'm in Aust, but bought a new motor and with the aid of video got the replacement installed and DC07 working. thanks again.

  4. There's something I need to know. Would I need to put in a new motor in my DC07? It runs for about five minuets or so before it shuts down with a very high motor temperature. No burning smell or odd noise, but motor seems more high pitched than the DC04's Iv'e got. Thanks.

  5. @tlaroche38 well firstly it needs the cyclone cleaned out and filters and checked for blockages if the problem is still there then you need a new motor

  6. @Parwaz786 Thanks the cyclones are clean but the rest is gone 🙁 there was a big crack in the bottom of the motor housing 🙁

  7. @Babyshamblers At the switch end both of the reds attach to the switch and the blues are attached to each other. Down the motor end it is just the same red to red and blue to blue. The neutral is permanentlyconnected and the live is connected once the switch is activated.

  8. Hi

    Something could very well be stuck inside the Motor or another component has become damaged within. We would indeed recommend a new Motor. But you already knew that! All the best.

  9. You bothered to watch this why did you find it necessary to be so negative? As for useless vacuum cleaners I think you are misled. Hmm water filtration is a vacuum cleaner that gets dragged about and knocked against things really the best for a water and electricity combination?

  10. Well I've got a DC07 and it isn't anything like the one he's dismantling, that's the trouble with Dyson, too many variations on a theme. Ray

  11. 'Just slide the drive belt off the motor' ha!! I can see why you chose not to use the purple and green DC07 for this "demo" seeing as the drive belt is totaly enclosed and you need special allen keys to get to it, I'm not even convinced that that's a DC07 that's being dismantled. Ray

  12. Managed to change motor in no time following this video. A little tricky at times but a good job done and £100's saved. Thanks for the video.

  13. I'm here looking for this video but on a DC33 Animal (Purple/Silver) – Cant Find any DC33 Motor videos – Any Advice? – Thanks

  14. My boss gave me this vacuum today because it needed a new motor. I told her that I would be able to fix it one way or the other. Your video will add the icing on the cake. Thanks a bunch.

  15. Small error in this video. You never push the large motor seal over the lip of the motor, which is why you needed to use fairy liquid to install. If you fit the motor seal correct (by slipping the seal around the motor edge at the back) then you wont actually need any fairy liquid and it wont be so tough to get in place

  16. I have done a few dysons and I have never needed the washing up liquid, they are simplistic in design yet ingenious at the same time… Also removal of the switch and wire isn't necessary they leave enough wire movement in the motor housing 🙂 I think they knew the DC07 needed a replacement motor LOL

  17. Our DC7 needed a new motor, so if you are, like me, a first timer, may I suggest that you do use Fairy Liquid (other washing up products are available) as it makes it sooo very much easier to have the fitted motor unit into place. Many thanks for the video eSpares!

  18. ever since ive watched this video I have replaced 2 dyson dc07 motors. I feel like a proper dyson engineer since I have watched this video many thanks

  19. My DC07 had an old Panasonic motor on it with a boot that said for Panasonic only on it. The new motor I received looks just like the one you have but the boot does not slide up as high on the the motor base as yours does. The boot also appears to be a little wider because I am struggling to get the boot into the housing even with the fairy liquid. Is there a different style boot I should have for this motor? I looked briefly through the parts list and can't seem to find a new boot for the DC07 anywhere. 

  20. This is an absolute gift for the non handy person,  I did  it in 35 mins and didn,t  have any screws left over,,,,  😉

  21. Hi,
    Changed the motor after your help.  Hoover worked fine doing the front room and stairs.  Was well pleased.  Went to hoover a couple of days later plugged in mains, hit the on switch and it made a wurring sound and now completely dead.  Can you tell me what is can be.

  22. Very Good video and has saved me a lot of time figuring out how to disassemble it and money in a replacement. I have just replaced the motor on my DC07 Animal and your video does not quite cover this model.

    3 things to add to your video to improve the instructions for DC07 Animal.

    1. Your video skipped over the removal of the on/off switch cover (applies to all DC07 I think) this would help as I found it's not the easiest part to remove.
    2. The clutch cover needs to be removed on the Animal version before accessing the belt. I did a search and found a video by you on replacing the clutch mechanism. Watched the part I needed to to remove the cover and yes you need a extra long torx key to get to one of the screws. Make sure you have an extra long T15 Torx key.
    3. Sneaky one but you don't show the connecting of the new motor fly leads to the cable ends before fitting it into the motor housing. The ends, once connected, need to be tucked away so that you can push the new motor all the way into the housing so that the shaped rubber profile on the end of the motor comes up flush with the end outer surface of the housing. Took several attempts to get it sitting flush and right. Watch out the ends can come lose if your pulling and tugging a lot.

    Still, good enough to get through….only just though for the Animal.

  23. Hi, my DC07 cuts out after about 5-10 mins of continuous use. Leave it off for 15 mins and it's ok again for about 5 mins and then cuts out again and so on.  Is it the motor or because I haven't replaced filters?  Thanks.

  24. I always use a thin smear of Vaseline to help the motor back in its' housing, also it's worth reminding you that the flat rubber washer has its' smallest offset pointing towards the thermal overload cut-out because it only fits in the housing one way round and the wires wont reach

  25. Brilliant.  New motor plus a couple of other bits (clip and seal), and DC07 back to working like new with the help of a very good video.  Maybe worth covering the switch in more detail (pig to get off and back on).  Pretty easy to work out the slight difference on the clutched variant so all good.  Thanks

  26. hey .

    can I just throw my cluck and part in my dumpster in the back and  buy a non cluck parts to do it what kind of parts do I need to get.

  27. Fantastic! Thankyou so much, I bought a new motor, thought it would be easy!( more fiddly than I thought) Watched your video a few times, then had a go, took photos as I dismantled DC07 all floors ( slightly different in design as the one you work on) paused video as I went along. What would we do without you tube and engineers showing us how it's done. Took me 2 1/2 hrs. Tried it, working fine…Thankyou again….Baz (the carpenter!)

  28. Thanks for the video, Matt. As a Yankee, I enjoyed your accent and English terms (e.g. "Fairy" as a generic term for dish detergent.) I paused your video as I went along, and went back to the beginning in reverse order to reassemble.

    I have a DC07 that I've cleaned thoroughly, replaced all filters, yet still cuts out. I was a bad boy…bypassed the thermal cut off. If the motor burns out I'll toss the whole thing in the garbage…I'm so sick of this unreliable beast, and it took me hours to do what you did in eight minutes!

  29. Fantastic! Top marks to espares for the video and the prompt delivery of the motor. Mrs is very pleased with her husband and the Dyson has a new lease of life for a lot less than a new machine.

  30. Hi. Thank you for this very useful video. Can I point out a couple of things that I think are relevant: My DC07 had a cover over the drive belt which took a lot of fettling to get off. There is probably a "correct" way of doing it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't find it(likewise re-fitting it afterwards). Also, the rubber fan cover (on mine) had a grove inside it's rim which fitted over the rim of the motor. Without doing so made re-fitting the motor nigh on impossible.Finally, getting the switch cover back on was a bit of a job.

  31. I have a Dyson DC07 which has lost power completely. I have cleaned the filter and checked there are no blockages. Can you advise me what the cause could be please.

  32. iv got a dyson dc01 the filter after the motor is gone black after i just cleaned it the other day is that normal not to black yet but not sure any help

  33. Thank you.
    Took forever to put the switch back together – really wish I'd took a photo of it before I cheerfully dismantled it – otherwise all went exactly as the video.

  34. Thanks to your video I was able to replace the motor easily and fairly quickly. Didn't even need the Fairy Liquid!

  35. Can you tell me which is the best 'old' variant of Dyson vacuum? I understand that up until the DC04 they were assembled in the UK – are these models any better than the ones that followed?

  36. DC14 a little different but appears to be easier to house the motor and line it up with the 14. Excellent video, couldn't have taken it to bits successfully without it. Thank you.

  37. My motor just burnt out again, so this will be the second replacement.
    Luckily the motor only costs £12.99 and I got a few years out of the last one.

  38. Hi espares, my 07 that has worked fine for ages all of a sudden slowed down today and made a strange sound. I turned it off, then tried it again and there were bangs and sparks and then nothing. I take it the motor is completely dead and needs replacing?

  39. Thanks very much. Just managed to replace the motor on a DC07 AF, and I managed to not have any screws 'spare'! 👍

  40. I have a dyson ds07 wen it's up then I put it down then it makes a rattling noise and I sold it then I got a dyson ds07 animal

  41. Hi I've dismantled my Dc14 , but some reason the motor will not come out the housing. I've tapped loads with a hammer but won't budge! Any ideas? I'm a bit stuck now 😟

  42. My DC14 won't stay on for more than a few seconds and I can smell the burning smell that usually goes with a blown motor, does this sound like the case? The brush head does not spin as well which K am thinking also points toward the motor, correct? I am thinking I'll be using this video tutorial in the coming days.

  43. my on off switch does not not come off after removing that one screw ?? the vid seemed to jump forward on that part .

  44. hi..I've got a purple 07 animal. keeps cutting out. i guess overheating. chap in a shop local said it's the motor and that was my best guess. I've seen them in flea bay. would that be a ok place to trust one or is there somewhere better i could mooch. great video btw. i think i can tackle it. very much appreciated.

  45. Thanks for video and spares, just replaced motor on our DC07 (12 years old) working again. Just ordered brush bar from you as old one looks a bit worn.

  46. Great video. Is the same take down the same for the DC04? I see you sell the motor and just want to check as id like to fix my broken one. Thanks, Jason.

  47. Espares my dyson ds07 keeps on turning of by it self I kicked and didn't turn on switch is on the plugs in and never used it please help

  48. Great video, I took out the motor on my dc14, but then realised the burning smell was coming from the end cap on the brush bar, it had completed melted. I've only recently replaced the brush bar and I have no idea why this happened. Any guidance will be appreciated.

  49. Thank you, a great, easy to follow video. Have just replaced the motor on a DC07 and couldn't have done it without your video.

  50. Matt, the dismantling was far too quick. You do not show how to remove the switch cover (should be at about 1.30 on vid). There are some plastic tabs but you do not show how they should be released. (See also Conan Howard's comment which I agree with.) Also there is a solid curved pipe at the bottom of the machine, suddenly it has gone but you did not show how. Removal of the big plastic retaining clips on the motor housing is obscured by your hands. The point is that plastic is brittle and repairers cannot take liberties or something will crack and will need to be replaced. One has to be gentle. It's OK for you, you just get another bit down from the shelf!

  51. M motor is fine. I just can't get the blown ball bearing off to replace it.Are the bearings pressed/part of the stem?

  52. Thanks guys – Did mine yesterday with your parts- I tell you trying to find a torc screwdriver in France, I would have more luck finding a group of harmonising hamsters in tutus. But I found one eventually. What I would say is even if you think your filters are good – just replace all of them anyway if you're going to the trouble rebuilding your Dyson makes sense to overhaul everything. I made that mistake – but just ordered off your site again and would say thanks for a great service. My 15 year old Dyson good as new.

  53. What the hell is fairy liquid, you also call cigarettes fags, dam Englishman that's why we left them in 1776. Great video that.

  54. You need to be more detailed on how to reconnect the wires inside the switch. Even the episode on the switch doesn’t show which wire goes where.

  55. Thanks for the video – very clear description. I couldn't get the switch off on my one – don't know if I was missing something obvious, but managed to change the motor anyway – there was enough slack on the cable once freed from its channel at the back.

  56. Was the motor blown? Also, is that motor a pattern one? And how do you remove the motor housing without breaking it?

  57. good video, spent hours on this, cannot get it to go back into the plastic housing. Even swopped out the fan cover from the old motor, made no difference

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