How to Repair or Replace a Fuel Pump : How Carburetor Works With Fuel Pump

How to Repair or Replace a Fuel Pump : How Carburetor Works With Fuel Pump

Hi, this is Howard Fleischmann with Community
Tire and Auto Service Specialist speaking
to you on behalf of Expert Village. Today
we are going to talk about the difference
between carburetion and fuel injection and
the reason for fuel injection and the improvements
its made. In addition, we are going to take
you through the steps to install a fuel pump
in a tank application. This picture you see
is a conventional four barrel carburetor setup
that is used in today’s market and mainly
in a lot of the older cars. There is a picture
of a couple of mechanical fuel pumps. As you
can see the arms that fit into the engine
block can rest on a rod that is turned by
the crank case activating the pump. You can
see how the fuel pump is mounted in the engine
block and also how the line coming in from
the fuel tank and the line coming out of the
carburetor. Just for kicks I will show you
what a tri-power setup looks like. We use
three carburetors in line and you see this
setup on a lot of classic cars. In our next
clip, we will talk about fuel injection systems.

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  1. 90% of expert village's videos are worthless because they are so short and have almost no technical value.

  2. Expertvillage isnt all that bad. There videos are more helpful is you actually go to the website. On YouTube there worthless.

  3. Useless video. Lean on a car, show me an engine, show me the pump in two different places, then show me triple carb manifold. Where is the replacement section in this 60 second video?

  4. [email protected]#K expertvillage, they got the worst HOW TO video on youtube. Their HOW TO VIDEO contain like 10 mini video that not even organize correctly by title such as part1, part2 etc. …… IF Yall gonna make a HOW to video make a 10min video instead of breaking the video apart…….F#&K exerpertvillage thumb up if u agree.

  5. @theXfactor12 Hey if you all really want to know in detail how to restore Cars and boby work and paint all FREE explain with alot longer Videos. This Guy been doing this stuff for 30 years and knows his stuff. He has two channels His username is SWRNC and DIYAUTOSCHOOL. he shows you everything no short cuts or part of it I mean everything. Start to finish.

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