How To Repair Clearcoat – Kevin Tetz Shows the Best Way To Fix Paint – Pt 1 of 3 – Eastwood

How To Repair Clearcoat – Kevin Tetz Shows the Best Way To Fix Paint – Pt 1 of 3 – Eastwood

a happy people
thank you for tuning in to another live
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the live stream broadcast that we’re
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i’m in the process of building my paint
booth and we’re going to bring you into
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different outlets will be able to
rebroadcast these live streams if you
missed it today
you can watch it tomorrow what we’re
going to be talking about today is clear
coat fixing delaminated or flaking clear
coat and blending clear coat and the
interesting thing about what I’m going
to show you today is that you can’t fix
flake and clear coat and you can’t blend
clear code but we’re going to show you
how to do both of those things because
there are rare exceptions in this
now why does clearcoat flake well it’s
it just makes why does it flake it it
it’s basically because of sun damage the
same reason the general motors thought
it was a really good idea to put an
eight and a half inch ring gear in a 300
horsepower camaro is the reason that
clear coat flakes off and let me explain
that they engineered these vehicles up
to man
minimum tolerances before catastrophic
failure what that means is they
calculate how much power that car going
to put down and the weird circumstances
to wear if you you you
it’ll it’ll hold together until the
warranty is gone and the same thing with
paint we learned this in all the paint
training schools that have been going to
is is they have enough paint on there to
where they don’t spend too much money on
paint and they get paid to where it will
come out a warning short story of the
car manufacturer guys are watching this
and you’re getting mad at me saying this
but let’s face it there are producing
hundreds of thousands of these vehicles
cost control is a very important factor
of vehicle production so they put enough
clear coat on top of the panel to to let
it look really good in most of the
circumstances until it’s out of warranty
and then it’s it’s anybody’s guess so
basically its minimum tolerance is again
they got just enough clear on there to
let it look good
and eventually like is in this hood
right here
eventually it’s going to fail now it
makes sense that you should be able to
put the clear back on if it falls off if
you can see this
I think we can give you a pretty good
look at this but you can see this edge
right here to where there’s clear coat
excuse me and there’s no clear coat so
that’s just a base coat
here’s the clear coat it’s a two-step
process so why wouldn’t be
we be able to put the clear back on it
makes perfect sense to be able to do
well here’s the problem all of this
panel out here has now been exposed to
sun damage to UV exposure to
contamination to debris you can even see
is further deteriorating right here
this is not outfitted with any UV
screeners all of the strength in your
base coat clear coat system whether it’s
olee whether it’s a custom shop or
whether you’re doing in your driveway
all of the strength in the panel in the
finish is in the clear coat it’s all in
that’s tiny tiny infinitesimal layer of
clear coat
so there’s no UV screeners in the base
coat there’s no UV screeners in primer
it’s all in the clear coat so it makes
sense also that once the clear is gone
this is very susceptible to sun damage
mostly sun damage environment
it basically rusts rests is
deterioration of the top it’s an oxygen
dating a chemical reaction between the
air and the substrate so essentially
it’s chalking up its deteriorating you
put the clear coat back on it it’s going
to fall right back off again
sorry it just is its going to flake so
you might be asking yourself what can I
sand it and then put the clear coat back
on it will know you can’t because you’re
going to see the sanding scratches and
the prep marks on that panel once you
put the clear coat back in it and here’s
something i wanted to show you as well
this is this is East was pre-painting
prep and this is a solvent spray and i’m
just going to have kind of hose that
down again
pre is really good for wed checking
panels but you can see here
well it’s kind of getting gnarly a
little bit but you can see here that the
pardon me the color comes back now you
can’t tell the difference between the
clear coat and the base coat so you
might think to yourself well let me give
it give it a shot of that let me give it
a temporary fix but it still guys it’s
just not going to work
it’s not going to hold up for you and
you’re going to end up disappointed in
the repair
so basically in a situation like this
the fix for it is to sand it down re
prime if there’s flaws in it
lock it down again and apply the color
and the clear there’s just no two ways
about it
however there are circumstances in which
you can you can fix flaking clear coat
and i’m gonna show you
let’s come over here too jaded if you
guys have been paying attention this
Mustang who is is completely done from
the bare steel up all with Eastwood
materials from the the one-to-one epoxy
to the high bill Polly primers all the
eastwood fillers and this thing debuted
in the 2012 SEMA Show and it’s been shot
for four magazines it’s been on TV I’m
so proud of this car and so proud of the
way it still looks
there’s a flaw who there’s nobody’s
perfect guys
this thing was done on show levels but
there’s a flaw if you can see this right
here can you see that I think can camera
guy can can see that basically what
happened is that my prep was not great
on the side of this hood
what’s happening is the clear coat is
flaking off here so we’re going to show
we’re going to show you how to we’re
going to show you how to fix this and
how to band-aid that and and make it a
nice acceptable repair that you guys can
live with and won’t be noticed by show
now let’s talk about materials obviously
we’re going to use a clear coat we’re
not going to use a lack of clear coat we
want a good strong clear coat that car
was shot with the 21 European clear and
a catalyst
so we’re using a 2k clear but we’re not
going to use a conventional clearcoat
set up we’re going to use to k arrow
I am so stoked about this product not
just because I’m wearing a nice wood
badge now but 2k arrow spray is the
answer to a lot of really difficult
questions in the sense that it is a true
2k you’ve got a membrane on the bottom
that you break it mixes inside so it’s
professional coding in a rattle can and
that’s what we’re going to show you how
to use
they also have just come out with it in
Matt now there’s a lot of accidents you
can’t see it because the cars bag but
there’s a lot of accidents
the whole chassis everything underneath
all the engine components down Barr’s
everything like that is coated in
eastwards a wrap
it’s a hot rod flat clear this is an
exact match to that so now you’ve got to
Cairo spray with the mat clear as well
so this is what we’re going to be using
to repair the side of the hood on jaded
now safety is an issue even more so
because we’re dealing with a 2 K
component which means there’s a catalyst
in a harder into the harder the bad
stuff guys you want to protect yourself
safety glasses you know I don’t know
maybe it’s not so necessary with this
but you want you know you want to
protect yourself be sensible use common
sense this not a paint mask
this is a dust mask it’s a good dust
mask not a paint mask
this is a paint mask look look at the
crusted here
this thing is obviously the pre-filters
are shot and you know it’s that this is
not something that I am ever going to
trust with active painting the reason is
this cartridge here
this is an active charcoal cartridge and
you break the seal on the bag you’ve got
24 hours where that active charcoal will
effectively filter out the bad stuff
from this after 24 hours
that’s a really good dust mask that’s it
it’s not going to protect you
so what we’re going to use is this guy
which I just broke the seal on you can
get these at Eastwood and this is a good
current active charcoal spray mask that
was within the shelf life . so be aware
be self-aware this stuff always you know
it is it’s all just common sense guys
don’t hurt yourself doing this stuff
I hate to stand on a soapbox and preach
but you know it’s that important I’ve
had friends in the industry that had to
change their job because it become
sensitized to Isis and and I just want
you guys to to be able to do this down
the road and there’s some other safety
stuff involved but let’s let’s talk
about our our materials here
here’s some stuff you’re going to need
attack reg it’s common practice in the
paint World Tag Craig gets a
contamination off the surface since this
planking we don’t want to block it down
we just want to hide that we want to
disguise it
we want to disguise that flaking part so
we’re not going to be using sandpaper
we’re not stuffing it down because i
don’t want to Mar the surface of my base
just like I told you I didn’t want to do
on that hood so we’re gonna scuff it
with a pad now it would sell several
different pads
this is gnarly this will scale rust
this is really really aggressive not
something you want to use paint prep are
definitely a place for that in the shop
but not for paint prep the red guys
well there in between the gray and the
green it’s a nice pad it’ll last forever
still a little too harsh a little too
aggressive for paint prep the grade
this is what we’re going to use for
paint prep now before we do anything
what I’m going to do is clean it it
helps to clean your surface and you need
to clean your surface and by the way you
got to clean your surface
we’re going to do a two-step cleaning
one with an organic cleaner and step 2
with the solvent cleaner with the
pre-painting prep
now what I’m doing is just giving this a
shot here this is just a glass cleaner
I like it because it’s got a little bit
of alcohol in it and it cleans the
organic debris out like armor all entire
dressings and seven engine oil and stuff
that might might be hiding in those
so a little bit of a glass cleaner is
step one
and I’m not going to spritz this on the
hood i’m just going to spritz it on my
rag just a little bit
a little bit of cleaner on there and
there and now i’m sure that my repair is
going to have a nice happy home for the
clear coat that we’re going to put on it
now obviously I haven’t mask this
because i wanted to show you a couple of
techniques and when you’re doing an edge
like this
here’s what you want to take advantage
of you want to take advantage of these
Peaks edges
you want to roll your tape off of these
edges but not before you do your surface
I’m going to take this great pad and
always you don’t want to isolate your
repair right next to it
you want to go about an inch about an
inch on either side so I’m taking my
great pad and I’m gently super gently
scuffing on my flawed areas there
and now to wipe the sanding dust off and
now we’re ready to mask
when I talk about back taping in the
paint education dvds
this is what I’m talking about if you
master this technique there’s a lot of
tricks you can pull guys there’s a lot
of really good techniques but this is
basically backmasking and since this is
dubious the adhesion anyways i’m going
to show you how to do something
interesting here this is called wedding
the tape w each ET w h et wedding the
tape basically what i’m doing i run it
down my pant leg and it mutes the power
of the solvent and the adhesive so now
what I’m doing
I’m rolling the tape back on that edge
I’m going to do the same thing on the
top wet and tape that way if this is
fresh paint and i’m doing a repair
within a critical window
I’m not going to get myself into trouble
and now what I can do
as I can fine-tune the way I’ve got that
rolled on the edge with another piece of
tape on top and tacking it down a little
bit there and I’m prep to about here I
can see it i don’t know if you can but
I’m prep just passed it is going to take
a tiny tiny bit of clear coat but it’s
going to give us a nice effect of repair
so now obviously I still have some onion
some exposed panel here and under the
bottom so go to a masking cart when
you’re using a 2k clear that overspray
is going to settle and it’s going to
lock in
so as you can see I’ve got the car bag
show me a little more the car can’t yeah
exactly I’ve got the car bag
I don’t want any of this oversprayed us
on any of the other paint because it’ll
break your heart when you go to polish
the car and so if you leave it too long
sometimes it’s really really difficult
to get off so I bagged the rest of the
car under the hood everything
now there are professional body shop
products and rolls of plastic that that
you can buy in a bunch of different
sometimes those materials are expensive
what I’m going to show you here is not
look at the price
five for five bucks five for five
dollars these are drop plus they’re the
other there nine feet by 12 feet
i’m using three of them on this car so
what is five bucks to ensure that i
don’t have overspray on the rest of the
it’s that’s money well spent we’re not
here to take you to take your money
eastwood wants to sell you stuff that’s
going to make your job better to make
make your life easier that’s what it’s
all about you know yes we’ve got stuff
for sale
but it’s not all about hammering you for
four bucks it’s about showing you how to
do the job right and to do it with a
budget in mind so stuff like that can go
a long ways in getting you the results
that you want on a realistic budget and
here’s another way to utilize back
taping I can see I’m hazy until there
and I’m going to roll it back there and
i’ll cover my edge there
pin it down so it doesn’t fly up these
edges at least with a big pneumatic gun
sometimes those edges will come up and
flop in your paint it’s bad it’s not
good thats that’s a three martini night
after that happens and we don’t want
that or a 12 miller lite night because
you got to start all over again if that
so basically you see that the tiny tiny
tiny repair area that we’ve got which
makes 2k arrow spray make even more
sense here and there now introducing
colors primer surfacer zeep oxys all
kinds of stuff in the 2k or was it just
makes sense it’s a beautiful product
so now what we’re going to do is
actually do the repair
now here’s something cool this is the 2k
arrow spray
now we’re going to show you a Fender
that I shot yesterday yesterday
afternoon with this same can’t now you
know as well as I do that when you mix
paint or anything catalyzing a
conventional gun you got 45 minutes to
an hour maybe a little bit more than
that for a pot life which is the amount
of time that it can stay in a cup before
it starts to kick your pot life is 45
minutes ish on clear coat and it’s real
tight guys
you can throw it in the fridge if if you
want to and then extended a little bit
but then you start messing with
temperatures things like this has a
48-hour pot life
it’s beautiful so i can safely do a
clear coat repair on here with the same
collect can’t clear that i shot with
yesterday yesterday
24 hours ago I’ve got another day in
this can
so it’s a beautiful product and i’m here
to tell you I like these with stuff but
I’m not trying to snow anybody if if I’m
gonna put it on this car this is my baby
this is my show car if I wasn’t
confident and secure that this was an
effective repair we would not be having
this conversation right now i’ll be
showing you how to do a conventional
so this I feel good enough about it to
tell you guys that it’s a great product
for this
so now when i’m back here and get my
get my paint mask and I don’t know
okay well you know I don’t know about
you guys we’re having a moment here
sorry I have reached an age to where I
need reading glasses so you know where
there’s not much hope your spray here
but I want to see what I’m doing so when
I throw my mask on here
I’m gonna throw my reading glasses on
and no it’s like a depends moment not
it happens so what ever get used to it
if you guys are long in the tooth and
salt and pepper hair like me
it’s coming yeah can you hear me can now
ok with it doesn’t matter so we’re
I’m gonna put my glasses on so I can see
and now

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