How to Play the 8.8 cm Jagdtiger

How to Play the 8.8 cm Jagdtiger

The Jagdtiger 8.8 is a Tier VIII Premium German TD. It is well-armored, with an accurate and quick-firing gun. It also gets the benefits of being a Premium. Thus, this vehicle generates significant credits. This TD is suitable even for beginners. Playing the vehicle is easy and intuitive. The Premium Jagdtiger mounts the 8.8 cm gun. The penetration of its armor-piercing shell is 203 mm, enough to easily penetrate virtually any Tier VIII tank. The damage per shot of 240, combined with a reload time of 5.4 seconds, means the Jagdtiger has the highest damage per minute among all vehicles of the same tier: 2667 points. And this DPM is a minimum—without ventilation, consumables, and skills and perks of the crew. For reference, the IS-3 has a damage per minute of 1759 points. Thus, even though the Jagdtiger has fewer hit points, it can win in single combat against most Tier VIII tanks. But, beware of autoloaders! As it has low damage per shot and lacks a turret, the vehicle is not suitable for fighting around corners. It should easily win a straight head-on fight with an IS-3. But if you try to play peek-a-boo, the situation is different. The IS-3 does twice as much damage per shot. German guns are famous for their accuracy. The Jagdtiger can find an enemy’s weak spots, and aim at them from long distances. Let’s take Prokhorovka as an example. An ideal position here is at the railway crossing. Using your accurate gun, you can easily damage vehicles that appear in the center and on the mountain, or control the low ground. The premium version is better armored than the standard one, which is at tier IX. 80 mm armor at the sides can protect you only from low-tier vehicles. The 150 mm armor on the upper glacis allows you to face most Tier VIII tanks, as long as you position the tank at a good angle. 250 mm armor on the front of the superstructure cannot be easily penetrated with a regular shell—even by Tier IX vehicles. The Jagdtiger 8.8 will not appear in Tier X battles, which is a major benefit! This armor makes the vehicle almost invincible against regular shells if you use cover. For example, on the Ensk map, location B1 has a loophole with side cover to fire from. Any embankment to hide the lower glacis plate will make a perfect position. In Tank Alley on Himmelsdorf, you can easily hold against overwhelming enemy forces if you’re playing from the north base. But despite its armor and gun, simply attacking in a random direction will make the Jagdtiger a vulnerable target, especially in open terrain. Its low speed and large size means it will make a perfect piñata for artillery and other tanks. The Jagdtiger 8.8 has a maximum speed of 28 km/h, so moving to the other side of the map during the battle is not easy. Playing this TD is all about positioning. Find a point on the map where you can help your allies while staying at a distance. Or you can choose a direction where a lot of enemy vehicles are situated and hold off their attack using your armor and rapid reload. Usually, the Jagdtiger is at the top of its team. Remember the preferential matchmaking? The Jagdtiger 8.8 never sees Tier Xs. Having only Tier VIII and IX up against it, it should be well-protected and its gun should really shine and this means it can earn a lot of credits! A good battle can earn you around 70 thousand credits if you have a Premium Account. If you are lucky, it can make 100 thousand. COnsumables for the Jagdtiger is pretty much standard: repair kit, first aid kit, fire extinguisher. Be wise and add ventilation and large caliber tank gun rammer; they will aid in making your DPM even higher. Consider enhanced gun laying drive as the third equipment if you enjoy a fast game and more aggressive tactics. Or take binocular telescope if you want to hide in the bushes. You will not need a special crew—you can assign any German TD crew to it, with no penalties. Suggested skills and perks are “sixth sense” for the commander, and “repairs” or “camouflage” for the others—depending on your play style. Then try “brothers in arms” to increase the overall skills for the whole crew, making the Jagdtiger even more deadly, or add skills to your liking. Playing in a platoon, cooperate with a heavy tank, say, the IS-6 or KV-5. You will be effective on city maps, helping to attack certain directions, and on open maps, providing long-distance support. If you like this “wild beast” TD, the Jagdtiger 8.8 can be purchased in our Premium Shop. If you want more information about this TD, please click the link on the Jagdtiger 8.8 page. Thank you for your attention, and good luck on the battlefield!

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  1. may i ask what is the point of this video if you are going to remove all limited MM tanks from the Premium Shop and in Game store

  2. No, none of tier8 tanks is suitable for beginners.
    If player isn't at least encountering tier8 tanks "on daily basis" (which means, he has to play at least tier6-7 tanks which get into tier8 match) then he or she has nothing to look for in driving high tiered tank him/herself.

  3. i LOVE shooting at  these tings w/ my ISU-152 😀 so that 250 mm of armor is useless against BL-10 😀 oh yeah LTTB too on an open map too 😀

  4. To everyone that is reading this comment I dare you to get an ace medal with a Pershing I did I by killing 2 tanks with 100 HP

  5. I have never been penned in the superstructure of the 250mm armor ever in this thing and the Jadgtiger. Slow as hell but i love it.

  6. In the old days, you could even make 180K Credits with premium… they have nerved this tank so harsh on the amount on credits….

  7. The Jagdtiger did not see combat till early 1945 and it had a 128 PaK gun not an 88! Maybe your thinking of an elephant?

  8. The Jagtiger 8.8 doesn't have the best dpm at tier VIII, it's on the 4th place behind The ISU-152 (with the 122mm gun), the ISU-130 and the AT 15

  9. Wie man den Jagdtiger am besten spielt??? Gar nicht!!! Da WG verkaufsgeil ständig neue Panzer rausbringt, ist der JT nur noch ein Witz. Und zwar ein schlechter!!!

  10. How the f#$k this usses large caliber gun rammer with an 88mm?! What about a 183mm? Is more than x2 and usses the SAME rammer!

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