How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Video by Mr. Locksmith

How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Video by Mr. Locksmith

Hi I’m Terry Whin-Yates from Mr. Locksmith,
third-generation locksmith. I’m gonna
show you today how to open up these new
wiser or kwikset smart key deadbolts. The problem is
they say they’re bump resistant, no
they actually say they’re bump proof.
They have a little picking contest where they give you a set of picks and try to get you to pick it.
The problem is I teach people how to
pick locks
and if you practice if you learn how to
how to pick locks and you practice
you know it takes several months before you
can successfully pick locks
if you practice everyday you can become
a good lock picker.
However with this new lock it’s been out
for a while now
the Smart Key System you can buy
a online and I can show you in 10
seconds how to open this lock
you can open it from the outside there’s no
visible signs of entry
there is damage inside of the lock it is
called a forced entry
but we’re opening these things all the
time it and there’s lots information
how to do this as well but the bottom
line is I’m just showing this today
this tool you could buy off the internet
you can make it yourself
and you can open these locks almost
as quick as you can put a key in it
and the thing is I can teach you in 10
seconds how to open this lock
also I could probably teach a monkey how to open this in 10 seconds
and you know what we’re trying to find a
monkey right now and the next video will
probably be the monkey
opening this lock so again in 10 seconds
I can show you how to use this tool
how to open up this lock. Okay here’s the
smart key, this is a weiser could be
kwikset, it’s all the same
you can tell it’s the smart key
function because of the
little slot to the side. I’ll put the key in it.
The key unlocks the door
locks it. I’m right-handed, but I’m doing this with my left hand
Here’s the forced tool, put it in
I like to use just a pair of vice grips on the
just force it over
take my tool out
So again we’ve locked it. There’ no outside
sign of damage. No visible sign of
damage from the outside
I put the key in it. Ya, it still works. I’d say
nine times out of ten
the customer key will still work so we just
open this. I recommend replacing this lock
immediately after doing this. The
key may still work sometimes.
The lock could fail at any time
also the smarts key function is now
damaged so it’s not gonna be resettable
by you or the customer
so again I showed you how to in 10
seconds or less
you just learned how to use this tool put
it in there, force the lock open
and it still works
So I just showed you how to open this lock
using this simple tool.
Remember the days the years ago
had bike locks that they said were pick proof
and you couldn’t open the lock and
it was all over the internet the YouTube videos
they were showing people using a bic pen how to open the lock
and even I did it
I could open up the the old kryptonite locks with a bic pen
so again this is a problem that’s out
there. I don’t know what the company is
doing to solve
this problem, but again it’s almost like everybody’s trying to ignore
the problem.
The emperor has no clothes. This lock has
a major security flaw
and it could be opened and I could teach you how to do it in 10 seconds.
Thank you very much

100 Replies to “How to Open a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in 10 seconds Video by Mr. Locksmith”

  1. I seriously don't know how they are still in business. it's ridiculous. their 40$ locks could be bypassed by a five year old.

  2. So you’re a locksmith who “teaches people how to pick locks”, on you tube, no less. Funny, but I’ve always used locksmiths to keep my family and property safe. Why would I want to do business with you?

  3. A screwdriver, a piece of key blank or a paperclip, and a pair of vise-grips or pliers can also do the exact same thing.

  4. How many burglaries actually involve picking locks? Since I live in a house without bars or other barriers on the windows, getting unpickable locks seems pretty pointless. A burglar WILL get in if they are determined to do so. I put my faith in nosy neighbors instead.

  5. What a jerk.  Why not set up classes for the thieves.  People like you should never beallowed access to the internet.  jerk!

  6. sometimes i walk around in boxer shorts with 2 eggs and a carrot inside them………………sends the girls wild

  7. Scrolled around on your website to look for the tool used and it kept informing me I needed to be a member but no where on the website is there a “register” section. Only a login. Very frustrating website. -1/10

  8. Why would you tell people how to break into peoples houses basically? And I won’t even know it because the lock is not messed up it was the person they can mess of the house up? I have a stocker ex-husband thank you for educating people like him on how to break into peoples houses that’s very great.

  9. Holy cow. Someone gained entry fast! And from the looks and functionality of their 'Smart' lock, the homeowner would be "None the WISER' their 'Weiser lock had easily been 'lobotomized' in less than a minute…THAT IS until they go in and find all their valuables have taken a permanent vacation.

    Makes for a vivid example to the meaning of 'false security'.

  10. Nobody should rate their product based on assumptions. A lock should be rated by effort put in by real world testing using whatever means real lock pickers and bypassers would choose.

  11. I've been replacing doors and locks for over 35 years. I've never seen a burglar pick a lock. They just kick they door in. Strengthen your doors and frames at their weak points and any good lock will work just fine.

  12. That's it, do us all a service and tell the criminals among us just how to get into our houses. You should be sued for such a blatant disregard for peoples safety.

  13. 90 % of the people that are watching your tutorial videos are doing so to learn how to get into houses to burglarize homes and take from hard working honest people, on behalf of all of us….. thanks jerkoff, how do you sleep at night, even worse buddy is that you seem very happy and pleased with yourself to share this kind of information you smug piece of trash, if this is what you want to be famous for and this is your legacy than I sure as hell hope you don’t bring children into the world to teach them to glorify this type of thing , sure show ppl that these locks are not secure and flawed but don’t teach them step by step and tell them where the tools are sold, it’s ridiculous and morally wrong!! If someone breaks into my home this way and tell me they learned this from watching your video while I have my weapon of choice pointed at their head than fine sir you will have 2 major law suits first for my damages and pain and suffering but also for the wrongful death from the family of the criminal you taught so happily how to do it, oh geez pardon me did I just explain to people how get justice…….. my bad maybe I shouldn’t have got into such detail!! Good luck in your teaching endeavours and possible losses due to law suits, have a wonderful day loser!!!

  14. Wow. I don't feel to secure anymore. Someone picked my apartment lock a while ago. Not saying how I knew. But I did for sure. Hmmm

  15. I like my array of "Smile – You're On Camera" signs, backed up by a number of HD cameras, plus trail cams, recording his every move. Coming up my driveway, they're usually slow, and a lot faster headin' for the road …

  16. Irresponsible for a professional locksmith to put this in the public eye. Regardless of whether it’s available elsewhere. And for what benefit ? To show you know how to make a you tube video. ??

  17. So what lock are we suppose to buy? It seems any lock can be picked if you have the knowledge and tools to do it. Also if you cant pick the lock standard door frames are so thin that one swift kick would have you in anyways. I'd also be curious to know how many home burglaries are committed by picking locks. I bet its not many.

  18. Ask any cop in the country how many times they have seen burglary crime scenes where the thieves have picked locks. Or even used anything but brute force to overcome the simplest/cheapest of deterrents. The conflidence game the industry runs, while not overly dishonest, is somewhat misleading. Statistically, a half decent lock you can pick up at any home repair store will do the trick. Other than that, making a door hard to kick open, not having breakable glass to make an easy entry and simple psychological deterrents will serve you quite well.

  19. Wow…
    Seems like the more expensive, the more "Pick-Proof" a lock is, the easier to open – even to a non-locksmith with simple non specialized tools…

  20. This tool no longer works. I bought one about year ago.( the tool bent )When in fact the lock Compagnie change their locks so that this tool will no longer work.

  21. Oh god here it is. Another locksmith telling all the world trade and professional secrets. Now who do you thank for someone breaking in through the front door to rob you! Thank this guy Mr Locksmith. Nuff said.

  22. The question is:
    How fast can a regular doorknob/deadbolt be picked?
    This clip seems suspiciously like a locksmith promotional video. Clearly, we have cut the apron strings of locksmiths when we can rekey our own locks. Not all of us have the resources of Tony Stark to make our homes impenetrable.

  23. Mr Locksmith, you just showed several criminals how to break into a house. None of the BS disclaimers in the world will undo that. You're just as guilty as them

  24. The author says THREE TIMES that he can show you in TEN SECONDS how to get into smartkey lock, but he doesn't show you until 1:40 and his video is 3:51 minutes long!

  25. Interesting but I don't use locks for security. I use booby traps cause my goal is to inflict mass pain. So you know I got boards buried with nails sticking up, nails are dipped in dog feces to encourage infection. That's just one preventative measure among many

  26. @Mr. Locksmith – it's now been 6 years since you posted this video. Has Kwikset improved in your opinion or is it still as bad?

  27. This guy sure made a lot of attention for himself. Quickset locks now have the highest rating for residential locks. This video is pretty fake and even back when this dope made it in 2012 for a locksmith to pick a quickset was difficult. The latest quickset tech makes it very hard to pick and extremely difficult almost impossible to drill or bump.

  28. Since this video was posted several years ago I contacted Kwikset about this "vulnerability" described in the video. Their prompt, candid, and informative reply gave me confidence this "vulnerability" either never was or is no longer as much of a vulnerability as this video portrays it to be. A short excerpt of their reply: "Kwikset has made improvements to components within the cylinder making it more resistant to this type of attack. We believe that the lock on the video had previously been compromised in some way. Our lengthy testing and experience with trying this tool on our SmartKey locks do not yield the same ease of opening as the video would have you believe." They also noted that the force tool is only sold to licensed locksmiths. 
    I hope this update is helpful to the creator of the video and viewers. If the video creator believes the video still has merit and should be left posted, it would be a reassuring show of good faith to pin a comment addressing this to the top of the comments and add a note at the beginning of the video description box.

  29. I have one on a garage door that the previous key it was keyed to and the current key will not open the lock. (It will not turn using the key) Can I drill the lock to get into the garage or is there another way, to open the door. Yes I understand that by drilling the lock I need to replace the whole lock set and I am OK with that.

  30. It’s very simple, locks are meant too keep innocent people out. Criminals kick the door, break glass, or simply knock and pretend they need help or are cops.
    If a crook wants in their in.

  31. Locked out and thinking of using a lil sledge hammer probably 2 Lb one just trying to hammer it off. It's a steel screen door with that flat piece that makes it hard to use a knife or other flat object to use. The way I've done it before is insert something flat steel object like a screwdriver, knife and catch the bolt and force it open. Can't do that with that flat piece of the screen door extending over it. Knock it off or cut it off looks like the only option. Should've had a extra key somewhere outside. Oh well 😔

  32. Why the hell would you teach people how to pick a lock?. Yes I know firefighter need to access homes in a hurry. But theifs do too. So any pothead can gain access to a home. Your a ass.

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