How to make your Antenna glow in the dark!

How to make your Antenna glow in the dark!

This video is about how to make a
glow-in-the-dark antenna for your car or
vehicle it uses no batteries uses no
wires just charges up with the power of
the Sun my name’s Eric pebble I’m an
industrial designer if you’re new to my
channel I hope that you subscribe and
check out some of the other design and
making videos that I have have you ever
gotten to the parking lot couldn’t find
your car because it looks like all the
other ones my car has a little black
antenna and I thought if I got it to be
white better yet glow in the dark I’d be
able to find it at a moment’s notice to
be able to do this design mod you’re
going to need your existing antenna some
adhesion promoter some white primer some
white plasti dip and some clear
plastidip along with some
glow-in-the-dark powder it can use any
color you want I got mine on ebay link
should be listed below
I started out with a 120 grit wet/dry
sandpaper and lightly sanded scuffed up
my existing antenna it’s a little bit
flexible a little rubbery so I wanted to
make sure I got all the grease and oil
off of it here I clean it off with some
water and some soap the next thing I’m
going to do is start applying some of
that adhesion promoter I have it hanging
in my garage from a string and a piece
of wood that I drill a little hole into
so I could hold the antenna that he’s in
promoter requires two three coats at
least applied within 10 minutes of each
other at least the brand that i’m using
i use the d-jump roller because i wanted
to make sure that the paint i put on
this antenna stuck I have no idea what
kind of plastic this antenna actually is
so I want to make sure it sticks now I’m
putting on a very light coat of white
primer just a dusting just to make it
white next I’m going to apply some of
the white plasti dip and start coding
this antenna with a rubbery like paint
and the plasti dip is awesome for that
once i have three coats of white plasti
dip on my antenna I start sprinkling the
glow in the dark powder onto the wet
white paint this allows the glow in the
dark powder to adhere to the antenna I
then alternate glow in the dark powder
with clear coats of plasti dip this is
an old painters trick where they put
pearl or something in a clear coat to
add a little bit more depth and so I put
down some glitter dark powder then a
quota clearer and more glow in the dark
powder and more clear and I do three
coats of that and finally I’m done
and I put a final clear coat Plasti Dip
on top of everything to seal it actually
put two clear coats on top of it I allow
it to dry for 24 hours and boom you got
yourself a glow-in-the-dark antenna and
you can find your car I want to thank
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6 Replies to “How to make your Antenna glow in the dark!”

  1. Hey man – just found your channel – love these videos, particularly the air compressor one! Nice work! It's so refreshing to see a channel like this that isn't just a King of Random clone. Cheers!

  2. A warning to whomever might be considering to do this in Germany and potentially other EU countries: it's likely to be illegal. Light-emitting paints on the exterior are legally considered as lights, which are regulated and may only be present where explicitly allowed. I'm not an authority, so consult someone who is, but it seems the general rule is, whenever something seems like fun, it's likely illegal.

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