How to make a walking robot from cardboard

How to make a walking robot from cardboard

How to build your own robot? Cut the cardboard in the shape of leg Use 150 RPM dual shaft motor Place the motor and tyre inside the leg Make the abdomen for robot Let’s make hand for the robot Place the head Use DPDT switch in the remote Connect open end of USB cable Have fun with DIY Ocean’s remote control robot

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  2. thanks a lot! this is easy to make with children. Hope you make another video who easy make for child more, and write the materials in description too.

  3. If you wanna know what the switch is here is the link:
    Hoped I helped!!

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  5. Is it dangerous if kids make it by their self?
    Kids near the age of 11.
    I'm just asking because I'm having a science fair in my school sooooo

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