whats up, this is tampatec.
i’m going to install these dual headrest monitors.they
are a great value.i’m going to leave a link
in the video description below.
so here is the headrest itself.
you can unzip the cover.
and tada! this is a 9 inch lcd screen.
600p resolution.
you can connect headphones, switch av1 to
av2, power, ir sensor. and it tilts back and forth.
this is universal headrest monitor that works
for most cars with a headrest.
so on my headrest i have thin rods, if you
have thick rods then use the spacers. if you
want to spread apart the rods then walk them
outward. to remove the headrest push the side
button then hold the button and use micro-screwdriver
in release pinhole to release the headrest.
at the same time pushing in the releases lift
up on the headrest.
remove seatcover and unlatch bottom of the
seat but some cars don’t have access so you
may need a razor to create access to pull
out the wires.
both headrest monitors have cable coming out
on same side so don’t matter what side you
install the headrest.
fish down a hanger and see it down here.
next tape the cable to the hanger and run
it down.
push the pin in to connect the headrest.
connect wire harness here.
line up the dimple to small hole.
dimple should lock in the small hole.
then tuck it in.
lift and pull down to buckle it.
insert the wire harness into center console.
all my wiring is going to be connected in
the center console.
give yourself some slack so the seat can move
back and forth.
here is my cigarette lighter power port wires.
i also connect a toggle switch so i can manually
turn on off the monitors.
my ford mustang power port stays on for some
reason even when the car is off so i connected
the switch with LED so i know when to turn
it off and won’t drain my car battery when
my car is off.
honda toyota lexus you probably won’t need
a switch because when the car is turned off
the power port is off too.
here are the headrest monitors cables. red
and black wires separate them.
then strip the ends.
twist the red wires together.
then twist the black wires together.
you can solder the
for a
better connection.
heat up the wire then apply solder to wires.
lead solder works better than lead-free.
disconnect power port.
black wire is the ground and the color wire
the positive 12v. use a voltmeter to be sure.
meter probe black is negative.
we have 0v because the car is off and the
turn the switch on and we have 12v. now we
can hook it up.cut the black ground wire.
this the ground from the chassis of the car
and this is the ground wire to the switch
and power port.
twist and put on crimp connector.
crimp it.
that feels secure.
i’m going to do the same
on this side.
positive side on power port and connect positive
crimp them.
now connect green wire and crimp.
now we got ground and positive wires connected.
plug it back in.
to turn on the headrest monitors in my car
i hit the switch but for most of you just
turn on the car.
press power on the monitor and it works.
over here i connected PS2 and the reason why,
ps2 slim can fit in my glove box and won’t
overheat and its a DVD player.
i drilled a 3 inch hole for the heat from
the ps2 to escape and to run ps2 wires out.
this is a Y RCA adapter see link below.
1 end is a female plug and the other end is
2 male plugs.
plug in ps2 yellow video wire to female plug
connect other 2 male ends to av 1 on both
now plug in power inverter to power ps2. what
is cool about this LED switch it has a fuse
in it and let me know when its on or off.
this power inverter is 150 watt power inverter
that powers my ps2. now just press on the
GAME ON! thanks for watching, if this video
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  1. excuse me sir won't be watching your videos this time your volume is too low please check your master settings good luck on the next video

  2. CAR MONITORS- Power inverter- Y-RCA splitter-
    1:00 "how to install headrest monitors" use volt meter to find 12v
    3:30 "wiring headrest monitors" disconnect car battery before installing wires
    9:14 "how to connect a DVD player in your car"

  3. click on CC button if your audio isn't working
    there's audio in this video but left speaker audio is way lower than the right speaker for some reason. maybe my mic connection got loose when I was moving around in my car. sorry if someone can add cc that would be very helpful. I'll try to add CC when I get the chance after my son's birthday.

  4. Great setup your video actually helped me out alot. I installed headrest monitors in my car for my daughter great video 2 thumbs up

  5. I have a pyle view pld 76 and want to know how to install to a Honda odyssey 2012 van.  Also do I need to connect separate power feed to each of the monitor

  6. I found this video very informative, well done and easy to follow, Thank You for sharing, very much appreciated.

  7. hey I have a dvd deck pioneer and I wanna hook up 4 monitors to use with the deck… can you explain how to run the power from the deck?… I need to use the deck remote wire so when the deck is on or off the monitors will turn on and off as well… my monitors have red and black wires and V1 and V2 video out… my question is how do I run the monitors to the deck remote… do I hook the red wire up to the deck remote?… help..


  9. I just wanted to know how can install in my VW Beetle convertible 2007-2008 a dvd/tv headrest please, because you show us from another type of car. Very good video by the way thanks! Kisses for your wife and kids from Chile!!! :D!

  10. If you have a cigarette lighter that stays on, hook it up to the audio system instead, so they turn off when the radio turns off.

  11. So with you installing the headrests did you disconnect it from the stereo or is it still connected to the stereo so it shows on 3 screens?

  12. thank you, I've been considering purchasing a set of these and this was very helpful in letting me know what to expect installation wise. Definitely do-able! Sidenote: I love those headphones! I'm going to have to find some of that style for my lil dude!

  13. thanks for the video. is there any way possible that you guys could make a video on how to retain your factory over head dvd player once installing pioneer nex stereos? i have a 2005 dodge durango limited with premium system and pioneer 2300 nex that you recommended witch is great and it has the ves in the menu but its greyed out. and i have no idea how to migrate the dvd player with the stereo. can you help or give a link or something? thanks

  14. I have 2005 audi a6 Quattro loming for 2 headrest DVD HD 1080p can I play it thru car speakers?I have peanut butter seats can i change headunit

  15. hey there tampatec im about to install tv headrest monitors in my 2008 ford mustang and my ? to the video is like lets say i have some music videos that plays on my stereo and i want to play them on the headrest how would i do that

  16. is there any other way besides the cig port to hook up the black and red wire if so can some one tell me ?

  17. I'm having a very hard time with the wire going in a CRV 2009 model and the seats is there anything anyone can advise me they're not leather their cloth ' I'm afraid of hitting the airbag side I'm trying to stick more to the middle part or the opposite edge of the airbag side, I tried it with a hanger but it keep getting stuck about halfway down ' does anyone have any suggestions?

  18. PS2 is perfect for a car. Good for playing nostalgic games while passing time in a car. Anyone can play PS3 or PS4 when home.

  19. this works with most cars but now with all. it won't work with my Volvo V50 for example. and this is due to the fact that the cylinder inside the seat (where you insert the head-rest bars, is closed at the bottom. so you can't run a wire/cable through it. if anyone has a solution for this, please let me know.

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