How to Install Mercedes Brake Pads | Front Brake Pads for W211 E Class

How to Install Mercedes Brake Pads | Front Brake Pads for W211 E Class

hello everyone welcome to easy steps
today I’m going to be showing you how to
replace your front brake pads on your
mercedes-benz w211 E-class so you’re going to be
needing is a hammer straight screwdriver a
plier the tire lug opener a small
screwdriver or you can use a nail some
disc brake quiet grease some brake
cleaner and obviously you can need your
brake pads the new ones and last what
you’re going to be leaving is your car
jack to jack up the car so let’s get
started after loosening them you’re
going to want to jack up your car so
you’re going to want pull the wheel lugs
off as you can see there’s two holes
small screwdriver that fits through the
hole and you’re going to want to hit it
with the hammer and you’re going to want
to pop the two pins on this side it’s
going to be these two pins as you can
see so you’re going to hit it either
just want to pop it out like that same
for the top you’re going to want to pull
the pins out from the back
so we are going to be needing the new
brakes the old brakes were thin and the
new ones are going to be really thick
you’re gonna have to push the cylinders
back a little brake cleaner just swing
it all out clean off the surface disk
great quiet grease just put it a little
bit on you want to just smear it all
over this will this will reduce all
those squeaking noises that your brakes
will make
same for the other side once it goes
into the hole you’re going to want to
hit it from the back tall on new ones
just slide it in like that after you put
the wheel on you’re gonna do the same on
the other side that’s how you change
your front brake pads on your w211
mercedes-benz e-class thank you for
watching if this video has helped you
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17 Replies to “How to Install Mercedes Brake Pads | Front Brake Pads for W211 E Class”

  1. Hey your video looks pretty simple, I have a 04 e500 and this will my first diy with anything on this car, quick question tho, how did you push the calipers apart to fit the thicker new brake pads ? With pliers ?

  2. Consider it done .. Now, I get the error message "service brakes and consult a workshop"
    MB my guy says I brake too much!.. LOLDo you have any good tips on a good solution for me ..

  3. Great video thanks. Just completed R&R front pads on my 09 E350. I'll be doing the rear pads soon. These require a little more disassembly though. Thanks again and again Great job on the video.

  4. thanks so much, I have a 05 c230 and it has these calipers and I've been looking for the right brake pads for the longest

  5. Hey mate Nice video and easy doing!
    I have a 2003 c320 mb with the SBC brake …can I do it like in your video or do I have pay attention to something else bc of the SBC brake?
    Thanks a lot

  6. wow.. can't believe it is that easy to replace brake pads… Do I need to replace brake sensors as well? Thanks!

  7. Good video, I do want to clear up some confusion I have. Where some people say to deactivate the SBC, you say to unhook the battery. So, should one unhook both batteries, the one in the trunk and the one in the engine compartment there by the cabin filter. Or just one of them? Thank you

  8. Hello,
    Great video by the way, I have a 06 cls500 and I want to try and change them out my self. Do I need to bleed out the brake line or just follow step by step how you did it by just uncapping the reservoir? Any feed back would be highly appreciated.
    Thank You

  9. Why did you not provide this warming in the video? "Important: SBC brake system MUST be deactivated using SBD 102 or Mercedes Star Diagnosis tool. When activated, the SBC brake system builds up high pressure in the brake system. The automatic extension of the caliper pistons may result in serious bodily injury. Brake pressure may cause brake fluid to escape at high pressure, with possible resulting damage or injury. Maintenance or repair work must never be performed on an active SBC brake system. The SBC brake system pushes out the brake master cylinder when:

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