How to Fix/Repair Small Dents on Your Car by Yourself

How to Fix/Repair Small Dents on Your Car by Yourself

What’s up, guys? I’m Andy from 1A Auto. In this video I’m going to show you how to
fix small dents like this one. If you need any parts for your vehicle, click
the link in the description and head over to All right, first we’re going to take some
soapy water. Make sure you clean this area. You can watch the whole car, but we’re just
going to wash this area. I’m going to rinse it. I don’t have a hose, so I’m going to rinse
it. If you can access the inside of the panel,
like this one, we could get in behind it. We can use a little hammer and try to tap
it out. But we’re going to try a different approach. We have this tool right here, and we’re going
to actually take some hot glue. We’re going to glue this on and then go like
this, and there’s a little screw that we tighten. It’s going to actually suck the dent right
out. So let’s just take a little bit in this glue. I’m not going to cover this entire thing because
it’s a little ding, so that’s good right there. I got to find it. It’s right there. They do make different bits for this. You can use a smaller one. All right. Take the tool and get it lined up. I’ll tighten this up. Here we go. That looks pretty good. I’ll take a little alcohol. Spray that and wipe it off. So that dent’s pretty much gone. I would say it’s probably 90% better than
it was. It looks pretty good. I can take some Polish and Polish up this
area a little bit. So let’s try a couple more. Now we’re going to remove this dent. This is a interesting dent. It looks like an L, so it’s a little bit of
a dent right there. Then it goes this way right down there. So let’s take this one out. For this one, I’m going use this overlooking
adapter right here because it’s a longer dent. So take the glue–more the center right there. Attach it right there. Hold it there and tighten it up. I’m going to spray a little alcohol on there. Use a scraper. Spray a little more alcohol. There you go. Most of that came out. There’s probably a little bit more. I can pull that one more time and then we’ll
do the bottom part. Take a little more alcohol. Just wipe it off and it looks pretty good. I’d say that one’s about 90%-95% gone. It’s a good idea to wax your car after you
do this because the alcohol is going to strip the wax off, so either wax that area or wax
the rest of your car. We have a couple of dents in here. Here’s a nice 2 x 4 dent right there. It’s kind of long. So if you have any small dents in your vehicle
and you want to try to repair them, this is a good way to do it yourself. Thanks for watching. Visit for quality auto parts shipped
to your door, the place for DIY auto repair, and if you enjoyed this video please click
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10 Replies to “How to Fix/Repair Small Dents on Your Car by Yourself”

  1. Great call on making some useful videos. I have 4 to5 hail dents on my car I will be able to remove myself….Thank you

  2. Dent is not gone at all. Why spin the tab while applying hot glue? That won’t make a difference. Paintless dent repair is a skilled trade that takes much training and experience. How do I know? I do it Professionally for a living. If you want it repaired completely and not 50%, find a reputable PDR technician in your area. Trust me, you won’t regret paying someone. It is not as easy as it looks, i nearly gave up learning this profession myself.

  3. just bought one of these on ebay around 5 minutes ago, i was just wondering if any special hot glue sticks are needed or if regular ones will work? (is there any advantage to using special hot glue sticks that claim to be for dent repair?)

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