How To Fix Coolant Mixing With Engine Oil in Mercedes W163 | Milkshake Gunk | BlueDevil

How To Fix Coolant Mixing With Engine Oil in Mercedes W163 | Milkshake Gunk | BlueDevil

hello everyone please welcome and join me
in Easy Steps today I’m going to share with
you I’m getting a gunk out of my car my
car is heating up it’s a really thick
gluey yellowish color like a gravy and
this happened due to mixing of
engine oil with your coolant it could be
many reasons your head gasket crack a lot
of lots of things can happen as a
mechanical defect how you can fix it let
me share with you a gasket leak and it
caused or the oil to mix with anti freeze yellow
gravy you will see coming out it’s a
really thick texture and use the
containers of bin to collect that and
then a dispose it properly make sure
that you don’t spill it out or on your
driveway because then it can become
slippery you need to make sure that you
clean it well this is it this is how it
looks as you see all the gunk water
coming out and what I have done I
cleaned the reservoir and once it’s
cleaned and then I empty out the radiator
and try to push it out with the water
head gasket leaked and it caused or the
oil to mix with antifreeze and that that
is where you get to that kind of
really well
your engine and if you keep driving you
can burn your engine and in the market
there is a not a permanent fix but it’s
real fix it’s called blue devil
it’s a head gasket sealer says it’s a
permanent repair but I’m not going for
it I need to fix the solution and then
after once I’m going to have a time I’m
going to go and replace my gasket this
product do claims it’s a permanent
repair and it’s granted I pour this one
into the reservoir once you put it in
you let the engine run for one hour we
are running for now 30 minutes without
any problem after one hour we’re going
to shut the engine off then we’re going
to drain the antifreeze sure that your
blower motor is on full speed your heater is on
so as you see the temperature you have
to keep monitoring the temperature is so
between 80 to 83 and the gasket sealer
you don’t want to believe that because
you need to watch your temperature gauge
it don’t go beyond 120 warning then you
are basically blowing up your engine
right now and keep monitoring and it’s
now 35 minutes
I believe the Blue Devil will work I have
a Mercedes and it’s a w163 and it did
fix issue to work with all the European
or American models or any car if you
having this issue and you can fix your
issue by using blue devil don’t take
this fix as a permanent fix this fix is
a temporary fix
once you have a time then you can
to place your head gasket or leaking
plug you to replace it hope for this will
help you out and if you do find this
video to be helpful please like share
and subscribe if you step Thank You
bye bye so this is what you see is all the
milkshake is coming out it’s a like a
creamy gravy this is after treatment of
that Blue Devil so we’re going to flush
it again so make sure that you flush it
two three four times this process was
done before mixing that blue devil
the treatment is really important that you
keep draining it clean water comes out
then we’re going to top off the day
engine coolant why do you see that this
is the wave going to work is a keep
draining you have to keep the water
running into the reservoir your car
don’t the heats up and we’re going to
make sure that is fully flush we’re
going to keep continuing doing that as
you see at the bottom it’s still stuff
is coming out engine oil is the mixing
into coolant and my engine oil is okay
we are not going to take any care we’re
going to drain over engine oil and we go
to top off with a new one so now the
water as you see starts coming out clear
blue devil head gasket sealer I bought
it from autozone and it cost me around
$75 seventy-five dollars you can buy this
product online this is better price
see the link up there I open the engine
cap and it looks clean to look inside no
coolant so we are flushing it again and
as you can see at the bottom is flushing
out the clean water this product is a
very effective and as it says you have
nothing to lose try it and it will fix
the problem so we have cleaned out all
the hoses clean the thermostat as well
and now the final the water coming out

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  1. I have an problemm .
    I cant relply to YT comments ..
    Im using ios 8 iphone 6
    When i hit reply button . I type any thing it wont show up ( The Words what i type )

  2. excuse me sir …i have the seam problem in my s500 w220 ..are you fix it … and my question is what is the parts dose the mechanic cheng it because i want to repair my car by me πŸ™‚ plz help me
    thank you

  3. why did the head gasket go on this w163? it's very hard for a w163 to get bad head gasket unless someone didn't pay attention. especially with miles that low. a w163 can keep driving 300,000 miles if taken care of.

  4. on my ml500, 2002 same milky stuff is appearing. no sign of water on the engine oil dip stick, temperature remains at 100 mark. have changed valeo and problem persists and considering changing the aluminium stuff on the front of engine near the oil cap and power driving atf pot. what could be problem?

  5. How long did it lasted ? I thought if you have oil in coolant you need to put stop leak to oil not to coolant ??? did it work ? Thanks in advance

  6. that shit will ruin your engine. do it right. fix the issue. these bandaids will leave you stranded at the worst time.

  7. You had leaking oil cooler that you managed to seal with that product not head gasket. With blown head gasket you would have coolant in engine oil not other way round.

  8. Can someone recommend a product for a head gasket that is leaking oil?
    I just don't have the $3k I was quoted for the repair. Thanks!

  9. I need urgent help, I have oil in my engine as well, I need to drain and change oil and after bluedevil seal do I need to change oil again?

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