How to Fix Check Engine Light That’s On in Your Car

How to Fix Check Engine Light That’s On in Your Car

one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
if your car’s check engine light is
staying, on then stay tuned because today
I’m going to tell you what it means when
your check engine light stays on, now it
doesn’t matter exactly what the light
says, some will say check engine with a
picture of the engine, some will have a
picture of the engine and some will just
say service engine soon, no matter what
the exact wording, they all mean the same
thing, the computer in your car has found
a problem, when you start your car the
computer analyzes if there’s any
problems in it and if it finds a problem
it turns a check engine light to warn
you about that problem, but how do you
know what it means, well to figure that
out, you need a scan tool to plug into
the car to see what the code is, but
don’t freak out about that because you
can get some pretty cheap code readers
this is a good one it cost about 130
bucks, but you can get them as cheap as
40 dollars, then just get a flashlight
and find the interface plug that goes
under the dash, in this Toyota if we look
around, there is right under the dash
we’ll just plug the code reader right in
here, then we just put in the ignition
key and turn it to the on position and
then check vehicle diagnosis and then
click on read codes, in this case it says
p0114 intake air temperature
circuit problem, now in this case it was
pretty easy
somebody just changed the air filter and
they left the sensor wire off, so I’ll
just plug it back in, now as you can see
from this trouble code book, hey there
are literally thousands of different
codes that can be on the computer, so you
can’t just guess, you need to hook up a
scan tool to see what the exact code is
but in case the light comes on while
you’re driving down the road and you
don’t have a scan tool here’s a tip, if
the light just comes on and doesn’t
flash generally you can keep driving the
car and no damage will be done, but if the
like flashes on and off while you’re
driving, that’s different, that means that
you have a pretty serious problem, you
need to have it looked at right away
and of course if you have problems
figuring out what the trouble code
number means, hey there’s always Google
you can look it up on the Internet or
you can go to my website Scotty and ask me, just visit my answer
forum, because I’m here to help, and
remember if you’ve got any car questions
just visit Scotty

100 Replies to “How to Fix Check Engine Light That’s On in Your Car”

  1. Hi Scotty ,I have a Seat Arosa 1.0 2002 i have the check engine light on but no one in my country can tell me whats the problem, they just turn the light of and cant find whats the problem.. they just changed my spark plug twice, but after a time the light came on again and it didnt go more than 60km/h ..thank you!

  2. I would need the code number, and it would have to be in US obd II format, as that's all we use her e in texas

  3. to keep the engine from pinging from pre detonation early of the gasoline inside the engine. it should actually be called an Anti Knock Sensor

  4. hi scotty ive just brought a volvo v70 and ive get a low /no oil pressure light come on once the engine reaches running tempreture . the engine still sounds sweet .no knocking or banging is it safe to drive. Where would start your fault finding ?

  5. you need a lot of experience for that testing lines and a wiring diagram to explain what goes where and what kind of voltage each wire should have. But, you can look as the pins and see if any are bent or broken

  6. Scott, I've got a Mazda 6 and the check engine light went on. Went to the autozone and the guy said they cannot read the code cuz my ECU is not connecting something and told me to take it to the dealer. I hate the dealer cuz they charge you $150 just for reading it. I bought a popular diag. tool from Amazon and waiting for it. Everything on the car looks normal. Have you seen any case like the ECU does not respond or something? Do cars have different diag. tool models?

  7. sport montero 2001 check engine light came on air filter was pluged changed light went out one day after check engine light came back on any ideas thank you scotty

  8. egr system is malfunctioning. Can be bad egr valve, bad wiring, or bad main computer. Good luck, guys often try a new egr valve

  9. Scotty, 98 lexus GS 400 P0446 code. how can I fix that ? please let me know when u have the chance, thanks for your help an knowledge .

  10. Hey mate I got a 03 turbo dessil isuzu d- max and when we get to about 115km/ph the engine light comes on and it loses all power would you know what thats about?

  11. What if my car is a 92, what type of scanner should I buy? can i just use the paper clip u mentioned in another of your videos?

  12. paper clip is it, they don't give out much info unless you buy an expensive dealer level one on those old things

  13. system is too lean, many things can do that, start by checking for vacuum leaks and pressure test the fuel pump to see if it's weak.If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event where you can ask me questions Live. You do have to be a member of google plus

  14. get it scanned, e mail me the code or codes for analysis. auto zones scan em free. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every saturday morning at 10 AM CST on google events. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just go to my scotty kilmer channel on youtube saturday morning at 10, and click on the google plus icon on the top right corner. That takes you to the event. You do have to be a member of google plus to ask questions, so join up, it’s all Free.

  15. my tranny fluid was empty/extremely low..So i added transmission fluid, and now my check engine light is on. Any ideas? Thought about just disconnecting battery cables. Any ideas?

  16. Hi scotty, my 2002 subaru impreza wrx check engine light turned on just today and I have no idea what's that problem. it's not blinking so is it safe if I continue driving it?

  17. hey scotty i got gas about a day ago and im not sure if i left the cap a little lose when leaving. the check engine light turned on today and i went out and tightned the cap so i hear clicks. i just got the car back from my mechanic about 2 weeks you think its from the gas cap or something else and if it is gas cap is there anyway to test it beside reading the code or do you know how long it should stay on? Thanks scotty you are the man!

  18. Heii Scotty ben again I found out my miss fire and fixed it, I notice my temperature gauge doesn't move changed the thermistate sensor, still doesn't move. I can drive around then my check engine light is on. I turn the truck off then turn it back on and doesn't come back on. So whats going on?

  19. Hi Scotty, I have a 2009 Mercedes Benz and my scaner says: P0607  (the Engine light is on).  What it does it means, please help me

  20. Hi Scotty, love your suggestions and I always come to you first for car problems. Okay so I have a 2007 Chevy Impala with P0442, poor acceleration, and horrible gas mileage… What can I fix before going to tech?

  21. my car engine check light frequently show either when i am starting up my car or while driving. The thing usually happens, the car engine turns off during red traffic light on and engine just suddenly stop while I am driving (it is totally dangerous because I loss breaks and steering wheel control. So i think I suspect it is gas supply problem.

    Some mechanics told me, it is normal sometimes that engine check light shows. it the spark plug problem and ignition when engine stops working. but after I change  ignition coil and spark plug the same problem still exist.

    Is there a "gas tune up" thing to fix this matter?


  22. Hi Scotty: I would like to ask you a question. Last week, my car honda crv 2005, the engine light was on, but it was just two days. So, does it mean there is no problem or the problem is still there?

  23. Scott my check engine light came on and car was shaking a bit. It felt horrible. My trac light would not come on. I checked the codes and said my gas cap was loose or off and sure enough it was. I tightened it and reset the check engine light. Now I noticed that the coolant res is low and it was full a few months ago, Could  it be related?  

  24. It would be cool if you made a video explaining what the "liter" part of an engine means, and what "liter" even means, and what the difference between a 3.0 liter engine and 4.0 would be.

  25. Hey guys.
    I'm working on a '92 Chevy Silverado with a 350 DPFI. With this truck, I've encountered very strange check engine light behavior. Some days it comes on instantly, sometimes it comes on after 10 minutes, and sometimes it never comes on at all. I can't use a code reader to check error code, because after I shut the vehicle off and turn the key on, or restart it, the light is off. Every once in a while, the light will come on for a while, then shut it self off while I'm driving down the road.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm always looking for advice from other mechanics and their own experiences.

    Thanks in advance!

  26. My car has been idling a little bit and then the check engine light came on, but before I could get it to a place to get the code it disappeared… Do you know why that might be??

  27. My check engine light turns on then my air conditioner turns off what is the solution. What is the connection of check engine to my ac. Air conditioner? Plz ans

  28. Scotty, on my 99 Hyundai Elantra, today it stopped shifting out of 2nd gear an i have a code P0733 , Gear 3 incorrect ratio , what causes this an is it a simple fix ? please let me know 

  29. today the garage guy put something in my tank and told me to put more gas in and drive an hour and see if all my not ready codes would go away since id had a check engine light on and the mechanic erased it after he put new gas cap on, anyways after I drove light was still off and guy drove me to emission place and I passed , this guy was great saved me alot of money went way beyond what he was supposed to do, id failed the day before because other mechanic erased the code, at least I got the sticker but light came back on loll, was a small leak, im not worried

  30. Hi Scotty!  Really intrigued by you video and I tried to replicate what you did on my 92 Nissan NX..

    First I unplugged my Throttle Pos Sensor then I turned on the car.. No Check Engine Light!!

    Secondly, I then short circuited the top right 2 pins on the data plug..  It gave me code 55 (no faults)!!

    Do you reckon my ECU is corrupt?

  31. Scotty, got a 06 Chevy Silverado , 4.3 liter, code is P0174 System too lean bank 2, what causes it an how can i fix it ? please let me know, thank you very much . Kody

  32. hello my 1999 honda accord maint light flashes 10 times when I turn it on. do I just need an oil change or something else as well I've never seen it blink before but I've never reset it either thx in advance

  33. Hello Scotty, how are you I am a big car enthusiasts and like to work on my car as well I recently changed the exhaust manifold on my car and put an exhaust header instead for some extra power, as I was removing the bolts I noticed on manifold stud had broken inside the cylinder head and with my luck it had to be one of the studs on the corner right, I got worried but proceeded to install it, and noticed the side with the broken stud was not nice and flush with the cylinder head , I tried to use the broken stud to tighten it,it screwed right in but did not tighten it, but all the other bolts where tight, so I got everything all buttoned up and started the car, and just what I expected the check engine light came on, could that be the problem? the car runs and drives fine, but I also noticed the idle would change from normal to a bit higher at times, I really hope it's just an exhaust leak and nothing serious, hope you can help me with this problem, thanks Scotty great channel.

  34. What would we do without great guy's like you. I know a bit about cars but with your extra professional advise you make easy for people like me to have a go. Thanks mate.

  35. hey scotty, my car idles shakes so much when i turn my car's A/C on (doesn't matter what speed i adjust it too, the car shakes a lil bit.) does it mean my A/C compressor is going bad ?

  36. I have a Kia Rio5 2007 and I changed the purge valve and engine light is came on and it's show the code is evep emission system pressure sensor/ switch range/ performance so what's mean of that

  37. hey Scotty can u force trans fluid to exit after the pan is dropped —–with air- in the fill tube thanks — oo and good job on the video

  38. hi scotty
    i have a 2003 nissan sentra i recently had work done to replace head gaskets. when i got the car back the check engine light came on (oxygen sensor) it was on a few weeks and now it went out. i was told that happens sometimes after major work is done. is that true or false?

  39. thanks Scotty, good to have an honest answer and not a trying to make money off of someone who just want to make a buck

  40. Hi Scotty, I went for a test drive recently of a 2012 Hyundai Accent Car. Has "5 year " warranty with Hyundai, car hasnt gone through E-test nor Safety. When I did the test drive, the car's engine light remained on the whole time. I was asked to put a $200 down payment to just have a mechanic look at it. Would you suggest for me to walk away as the engine light problem is so broad ? or should I just bring it to a mechanic ?

  41. hey Scotty my engine light flashes for about 30 sec when i start the car then turns off. There are no codes on the ob2 scanner . Any ideas you have for me .

  42. i purchased a nissan altima 2001 a few months ago. three days ago the check engine light turned on solid while i was driving. i borrow my friend's scanner and reseted the computer. how long should i drive it to know if the problem went away?

  43. Hey i have a 2007 malibu ls and having trouble with with getting it started it will start but when i turn it off it wont start back up do kno what could be the problem

  44. Why do I need a scan tool if I have a $1000 computer. Is there an adapter and app for a computer? If not, there is certainly a niche.

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  46. Hey Scotty I just got a check engine and trac light on at the same time. It’s a 2011 Corolla. I also just installed a short ram intake. Any solutions? Plz get back at me.

  47. Hey Scotty I have a 1991 Nissan stanza how do I diagnosis it to find out what’s wrong with it have a check engine light

  48. This guy is so cringy & funny & his videos are so simple & so helpful. I love this guy. Thanks for the help scotty my boy!!

  49. 1, 2, 3, 4 REV UP YOUR ENGINES…… it’s time for suck my cock! Scotty have you ever had a woman offer to pay for her car repairs with sex?

  50. What if the check engine light do show and come on when ever the vehicle is running wrong or weird I used to get check engine light on and it doesn't do it anymore

  51. Why at the end did you show your license on the back of the car I would be worried that some body would call the cops on me

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