How to Fix Center Console Armrest Clip 2006-2011 Honda Civic

How to Fix Center Console Armrest Clip 2006-2011 Honda Civic

Hey guys in this tutorial I’m going to show
you how to replace the clip on an armrest in a 2008 Honda Civic. Sometimes the little clip that holds the armrest
down breaks. It’s actually a pretty easy fix. You can get the OEM replacement part from
Honda online. I think the clip was about four of five bucks. Alright guys lets check it out. Here’s my armrest right now it’s broken. See if I tap up on it it will come right up. That little part broke off. Let’s figure out how to replace it. There’s 2 screws one on the left and one on
the right. And you can unscrew it with this 6 point star
tool.This just comes right off. It pulls right out the bottom. So to remove the broken clip what you’re gonna
do is put your fingers right here on each side and push together so one side pops out
and you can slide the other side out. Hang on to the spring and bar because you’re
going to need it still. When putting this back together make sure
you put the spring in that little hole there otherwise it won’t work. You’re going to slide the bar in from the
right side while holding the clip and spring in place. Now I’ve got it installed and you can see
that it’s actually spring loaded now. So, it’s gonna hold tight. So let’s go ahead and get this panel back
on. Hold the clip up out of the way while you
do it and slide the bottom part in then pop it forward. Put the screws back in on each side. Alright so here’s the finished product. Clips right into place. Piece of cake.

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  1. Next time do a tutorial w/o music. We can't hear what you're saying and what is the point in putting music in a TUTORIAL when you are trying to talk and explain how something is done?

  2. Hi YouTube, here is what I did when I had a similar issue but the clip wasn't broken instead the base was.

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