How to Fix CD or DVD Player No Disc Error – won’t play cd

How to Fix CD or DVD Player No Disc Error – won’t play cd

So I was given this Philips
unit it’s a
Home theater set up from years ago
They gave it to me somebody gave it to me for either get it working or parts or something
It sat around and I needed a radio for the shop. I thought well, maybe I can get this working
but since it sat around and had some
Some mildew on the board and it wouldn’t really fire up the controls in the front didnt work. The display didnt work
So I put a little bit too much work into it to get it working
hello behold after I got everything going the
Dvd/cd drive now doesn’t work which is pretty common for an old CD player
So if you have an old CD player, that just doesn’t read discs anymore
I am going to show you how hopefully how to possibly get it to work. So you’ll see it’ll be something like this
That’s another problem is the mechanism is now jammed
Which I also have to fix
It’s a rabbit hole
Yes, it doesn’t even try so
That is what we’re going to try to fix
Ok closer. Look
It’s good to know what you you’re looking at. This is just the main board. It’s got the amplifier
It’s all the logic stuff. This is the sound chip
Obviously the disk drive
This is the power supply you want to stay away from this generally you want to discharge all the capacitors which are these things?
For this you’re gonna be staying away from it
so it should be okay and they have this whole protective thing over top of it and make sure it’s
So what I did and every CD player every DVD player is gonna be different
But for this one just give me more room. I open the drawer and then pull the plug
So that gives me more room. This won’t be in the way
And that way I don’t have to disassemble the whole thing to take the drawer out
First thing to do is
Clean the laser. All you need is a clean q-tip. You don’t need to wet it and you just gently clean it
I’ve done this already. I know this doesn’t work for mine. It’s clean, but
You can then put a disc in and see if that fixes the problem
If so button it up you’re done, but I know that’s not the case here. Let’s
Turn it around on the back of the laser or on the back of the reader
Back here. Now you’re gonna notice there’s this little
Excuse little ribbon cable
Take these little clips
And pull that other way is kind of fragile, so just be careful again this is unplugged
And that gets that out of the way
Okay, and on the back of the board, you’ll notice there’s these two little trimmer pots
these little guys
adjust the amount of current going to the laser diode the way they have a set up is one is for
The DVD portion and one is for the CD portion. So what there’s two things you can do
You get a multimeter, there are
Two posts on the bottom of each and a post in the middle you put the multimeter in ohms
Measure from the top and the bottom, right?
That way you establish what it was set at originally and you turn it clockwise very slightly and
Then try it again
If you don’t have a multimeter you can do it the I guess you could say the redneck way and
That is get a fine sharpie and draw a line on it
Problem is these things are very really tiny. So
Makes it really difficult. That’s what we’re gonna try to do
The thing is if you go too far you’re gonna burn it out
And the reason for doing this is a as a reference point can be if you ever have to get back to the way it
was stock
That’s your record
But the thing is it doesn’t work as it is so if you burn it out who cares!!
It’s way too soon I gotta find a screwdriver to fit that
Now if you can find a screwdriver small enough you can use that to make the adjustment. Otherwise, I’m just going to use a
Just a small blade it’s largely but it has a pretty fine tip
Just put it there you can feel where it wraps
My fingers, I believe so you can see and you’re just going to turn it
I mean it’s going to be just a hair. You’re not even going to barely feel the turn just
Want to go in small increments and test it out to see if it works
You don’t want to go too far because you don’t want to put too much current through the laser diode
If you do ,you could possibly burn it out
These are already set at the factory
Usually close to or at the limit of the laser diode. So you’re actually going to be pushing it beyond its limits
umm…Again I don’t have the limits for what’s actually in here
I don’t have the specs for this board where the actual diode I haven’t pulled it out to look but that’s my guess
Over time they the output diminishes so you can
Push it a little bit harder to get some more life out of it. So I’m just going to turn this
To grab and I’m not even sure if you can see this on camera
I’m gonna turn them both just a little bit and
Routing cable
I’m going to be putting back in here
Lock this in place just by pushing that closed
Or so that you could
See if it works
You know its loading ,it actually didn’t do that last time there you go fixed
This is just YouTube music so the charity monetization or anything
So it’s an easy fix, so if you have an old CD player DVD player
maybe fix would buy you some more time

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  1. अरे अब कौन सीडी इस्तेमाल करता है भाई।
    मेरा सोनी का डीवीडी प्लेयर कबाड़ी ने पचास रुपए में खरीदा जो लगभग पांच हजार का लिया था सन् 2014 में।

  2. Sometimes it's a hardware problem, some of those laser devices have screws that help level the laser,there are usually two screws for levelling the laser head, other times cleaning the head with acetone does the trick, when you turn it on you can hear the laser head trying to focus on the CD, its a clicking sound, usually a sign that the head needs cleaning.

  3. So are you saying that the screw turns at it's own accord over the years to the extent that there's not enough power to load and play the disc?

  4. 9 times out of 10 it's just a dirty laser lens. Even a coat of dust that's not visible will interfere with it's operation. Best practice I've found is to clean it (gently) with a cotton swap soaked in IPA Isopropyl and blow it dry with compressed air.

  5. It did not work for me :(, im using denon dcd-325, it got a little bit better, but spins for 3/4 sec then stops again.

  6. I gave this a try and it worked for me. The ohm ranges were too low for me to get a good reading with my Fluke as a baseline, so I just tweaked them both up about the same amount as in your video and my DVD player came back to life. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I just fixed a nad cd player I found in a Goodwill for 7 dollars by watching your video and adjusting the voltage screw. Thank you very much.

  8. I have a 5 disc carousel zenith 2001 dvd/cd. When i put a disc in it spits it out 3-4 times "with disc error." Then i put a disc in and it will play cd's all night. Any help is much appreciated.

  9. one more thing that will make fixing things easier.. actually it is a saying that's been around for awhile.. it is : "the right tool for the right job" It will make your job so much easier.. so before you start your project make sure you have the right tools.. Good job on this fix.. I learned something new..

  10. Thanks for sharing. Preciuos video. I have 2 cd players with the same problem. I'll try it out and see what happens. Hope it all works like it did for you. Ciao!

  11. hi, greetings from South Africa I want to know from you , this might sound strange, but i am trying to use a really old school Ricoh CD/RW i used years ago. Never dropped or opened it but its been packed away for at least 18 years. I dont know what you call the piece or assembly where the lens sits with the rubber that hold the cd disc , but basically from what i gather, my tray opens and closes fine but my disc doesnt turn. I have opened it up and tried to play around without breaking the ribbon cable or the wires running to the motor . I can see that the tray closes and when it does this the part which has the lens assembly is supposed to rise up to grab the disc but this is not hapening, i can see fractional movement. Its pretty hard to work on it also and wiggly things around because u can only do so when the tray is in a different position, close or open. I do not know how far need to strip it down… i could take pictures for you, but i would really like to get this drive working again. I just dont know what is causing it to not rise or move properly its like its trying to but it cant. I turned the drive upside down and then loaded the disc (with difficulty not letting it fall out) and i hear the famous click/knock sound we hear when the CD is grabbed to start spinning… so this s good because when u turned the drive back right side up i could see the disc spinning. Looking forward to hearing from you , thanks for reading.
    So basically when the tray closed u should hear the disc being grabbed and that whole mechanism inside with the capston motor part should raise, but its not.

  12. Sometimes simply removing and putting back the ribbon cable fixes the issue. Oxidation may take place over a period of time. Also, the surface of the pots could get some oxide over time, and thus simply cracking their position can fix issues. Most likely the player will work for a number of years to come simply with what this guy did to fix it.

    Going back some years ago (late 1980's through to the mid 1990's) I used to service CD players at a contract job for warranty service when these players were expensive. I was servicing units from consumer level to professional level types. I was doing the tracking adjustments using test CD disks, a scope, and referencing to the service manual. I was servicing Sony, Panasonic, and some other types. I was also servicing VCRs and TV set. We were changing motors, belts, the laser unit assy., circuit boards, and etc. I used a laser meter to verify the laser strength. The factory level service manual normally has the emission specs for the laser for testing it.

    Especially with the early generation players the lasers were failing. The newer replacements were usually improved and would last a lot longer. Servicing these units out of warranty was fairly expensive. With consumer type units it did not pay to service them. Better to buy a new one.

    When servicing any CD player, never look directly in to the laser if you remove the shield! The beam is invisible to the eyes, and looking in to the laser can and most likely will lead to permanent eye damage. With many models of players the laser is turned on with the power applied, and it stays on. If the CD/DVD player is a writer, while in the play mode the laser works at a low power mode. In the burning (write) mode it is at a fair amount of power. I cannot remember off hand the power levels, but even in the play mode the laser is dangerous for eye sight. The reflected beam can also be dangerous!

    If you have a laser tester you can see if the laser is alive during standby mode if you have the shield removed, and put the sensor over the laser lens.

  13. i've done EXACTLY the same as you, you tosser…..took something that worked apart, changed something inside, put it back together no longer working, then waited for right moment someone tries it, it doesn't work & just like a FAKE FULL OF SHIT SLIMEBALL turned round with a "it'll NEVER work again" smirk & hung round for the "i CAN'T believe i fixed it when it was beyond saving" i'm a genius" finale, (tricking my victim she believed that after 76 hours of playing cds it was standard to chuck cd players away as this is called "end of fair usage" & just like the previous 3 i get a phone call "could i possibly fix that thing only genius's know how to fix for the fourth time so i did & for the 4th time i got laid lol (& the sad part was it was something EXACTLY the same as you've done A TOTAL FAKE)

  14. Fantastic I learned something new. By the way do you know of a place where I can get the rubber band for the old multi cd readers

  15. Goes without saying but I will anyhow; analog electronics were FAR MORE RELIABLE, easier to find and fix permanently,,, found issues. This digital CRAP,, is just that. Landfills are full of this junk technology that TAKE IT,, if not the road sides seem to accumulate the rest,!

  16. What about car cd player?
    It loads cd, laser head moves back and forth 5 or 6 times and thats it.
    It moves by 1mm forth and 1 mm back. Stops.
    It never spins the cd.
    After laser head moves and stops it throws "error 2".
    Which means laser cant read the disc.
    I wonder why it doesnt spin.
    Laser cant read if it doesnt spin?
    Correct or not?

    In your case increasing laser current made it loading actually.

  17. Neuf fois sur dix , un nettoyage de la lentille suffit !
    Mais merci de la démonstration .
    Nine times out of ten, cleaning the lens is enough!
    But thank you for the demonstration.

  18. Thanks for the details narration, could you show a closeup for where the multimeter probes contact points for ohm testing ? I had trouble getting reading.

  19. Is it possible that I have the same problem as you do in a brand newly bought TEAC hifi system? Or is there another cause seeing as the device is brand new?

  20. Although the footprint in my old Samsung HT-E5500 was a bit different I carefully followed your video and WA LA!!! I could not get Blu-Ray or DVD to play before (somehow audio CD's still played) and I was loathe to pitch the thing as the audio portion still works well with my home theater. And as we mostly stream stuff I kinda got by playing movies in my son's PS3 from time to time. As that thing was getting a wee jinky also this fix was a home run. Thanks!!!

  21. I bought a cd the other day off of ebay. It states ''no cd'' when I insert it. Tried cleaning it, but still the same. All of my other cd's work without any problem. It's a great unit..a Kenwood. What can be wrong with the cd?

  22. in my experience this fix works for older electronics . 90%of disc players i repair its the spindle motor that goes bad not spinning at the right rpm replacing it does the trick if the pot adjustment doesnt work. this is due to the fact that everything now is made cheap and designed to fail

  23. This trick fixed my old school Alpine 6-disc changer, model CHA-S604. Bought the changer brand new way back '97 and lately I thought I would toss it to the bin. Cleaning the pickup lens the previous years was fine but it was just lately that it fails to read any discs anymore 🙁 I measured the resistance on the VR POT before turning from 650 ohms down to 640 ohms. Merely a 10 ohms reduction. Now the unit plays like a champ! Thanks a ton!

  24. Great video! I have a Sony mini-disc player (MDS-E10) that's been sitting around for awhile with a disc stuck inside and a "Read Error". I went inside and was able to slide the mechanism forward and remove the disc. I've tried other discs and get the same "Read Error" and then the disc ejects automatically. No longer getting stuck but just won't play. I cleaned the laser but it didn't solve the problem. Not sure if the laser is even working – can't see it light up. Any suggestions?

  25. Help! I have a Toshiba sd-v296 dvd/vcr combo. The DVD player was working fine till about a week ago. It keeps reading disc error and won’t spin. I have tried what u did in the video and even sprayed wd-40 under the spinner to loosen it. Nothing is working

  26. @Electronicle : Thank you so much for those videos. I just fixed my Harman/Kardon BDS.
    @Tinkmarshino : I ordered a set of Pentalobe and electronics screwdrivers instead of "trying" with the stuff I have at home.
    It worked #1. Now I have a set of tools to fix my electronics, and I can listen to my CDs again… Cost: 25$. Benefits: I learned.

  27. Ok so i have a compact hifi made by sony, the cd part has 3 trimpot
    s on it i tried differrent combinations and i ended up making the cd spinning but not reading.

  28. I got so frustrating on this discs are thing I just gave up and just stuck my tongue on one of the electronical parts and I got a nice kick in the butt

  29. Good to know that at least one member of Kiss could fill out those ridiculous studded leather ball cups….

  30. Good video showing a possible problem scenario.

    Trimmer pots become a bit oxidised and high resistance over time. Therefore the setting is no-longer in spec. Moving them slightly might clean their contacts a little which in this case helped but you really have no idea if the calibration is correct or not. As pointed out, it may go over spec and burn out the laser. If the high resistance is elsewhere, like the tabs that hold the contact wiper in place. Doing this will not fix that. My suggestion is to get some contact clearer lube such as Deoxit spray. Do not spray this directly on the trimmer But spray a little into a small container. Then dab the smallest amount possible onto the trimmer contact points and dab these areas with the corner of a tissue to soak up excess conditioner. Wait for it the dry before powering up and testing again. This should soak through the oxides and regain continuity through the trimmer without moving it at all. If this is the least invasive approach and you can always try moving it if it doesn't work. The brand I suggest is expensive but is pretty safe on most components (some aren't). It is a product that can be used to clean and lube scratchy potentiometers such as volume controls as well as faders and faulty switches.

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    Consider Donating a couple bucks at the link below
    Thank you so much for all your great comments and support!

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