How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn’t Start

How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn’t Start

1, 2, 3, 4! Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for [CAR CRANKS] If you’ve got a car that
cranks but doesn’t start, stay tuned, because I’m going
to show you how to fix it. A car that doesn’t start
has lost one of two things, either fuel or spark
to the spark plugs. So start with a can
of starting fluid, and then find a place near
the air filter assembly where you can spray starting
fluid, like this hole. Just pop the sensor
out of the hole, then spray a little
starting fluid in the hole. Then try to start the car. [ENGINE STARTING UP] If it starts and then shuts off,
you’ve lost fuel to the engine. Check the fuel pump fuse to
make sure it’s not blown. But normally, the fuel
pump fuses are OK. It’s the pump that goes bad. So check to see if the pump
is putting out any pressure. Just turn the ignition
key to the on position. And hook up a fuel
pressure. gauge to see if there’s any fuel pressure. Now if you don’t have a fuel
pressure gauge, here’s a trick. Just follow the fuel line
to the fuel injector rail, right here where
the giant bolt is, get a wrench for the socket,
and crack the bolt open. If fuel pressure doesn’t
spray out, like in this case, you know the fuel pump is bad. So it will be time to put a
new fuel pump in the gas tank. But let’s say the
car didn’t start when you put starting fluid in it. Well, then you
probably lost spark. So take out one of
the spark plug wires. Then plug a spare
spark plug in it. Then get a jumper cable and
put one end on the spark plug, and the other end on
the negative terminal of the battery. Then crank the engine over. If you don’t see
any sparks sparking, you’ll know that the ignition
system is not working. You should see it
sparking like this. Now in this older Toyota,
if you’ve lost ignition, it’s often a bad distributor. They short out inside and you
replace the whole distributor. But later model cars don’t
even have distributors. They have coil on plugs. Each cylinder has
its own ignition coil that’s fired by computer. So if you lose spark
in a late-model car, it’s a lot more complicated. But often, it can be
the crankshaft position sensor that goes bad. So if you have no spark
in a late-model car, the first thing to check would
be the crankshaft position sensor, which in this
late-model Toyota, it’s hiding behind
the alternator. It’s not that big of a deal. You move the alternator
out of the way and just bolt the
sensor in and out. So now you know what to check
if your car doesn’t start. And remember, if you’ve
got any car questions, just visit,
and I’ll answer them. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. Hey scotty. I got some hard starting thing with my car. Its a 2010 honda city. I have replace a brand new battery and spark plugs but still it is experiencing a hard starting what do you think supposed to be the problem? Hope for your response

  3. I have a 2006 rx8 and the scanner read the crankshaft position sensor I replaced it but it’s still telling me the crankshaft position sensor what could I do?

  4. Hello I'm writing because I have a 98 Toyota Camry Le v.6 now it stalled out on me 6 times I got to my sisters started up and ran good 2 times no problems then when I went to leave it would turn over but no start every thing on so some one came and looked at it they said fuel pump changed it still no start I was told crankshaft sensor changed it needed a jump so went to get a jump the guy who jumped me but the cables on his battery wrong my battery sparked bad so I got a brand new battery now the car cranks but wont start still I was told a camshaft sensor i just got it haven't put it in yet (not sure where its located) i was told since its turning over and making sounds like it wants to start it's not the starter or ingnition switch I'm at a loss with it I have been doing all the work on it my self watching you on here thank you for all of your awesome videos buy if you could please email me about this problem I am having ([email protected]) having 7 children and walking has been a night mare I'm just trying to get my car back up n running…

  5. Hey Scotty I have a 96 Buick Roadmaster sedan lt1 fuel injection well I am having the problem of the cranking but not starting so thanks to u and your service I will try your tips and hopefully my car turns on

  6. A friend of mine had a dodge van that one day wouldn't start..had fuel and spark so I replaced the ecm…fired right up…they can go out without any warning that is why I always carry an extra in my toolbox for my car

  7. I have a 2002 subaru forester and it works fine in dry weather but when it rains it does not want to start but has a sound like it wants to. What could that mean or be? Please help😞😞😞

  8. 2002 Toyota Corolla cranks but won't start, spark plugs & wires are new, distributor is fine, fuel pump is kicking on & has good pressure. We were told the pcm/ecu is the problem. Where is it located? Someone said under the console?? It is a manual transmission.

  9. Why would you need to connect jumper cable to spark plug in a wire thats sending juice to the plug already? I mean, if it is sending juice to the plug, it will spark whether or not it's connected to the battery, won't it? Please, and thank you…Have a great day!

  10. My renault duster doesnt starts but not beacuse of battery problem .my son just started the car without pressing clutch in 5th gear in handbrake…when i just oppened the bonnet some smokes were coming so can you pls help me ???

  11. I got a 2008 mazda 3 that sometimes it doesn't crank the first time but the second time it does what could be my problem any suggestion????

  12. Mr. Kilmer
    My 2011 Fiat Linea T-Jet recently stopped starting. I checked the ignition system; that was good. The fuel pump looked OK too. Then why won't the car start?

  13. How to prevent a no-start condition. DONT BUY COIL PACKS FROM EBAY
    i cheaped out a measly $15 and it failed withing 12 starts.

  14. Help please my 2015 Chrysler 200 wont start! They told me it was my ignition switch so I put a new one in. It started right up for about 3 weeks now it's doing it agian! I dont know what to do. Please can anyone help me?

  15. I have a similar issue on my wifes 2009 toyota yaris. It took it ages to turn over but after a while it did and now there is a strong exhaust fumes smell :/

  16. if the cooling system has 0 pressure does that also have an effect on the car not starting? because mine has fuel pressure, didn't test the spark but I broke the thermostat housing where the bleeding bolt is

  17. my Camry 2.4 l 2003, sometimes starts and sometime won't. I have changed both camshaft and crank case sensors. Could it be fuel pump, which sometimes works and sometime won't?

  18. Where did the other end of the cable go when testing spark plug?

    I changed the header because of overheating and blew gaskets and now it just cranks. Maybe the old spark plugs went bad from overheating?

  19. Wow you make everything sound and look so easy with out scaring us about the problems and prices I love it thank you

  20. Thanks for the info, I did exactly what you suggested after I fuel-flooded the engine in my car – worked like a magic – all it took was to dry the spark plugs – thanks again!

  21. I like how you teach man thanks for the tips!! I figured that was what's wrong with the car I'm thinking about getting. Thanks for the lesson!!

  22. That was a fantastic video! High energy, very informative, and entertaining. Thanks.

  23. What if the car cranks but doesnt start then 10 mins later it starts up again. Could it be bad spark plugs? I haven't changed them in over a year

  24. What to do if this happends, but after 15 / 30 minutes it will start again without having anything done to it?? Has happend multiple times and It's in the car shop today, but they don't know what is wrong because my car is working normal again…

  25. So scotty if I released pressure from a fuel Schrader valve, would that be the same as loosening the bolt on a fuel rail?

  26. I was plagued with this issue on a 2007 Ford Expedition. It was so intermittent no one, not even the Ford dealer could figure it out after I let them have it for months at a time. Finally had enough and ditched it and put myself into a RAM. I love it! Great videos btw, Scotty!

  27. hey SCOTTY YOU ARE SUPRA KNOWLEDGEABLE, AND A GREAT PERSON , IM GUESSING YOU KNOW MOST OF US (AMERICANS) LIVE PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK AND ITS YOUR VIDEOS LIKE THIS WILL SAVE OUR JOBS especially for those people who work far with a family?? . thanks mr Mechanic and may god bless you and your family with what you guys need.

  28. My 1RZ Engine has been rebuilt and supplied with a new distributor cap and high tension leads plus spark plugs but there is no spark reaching the spark plug no from the high tension leads, Pliz help

  29. So my car wouldn't start. Used starting fluid started and stayed on I let it run till engine temp. Wouldn't start again used starting fluid started went off.

    So I replaced a camshaft position sensors started but took a little time. Replaced the other camshaft sensor started like it should. Now it won't start again

  30. I have a code po340 camshaft position sensor and after I replace it and still don’t work what can it be, do I need a OEm part

  31. 99% of the time , it's the crankshaft position sensor " & it's a big deal depending on type of vehicle you have. #🛠🚗

  32. Hello Scotty! I have a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC. I just changed out my spark plugs, coil pack, wires, fuel pump & filter. Qhat would cause it to start but not stay running? Even if I'm getting fire and plenty of fuel pressure.

  33. Hello 👋 I have this problem where it cranks doesn’t start I changed the fuel pump crank shaft sensor ignition coils and spark plugs and It still doesn’t start
    When I tried to start the car the hose on the fuel pump popped out Can you help me Scotty? I have a 2007 Nissan Maxima

  34. Only thing, he didn't really show what or where to check with the Fuel Pressure thingy. I'm sure someone will say 'it's in one of his other Videos' Really good Video, otherwise. These new Electronic ignition Push-button's as convenient as they are, Slightly complicate things. One thing I didn't hear him mention, is Whether to check the Fuel Pressure Gauge, or, if it even matters

  35. this helped a lot thank you, and it’s also sunday so thank you and the man above.. what a blessing on this beautiful sunday morning

  36. Great info! That helped a lot understanding basic issues…unfortunately hard to do at an intersection when your car dies(especially if you do not work on vehicles)

  37. This dude is the mvp of the internet ! Saving thousands by telling all the secrets of the Auto Mechanic world . Thank you good sir

  38. Sir thank you so much your tutorials have helped me a lot. I have a truck that jerks a little bit when I accelerate what do you think it might be?

  39. Hello Scotty. I have a 2004 3.4 by grand am. Car cuts off while driving, idle or park and there's times when the car will turn over but wont run and there's times when I turn the key everything lights up inside but the motor isn't even turning over. There's no sound. It's not all the time it does this but randomly. Please help sir

  40. I have a 92 lexus and it turns over a slight bit more than this to the point it sounds like its on. Its a 1UZFE sc400. Any different problems? Im about to run diagnostics for the sparky bois

  41. hey Scotty, my ford focus start for 4 seconds then stopped and when i try again it's cranks but wont start, i tried after 1hour and the same story : start for seconds then turn off.

  42. Awesome…!

    Perhaps you can help me too. My car (Audi A3 8P 2005) has the same problem since yesterday. I recently changed the crankshaft sensor and the car was working well until yesterday after a pressure wash the car could not start, only cranks.

    I pulled out some codes but I'm not sure how to go about it.

    Here are the codes I pulled out:
    17796 – Control module malfunction – DBW throttle monitoring
    18044 – Powertrain databus – Missing message from airbag controller
    01206 – Signal for duration of ignition off time
    00796 – Fan for interior temp sensor (V42)

    Any help will be appreciated.

  43. Hey scotty i have a 93 ford escort that has power it will crank but wont start i put fuel in it because it has been sitting for a couple of months it was running fine when i parked it but when i went out and tryed starting it it just turn over i have dash lights so i have power help if you can

  44. What if the car has a carburetor and it cranks but won't start but when you spray starter fluid it starts and immediately shuts off? Car in question has the pump not in the tank but next to the engine which looks to be not electrical.

  45. My mom said the other day her 2006 Siena van would crank up but not start . It's cranking now and starting. But just curious why it did that ?

  46. I was having the same issue with 2009 Nissan Rogue SL
    After i got a call from my wife saying her car wouldn't start ok so i checked it and it had a good Battery it wanted to start but wouldn't….everything on the car was working….tried jump starting it anyway still nothing i heard it all timing chain…starter…alternator and to me none of that made sense so i took off the wheel and when to work and yes indeed after taking off the belt my wife's car did start up. So i checked the ac pulley and it would not move so i took off the clutch and the bearings to the pulley fell out. The compressor did not lock up the pulley did so it prevented the belt from turning. After replacing clutch and pulley as well as the coil on the compressor everything is back working normally i hope this do help someone because it had me lost for words.
    Scotty you rock keep up the great work love your videos.

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