How To Find A Good Motorcycle For Sale?

Motorcycle For Sale

Buying a motorcycle can be a big decision for anyone. So, finding a good motorcycle is critical and sometimes stressful for people. The way I usually go about it is first I ask friends especially motorcyclist friends if they or someone they know is selling a motorcycle. Somebody that you know that knows another one of your friends is going to know the condition of the motorcycle a lot better than just some random bike and a lot of your friends are you know, are selling or changing up motorcycles frequently. There’s a lot of motorcycles out there to ride and so chances are they probably either have one for sale or know somebody that has a motorcycle for sale. The next source I go to is Craig’s List. It lists a lot of motorcycles in your area. You can often times not go to far and find a pretty wide selection of motorcycles. The third place I might try is Cycle Trader.

They’re going to a lot of times point you towards dealerships in your area, but a dealerships not a bad way to get a used motorcycle either. A lot of them keep some stock of used motorcycles. They’ve usually gone through them and their reputation is on the line, so, chances are that you might pay a little more for a motorcycle from a dealership even if it’s used, but you’re going to get I think the value out of it that you’re going to pay for and then the important thing is, is to make sure you set your expectations of what bike you want and what bike is right for you and you maintain those through all of these channels. Though if you do go to a dealership don’t let them talk you into the wrong motorcycle for you. Set your expectations before you go buy the bike and then through all of those sources maintain what it is that you are looking for from the beginning.

Motorcycle Handlebar Mount For The Gopro Video Camera

Are you looking for a way to securely mount your GoPro video camera to your motorcycle? I will share with you how you can do this using our generation 4 universal handlebar mounting system for the GoPro video camera. Enclosed with your mount are three handlebar reducers. Just select the one that’s the right size and wrap it around your handlebar. Next, just place your mount over reducer and tighten the two bolts which typically takes less than 60 seconds as demonstrated. You’ll notice that our patent Techmount system is unlike all those other modular mounting systems on the market in the fact we don’t use those ugly u blots or clamps that only adjust with a thumb screw, which have a tendency to come lose due to vibration. Crafted from high grade aluminum, our universal handlebar mounting system attaches to all motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and other power sport vehicles with tubular handlebars measuring 7/8’s of an inch to 1 ¼’s of an inch and our handlebar mount also works on many bicycles! Another benefit our Gen 4 system is the interchangeability options you’re afforded. Do you want to swap out your GoPro mount for your iPhone mount? No problem, takes less then 10 seconds! Now after attaching your handlebar mount the next step is attaching the GoPro video mount as demonstrated in real time


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