How to Draw a Car: Ferrari – Fine Art-Tips

How to Draw a Car: Ferrari – Fine Art-Tips

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial!
I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
I´m so glad to see you again.
Today we will draw a super-car: a Ferrari.
With lose strokes we start
doing the general shape.
I´m sketching real light because
these lines are not definite.
I´m sure they´ll have to be corrected.
You will notice that I like
doing the general shape first
and then fine tune and correct.
Some people may prefer to start by
doing some part, like a wheel or a light
and develop from there.
We reinforce the lines and at
the same time correct them.
If you do the fender right,
the tire is gong to be easy
because it follows the same shape.
Let´s do the front tire with the
classical star-shaped wheel of Ferrari.
We build up more detail.
For the darkest blacks, in this case
I use a black Prismacolor pencil.
The list of materials is in
the information below the video.
I´m sure you have noticed that
I have been correcting a lot!
I´m a little bit rusted
in regards to drawing cars.
I haven´t done one in years (except for a
little sketch which I did last night to practice).
What you may not know is that
a while ago I used to make my living
by doing drawings and paintings of cars!
I used to do them officially for Ferrari and
occasionally upon request for Porsche and Audi.
This drawing is going to be a
little bit fast and is definitely
not going to be perfect or have a lot of detail.
But I do want to show you, visually,
the procedure I follow to create a car.
In case it helps you.
For the black of the tires, for the air
intakes, for the reflexion of the windows,
the shadows, Im still using the Prismacolor.
For the rest of the shadows
I´m using a mechanical pencil.
I do a slight reflexion on the
floor and then I keep shadowing.
To render the effect of a shiny
surface, we do a high contrast
putting the darks together with the whites
like on the glass and the back fender.
Let´s correct this curve and
draw the Ferrari symbol on the side.
It´s ready! Let me know
what do you think about it
and wether you would like
me to do more cars for you.
If you enjoyed it please give it a LIKE
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and I´ll see you on Tuesday.

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  2. Sir U are a great desingner ,and thanks for sharing your video. Because of your video my drawing skills are devoloping

  3. Yeah, I really wanted you to draw more cars. For example as Ferrari and Mustang.I am Russian and I am 12 years old a little hard to write in English . But I can draw like you do.I'd like to ask you to draw a Ferrari or a Mustang.

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  6. nice video. I always draw with kid. Let's see the picture of me and my son drawing about super cars.

  7. Tutorials be like: first draw the basic shape of the car like this:

    Me: ok it's gonna be easy peasy!!

    Toturials: and then…. Add small details to it like this 3:20

    Me: wtf????

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