How to change a car tyre | Shell Motoring Tips

How to change a car tyre | Shell Motoring Tips

If your car feels odd to drive, you may have
a flat tyre, but don’t panic, we’ll walk you through what to do.
Here’s what you need. A car jack,
a wheel brace wrench, a pair of gloves and
a spare wheel.
And these also might help,
a warning triangle, cleaning rags and a torch.
Find a safe place to stop, preferably away
from the road, on hard and level ground.
Once you’ve stopped the car, turn off the engine
and apply the handbrake.
Pop on your hazard warning lights for safety,
and if you have a warning triangle, place it
at least 45m behind your car on the same side of
the road. Get the spare wheel and all the equipment
you’ll need from the boot.
Now, you’re ready to remove the deflated wheel.
Take off any wheel hubs or inserts, exposing
the wheel nuts. Remove any wheel nut covers and
store safely. To loosen them up, you may
need to use your foot and body weight.
Between the wheels, along the underside of the car,
find the jacking point. This is where
the jack lifts the car. The jack can only
be used at this point as it’s strengthened.
Using other locations may cause damage or a jack failure.
Once the deflated tyre starts to raise off the ground
you’re nearly there, but keeping going until there’s enough space
to place the spare wheel under the sill of the car
for safety, in case the jack fails.
Now, unscrew and remove the loosened wheel
nuts, and store them safely ready for reuse.
Hold the wheel in place until you’re ready
to remove it. Slowly pull the wheel towards you,
being careful as it may be heavy.
It’s time to fit the spare wheel. Carefully,
screw each wheel nut into place one by one.
Don’t overtighten while the car is still on the jack.
Now, slowly start to lower the jack until
the tyre is touching the floor, but don’t lower it all
the way. You’re nearly done. Just give the nuts
a final tighten and put the nut covers and wheel hubs back on.
Put everything back into the boot,
and don’t forget the warning triangle.
Now you’re all done, it’s worth remembering that if
your car has a space saving tyre, it may have
a reduced speed limit as well as a limited distance,
so it’s better to replace it as soon as possible.

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  1. Most modern cars have no spare tire requiring to add tire sealent. Tightening the replacement wheel with a quarter turn of a wrench is not enough!!!

  2. If only the nuts came off that easy after being tightened with an air tool at the tyre fitters.Also some wheels get stuck to the drum.

  3. а если пластиковые колпачки стоят на гайках? дураки их могут сломать

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